23:2 (2008:06) Committe Annual Report: N&E

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Gail Julian, Chair

Committee members: Kathy Brannon, Vice-chair (Coutts Library Services), Christie Degener (UNC-Chapel Hill), Sarah Gardner (UC-Davis), Susan Markley (Villanova University), Jenni Wilson (Alexander Street Press), Tim Hagan (Northwestern University).
Board liaison: Denise Novak, past president

May 7, 2008

A nominations form was included in the conference packet. Thirteen completed forms were received that contained 51 nominations. A call for nominations was posted on NASIG-L on July 5th, August 7th, September 7th, and October 4th resulting in another 87 nominations. In addition, the call was published in the September Newsletter and on the What’s New page of the website. Forms used for nominee review and a working timetable were posted to NASIGWeb in order to help demystify the process.

Nominations were due by October 12, 2007. A total of 65 names were submitted.

Vice-President/President Elect: 38 nominations for 19 individuals
Member at Large: 100 nominations for 55 individuals

Some persons received multiple nominations, and some were nominated for both VP/PE and MAL. Five persons could not be considered because they either are members of the N&E Committee or were not current NASIG members.

The committee divided the remaining 60 names and contacted the nominees first by email and then by phone to gauge continued interest. Of the 17 remaining nominees for VP/PE, three originally agreed to continue the review process; however, one of the three later reconsidered, leaving two nominees for that position. Of the 52 remaining nominees for Member at Large, 24 agreed to continue the review.

Completed profiles were due by November 12, 2007. After reviewing the completed profile and reference forms, the committee met via conference call to discuss qualifications. The committee opted to check references on both remaining VP/PE nominees and on eight of the MAL nominees. On January 8, 2008, the committee met via conference call to discuss reference checks and to set the slate. The slate was announced to the board, and the nominees notified. The slate was announced to the general membership along with a call for petition candidates. The deadline for petition candidates was February 8, 2008. The final slate was announced on February 15, 2008; one person petitioned to be slated for member at large.

VP/PE: Rick Anderson; Meg Mering

Member at Large: Bob Boissy; June Garner; Kay Johnson; Virginia Taffurelli; Sarah George Wessel; Paoshan Yue; and Jonathan Makepeace (petition candidate).

Online voting became available on February 25 with ballots due by midnight March 25th. The election results were reviewed by the committee chair and certified by Donnice Cochenour. At the close of the election, the president and board were notified along with all persons who were slated. The N&E Committee and Bylaws Chair were also notified as appropriate. The election results were announced to the membership on March 31st through NASIG-L and through a blast message from ArcStone. Results were later posted in the “What’s New” section of NASIGWeb. Elected were:

VP/PE: Rick Anderson

Member at Large: Bob Boissy; Virginia Taffurelli; Sarah George Wessel

Online voting posed some challenges in this first year. Testing had to take place very quickly. A few members had difficulty accessing the voting site most often due to password case sensitivity or the need to clear the cache. There was also some very minimal ArcStone downtime. All in all, online voting was a success. Printing and mailing of ballots was eliminated, and the software automatically totaled the results. Two hundred and eighty-three members voted electronically which was down slightly from last year’s 288.

The committee did a wonderful job of contacting nominees, reviewing profiles, checking references, and providing input. I would like to thank all of them for their service and insight during this process. I would also like to thank our board liaison Denise Novak and last year’s chair Dave Burke for their advice and guidance throughout the year. And online voting would not have been possible without Donnice Cochenour who led the ArcStone implementation. Donnice instructed me as to how to use the software. She put up our ballot, sent out blast messages, did trouble shooting on problems, and archived data.


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