23:3 (2008:09) New Communication Tools for NASIG

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Dalene Hawthorne, ECC Co-Chair

On June 24, 2008 the Electronic Communication Committee announced the retirement of NASIG-L, our longstanding communication medium.  While this is a little bit sad, it’s also a sign that we’re moving forward with technology and into the Web 2.0 world.

Our new website (hosted by ArcStone) provides one-way messaging capabilities, which can be used to send announcements to the NASIG membership, and discussion forums, but no email discussion lists.  The discussion forums are available through the Quick Links on the NASIG home page at http://www.nasig.org/.  I hope you’ll find your way there and join the discussions. 

If you want to send a message to all members, please send it to lists@nasig.org and the Electronic Communications Committee will post it for you.  Committee chairs and NASIG board members have the ability to send messages directly to the membership through the website.  If you are a committee chair or board member and do not know how to send a message to the membership, please contact lists@nasig.org.

The Electronic Communication Committee will be developing training documentation to help future NASIG members use the website.

Job postings should continue to be sent to jobs@nasig.org.

Committees still have discussion lists available to them for their work.  The discussion lists are still being supported by bee.net, our former webhost.  They were converted to new discussion list software in June, and the discussion lists have different addresses.  The new listserv software allows committee members to send attachments to everyone on the committee through the discussion list.  This wasn’t possible with the previous software.  Only committee members can send messages to the committee discussion lists, and if you are on a committee you should have been invited to join the new discussion list address.  If not, please contact your committee chair.   Discussion lists are set up with the format of name@list.nasig.org.  So, for example, the Electronic Communication Committee discussion list is ecc@list.nasig.org.  If you are unsure of the address of your discussion list, contact lists@nasig.org.  We will also post the new list names on the website.

Committees also have space on the website available for their work.  To access your committee space, log into the NASIG website and click on the My Membership tab.  Your committees will be listed at the bottom of the My Profile page.

The Electronic Communication Committee has been charged with looking for communication alternatives to the bee.net discussion lists for committees.  We are currently setting up a Google Group to use and evaluate.  If anyone has any other suggestions, please send them to lists@nasig.org.


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