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2008 Horizon Award Winner Essay
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23:2 (2008:06) President’s Corner

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Char Simser, NASIG President

My presidency may be winding down but NASIG is busier than ever. That may be typical for this time of year as we prepare for the annual conference, but a number of new initiatives ratcheted things up a bit! I send a hearty “thank-you” to the board, task force and committee chairs, and members who allow the wheels of NASIG to keep turning. I would encourage you to read the annual reports in this issue of the Newsletter to get a real feel for the work being done by our all-volunteer crews!

Char at Stonehenge
Char says this UK landmark was on her must see list

I had the honor to attend the UKSG annual conference in April. In addition to the trip being my first to the United Kingdom, I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to represent NASIG and to compare notes and network with our counterparts across the Atlantic. You’ve read in past reports about the make-up of UKSG and the differences in our conferences, so I won’t repeat that here. Let me just say that I was extremely impressed with the conference, the programming, and the welcoming delegates who were genuinely interested to hear about NASIG! There was some excellent blogging during the conference. Check out LiveSerials for summaries of programming that I know you’ll find extremely relevant.

Low tide at Torquay, site of this year’s UKSG conference

I shared a number of NASIG “firsts” in my greetings to the delegates at the conference:

  • an online-only election
  • a new conference registration system tied into our membership database
  • a membership database integrated with our web functionality
  • organizational sponsorships at the annual conference

I also mentioned that we plan to hire an administrative staff person by next spring. UKSG had a “first”, too, this year – their first hotel/conference center-based conference, which I’ve heard was a tremendous success and attracted more than 700 attendees to Torquay, Devon on the English Riviera. While that may sound like a warm location, the weather was similar to what I’d left behind in Kansas – cool and windy, overcast with intermittent, gorgeous sunshine, a little drizzle, and snow! I invited the delegates to come to Phoenix where I promised them it would be much warmer.

I do want to go back to that list of “firsts”. The last item is a big change for NASIG but one we’ve been discussing for the last couple of years in a variety of venues from town halls and brainstorming sessions at our annual conferences, in discussions about our financial development, in numerous board minutes, and in articles in the Newsletter. The board voted to introduce organizational sponsorships this year, which will help underwrite some of our conference costs. We’ll talk further about this decision at the business meeting on Friday during the conference and look forward to members’ input as we continue to shape our guidelines for future events.

There is a “hot off the press” development underway that I am delighted to share: NASIG is in discussion with Haworth/Taylor & Francis about assuming full editorial responsibilities for The Serials Librarian. The details, which would include a transitional period with current editor Jim Cole and perhaps some perks for NASIG members, will be ironed out this summer. Many thanks to Bill Cohen at Haworth for recognizing the benefits this will bring to both our organizations.

I look forward to serving as past president and envision many exciting adventures in the coming year. It has been a pleasure to work with outgoing board members Bob Schatz, Alison Roth, and Denise Novak and to get to know them as colleagues and friends. I hope to enjoy that same relationship with incoming members-at-large Bob Boissy, Virginia Taffurelli, and Sarah George Wessel. I am excited to turn the reins over to a couple of “young ‘uns” in Jill Emery and Rick Anderson, who are two of the most dedicated to NASIG folks with whom I have worked.

Thank you for allowing me the privilege of serving as your president. It has been a memorable year.

23:2 (2008:06) Serials and Scorpions

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Betsy Appleton, 2008 NASIG Horizon Award Winner

After doing a little digging to supplement my admittedly shaky knowledge of the scorpion—featured prominently on the 2008 NASIG Conference logo—I am almost surprised that I still want to attend a conference in Arizona. The possibility of such a sting strikes within me no little anxiety. However, I am a serials librarian: the risks and challenges serials librarians daily face cause scorpion venom to appear mild. Continue Reading 23:2 (2008:06) Serials and Scorpions…

23:2 (2008:06) Committe Annual Report: N&E

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Gail Julian, Chair

Committee members: Kathy Brannon, Vice-chair (Coutts Library Services), Christie Degener (UNC-Chapel Hill), Sarah Gardner (UC-Davis), Susan Markley (Villanova University), Jenni Wilson (Alexander Street Press), Tim Hagan (Northwestern University).
Board liaison: Denise Novak, past president Continue Reading 23:2 (2008:06) Committe Annual Report: N&E…

23:2 (2008:06) Election Results

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Gail Julian, Chair, Nominations & Elections Committee

The 2008 election results are in! As you know, we had a wonderful slate for both Vice President/President-Elect and Member at Large. NASIG has so many members who support and love the organization, and I think that was demonstrated again this year.

