23:2 (2008:06) Call for Newsletter Conference Reporters

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Lillian DeBlois, Conference Editor

NASIG regularly publishes reports on the annual conference in the September issue of the NASIG Newsletter. The Newsletter needs volunteer reporters to cover the conference events, including the preconferences, vision sessions, strategy and tactics sessions, workshops, informal discussion groups, and user groups. I am soliciting your help in covering the sessions at the 2008 conference in Phoenix, Arizona for inclusion in the Newsletter. We would like to have all of the sessions covered. If you are planning to attend the conference and are interested in submitting a report on a session, please contact me directly (lillian_deblois@msn.com).

Please indicate the session(s) that you would like to cover since I do not have access to your registration preferences.

The following guidelines will apply:

•    The reporter’s name will appear in the byline as the author of the report.
•    The deadline for submitting a Newsletter conference report is July 1, 2008 (about 4 weeks after the conference) for inclusion in the September issue.
•     Reports are generally summaries of presentations and may vary somewhat in length, scope, and depth of coverage, at the reporters’ discretions; reports must be full prose (not outlines or written out notes) and preferably between 250-500 words.
•    The Newsletter Editorial Board reserves the right to edit reports to any degree, or to not publish any report it deems inappropriate or unsatisfactory.
•    Reporting for the Newsletter is not the same as recording for the Conference Proceedings; Newsletter reports are generally less substantial than articles in the Proceedings.
•    NASIG members, and especially the Newsletter Editorial Board, will be very appreciative and grateful for your report!


23:2 (2008:06) Call for Proceedings Recorders

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Allyson Zellner, Proceedings Co-Editor

NASIG is seeking conference recorders for the preconference, vision, and tactics sessions at this year’s annual conference in Phoenix. Recorders are asked to attend specific sessions, take notes and then synthesize the notes into a readable, comprehensive report of the session for the conference Proceedings. For vision sessions, recorders may be asked to listen to recordings of a presentation and work with the speaker to create a report for publication in the Proceedings.

Reporters will work under the general direction of the Proceedings editors. Editors for the 2008 Proceedings are Buddy Pennington, Allyson Zellner, and Carol Ann Borchert.

If you are a NASIG member with the ability to write clear, organized prose, and who is able to submit a report by Friday, July 18, 2008, please consider this opportunity to make a valuable contribution to the organization.

To apply, submit a letter of application by e-mail to:

Allyson A. Zellner, MLIS
E-mail : azellner@ebsco.com
Phone: (205) 981-4074

Include in your application your complete contact information (including your snail mail address, e-mail, and phone number!), sessions you plan to attend, and a writing sample. Please include the writing sample as an attachment or as a link. The writing sample can be on any topic; it does not have to be related to librarianship. The purpose of the writing sample is to illustrate your writing ability. Suggested samples include: reports on a process, event, or meeting; book reviews; excerpts from essays or academic papers. Do not include minutes of meetings.

The deadline for applications is Friday, April 18, 2008.

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