23:2 (2008:06) Committee Annual Report: ECC

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Dalene Hawthorne (Emporia State University) and Jia Mi (The College of New Jersey), Co-chairs

Committee members; Beth Ashmore (Samford University), Nancy Beals (Wayne State University), Smita Parkhe (Georgetown University Law), June Yang (University of Maryland Baltimore County), Tonia Graves (Old Dominion University), Jonathan David Makepeace (Canada Institute for Scientific and Technical Information), Wendy Robertson (University of Iowa).
Board liaison: Anna Creech

April 25, 2008

Dalene Hawthorne continues as list manager this year. There are several backup list managers again this year. Beth Ashmore, Nancy Beals, Tonia Graves, Smita Parkhe, Jonathan Makepeace, Wendy Robertson, and Jia Mi have all been monitoring the listserv on monthly rotations. Beth, Jonathan, Wendy and Dalene solicited photos for the new website from various sources.

Dalene has worked with Rich at bee.net to test new listserv software for the committees, and Rich has provided a quote for those services. The new listserv software allows members to attach files to listserv messages, which has been the major complaint with the previous software. ECC members will also try the forum on ArcStone to determine whether forums might be sufficient for committee work.

Beth Ashmore and Jia Mi have been maintaining NASIG jobs blog on WordPress (http://jobs.nasig.org). Jia Mi also worked with CPC to set up 2008 conference website and has been working with PPC, CPC and other committees to update web pages.

ECC committee has assisted Donnice Cochenour to determine the content for the new website. Jia Mi coordinated with ArcStone and Donnice Cochenour to migrate NASIG web content from Bee.Net to ArcStone. Beth Ashmore, Wendy Robertson, Smita Parkhe, June Yang and Dalene Hawthorne will help the content migration and site testing after the migration. The ECC committee aims to complete the site migration before the NASIG 2008 annual conference.

ECC will conduct a project to clean up old files and archive useful files.


  • Website Statistics (May 2007 – April 2008 )
  • Average hits on the site per month: 353,055
  • Average hits on the home page per month: 5,662
  • Average page views per month: 161,748
  • Average visitor sessions per month: 71,352
  • Average one-time visitors per month: 13,309
  • Average returning visitors per month: 5,667

List Statistics as of 4/26/08:
NASIG has 42 lists, 10 of which are currently inactive. There are 79 e-mail addresses, 42 of which are archive addresses and 11 of which are currently inactive. NASIG-L has 974 subscribers.

The jobs blog contains 404 posts. NASIG News includes 27 posts. Conference blog and website statistics are not currently available.


ECC should inventory our site on Bee.net and determine what content needs to be transferred to ArcStone. Coordinate with Donnice on this.

Please have a recommendation for listservs by the June board meeting (shortly before the conference) with pricing based on current list membership and traffic. The sooner the better.

Dalene will prepare a recommendation in May.


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