23:2 (2008:06) Committee Annual Report: Translators Resource Team

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Frieda Rosenberg, Team Coordinator

Committee members: Ivette Fis, Interamerican Development Bank (Felipe Herrera Library), Derrik Hiatt (Brigham Young University), Birdie Maclennan (University of Vermont), Shana McDanold (University of Pennsylvania), Jorge Alberto Mendoza, Library, National Comission for the Development of Indigenous Peoples of Mexico, Frieda Rosenberg (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill).
Board liaison: Anna Creech

We also have help from non-NASIG serialists Sylvie Bissonnette (Canada Institute for Scientific and Technical Information), Nicanor Diaz (library school student, San Jose State University while working at Weld Regional Library, Greeley, Colorado), and one non-serialist, Miranda Burnett, a teacher, James S. Rickards High School, Tallahassee, Florida. All of the members are working on a voluntary basis.

April 2008

The Translators Resource Team was in hiatus for at least two years after the former coordinator left the Team. We were reconstituted after the 2007 Louisville conference, and I accepted the task of coordinating the translations. We unfortunately got off to a late start through my fault, since I missed emails suggesting that we translate the scholarship and award applications into French and Spanish. I found those emails this spring and have now divided up the work. At present, we have translations of the text common to all of the files in both languages, so that those who are working on the individual files will have consistent text for “plugging in” to their translation. We are hoping to have most of the work done by the time of the Conference, and in plenty of time for the next round of awards.

Our current project is to translate into French and Spanish the texts of:

  • Fritz Schwartz Serials Education Scholarship
  • Marcia Tuttle International Award
  • NASIG Conference Student Grant
  • Horizon Award
  • Serials Specialist Award

(The Mexican Student Grant already has a Spanish version.)

Since we are all working on a voluntary basis, we have not requested a budget.

We will need guidance from the Board on other translations that will fit the NASIG Strategic Plan and further the organization’s current priorities. It will be necessary to name a new coordinator for 2008/2009, though I will continue on the team (if desired) after my retirement this July.

I would recommend to the Board a better placement of the Awards descriptions on the NASIG web page, especially once the translations are done, so that they will be linked from the Organization page as well as the Forms page.


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