The results are:

Vice-President/President-Elect: Rick Anderson

Members at Large:
Bob Boissy
Virginia Taffurelli
Sarah George Wessel

See the related article in this issue for more information on the bylaws amendments passed in this election.

Congratulations everyone!

23:2 (2008:06) Title Changes

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[Note: Please report promotions, awards, new degrees, new positions, and other significant professional milestones. You may submit items about yourself or other members to Kurt Blythe at kcblythe@email.unc.edu. Contributions on behalf of fellow members will be cleared with the person mentioned in the news item before they are printed. Please include your e-mail address or phone number.] Continue Reading 23:2 (2008:06) Title Changes…

23:2 (2008:06) Citations: Required Reading by NASIG Members

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Kurt Blythe, Columns Editor

[Note: Please report citations for publications by the membership—to include scholarship, reviews, criticism essays, and any other published works the reading of which would benefit the membership. You may submit citations on behalf of yourself or other members to Kurt Blythe at kcblythe@email.unc.edu. Contributions on behalf of fellow members will be cleared with the author(s) before they are printed. Please include your e-mail address or phone number.]

Welcome to the inaugural edition of “Citations,” a bibliography of publications by our NASIG colleagues. The purpose of this new column is to make the membership, our readership, more aware of the publications NASIG members are producing, the better for each of us to stay informed on the serials topics and research of the day. We also want to congratulate the authors on their accomplishments. Thanks to NASIG member Lisa Blackwell for the initial idea that led to this column. Find below our first bibliography of publications appearing since January 2008. NASIG members’ names appear in boldface. Continue Reading 23:2 (2008:06) Citations: Required Reading by NASIG Members…

23:2 (2008:06) New NASIGuide Now Available

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Glen Wiley, Co-chair, Publications/PR Committee

A new NASIGuide on A Beginner’s Guide to Working with Vendors by Wm. Joseph Thomas is now available.

Wm. Joseph Thomas writes:

“This guide will provide an overview of the varieties of relationships with vendors, issues with communication, product knowledge, licensing and negotiating, ongoing service responsibilities by both librarian and vendor, and ethics. Many of the principles in this guide may be applied to a variety of people from whom libraries purchase resources, and may refer to serials subscription agents, database providers, consortium partners who negotiate with resource providers, even at times publishers’ agents. This guide is focused rather on librarians’ and vendors’ ‘mutually beneficial goals and aspirations’ to provide resources to library users, and will not explicitly address evaluating vendors.”

Wm. Joseph Thomas is an Electronic Resources Librarian at Cornell University Library, Ithaca, New York. He may be contacted via email at: wjt42@cornell.edu.

Other useful NASIGuides are available at http://www.nasig.org/publications_guides.cfm. Several other NASIGuides are currently in the works and should be ready before the Phoenix conference, including The CONSER Standard Record, How to Survive as a New Serialist, Institutional Repositories, and MARC Fields for Serials. If you are interested in writing a NASIGuide on a pertinent topic to serials, please contact me at gsw55@cornell.edu.

23:2 (2008:06) Profiles: Publications and Public Relations Committee

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Susan Davis, Profiles Editor

I selected the Publications and Public Relations Committee for this issue’s profile for several reasons. Many NASIG committees are extremely busy as the annual conference rapidly approaches and would not have time to respond to my questions, and I hoped this group’s work was not so conference cycle-oriented. The other is that in its present form this is a relatively new committee, which I wanted to learn more about. Thanks to co-chairs Marit Taylor and Glen Wiley for agreeing to be profiled! Continue Reading 23:2 (2008:06) Profiles: Publications and Public Relations Committee…

23:2 (2008:06) Treasurer’s Report

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Peter Whiting, Treasurer

May 2008

Thank you to all the NASIG members that donated to the organization when renewing your membership. We received $175.00 from seven members.

NASIG’s finances continue to remain stable. The balance sheet below reflects our income and assets as of April 1, 2008. Current assets are $434,882.65. This includes $370,162.00 in bank balances and $64,720.65 in the investment accounts.

Sales made at Cafepress go towards NASIG scholarships. The first commission payment was for $26.99. Continue Reading 23:2 (2008:06) Treasurer’s Report…

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