23:1 (2008:03) President’s Corner

March 13, 2008 at 3:06 pm | Posted in President's Corner | 1 Comment

Char Simser, NASIG President

Vote, Volunteer, and Vision!

It’s here! Some might say “big deal” or “it’s about time,” but that does not diminish this historic moment one iota. We talked about online voting for several years. Paper balloting was time-consuming and expensive. The move to online balloting hasn’t come with blood, sweat and tears, but it has been a lot of work behind the scenes. Donnice Cochenour’s technology updates do not describe the hours that she and Lisa Blackwell, Database & Directory (D&D) Committee chair, have put into verifying that the new membership database is working the way we expect. It does not count the hours that Gail Julian and her Nominations & Elections (N&E) Committee members tested the balloting. Online voting is open! We have an excellent group of NASIGers on the ballot this year. Please cast your vote. Participate in the process that elects your leaders, the individuals who will guide NASIG in the coming years!

The call has gone out! NASIG needs you! This organization thrives on the spirit of volunteerism. I sincerely hope you will consider putting your name forward. I jumped in with both feet a few months after first joining NASIG when my (now former) boss and I applied to be Proceedings editors in 1997. That experience allowed me to meet so many NASIGers. Volunteering opens some great networking opportunities and wonderful friendships! Do it! You won’t regret the decision to get involved.

The weather, the primaries and caucuses, and the stock market have been wild these last few months. But nothing exemplifies “wild” like NASIG’s new strategic directions. Okay. Maybe they aren’t that wild but they will chart some new directions for our organization. I kicked off the discussion about our plans in the December Newsletter. I promised we would have documents from our October strategic planning retreat available on NASIGWeb by January. Because of the transition to the new website, I am making the documents available via this column until we can move them to their permanent home. Do take a look at the summary from consultant Betty Kjellberg of Association Solutions, LLC, which includes our action plans outlined for one year, October 2007-October 2008. I will highlight the progress we have made, which is reflected on the revised action plan:

  • Appointed and charged the Administrative Support Task Force, chaired by Katy Ginanni
  • Appointments underway for the Financial Advisory Committee
  • New membership database and online voting in place; new website set to debut soon
  • Publicized our volunteer program and the petition process for elections via the Newsletter
  • Institutional membership report presented to the board; MDC will prepare a formal proposal to go to the Bylaws Committee with a ballot to go to the membership later this year

Site selection for our 2009 conference has been finalized. Asheville, North Carolina, here we come! Those dates are June 4-7, 2009.  We will begin the review process for the 2010 location this spring.

In the meantime, I do hope to see you in Phoenix for NASIG’s 23rd Annual Conference. Check out the Conference Planning (CPC) and Program Planning Committees reports in this issue of the Newsletter and watch your inbox for updates from CPC in the next 3 months. This conference has the potential to be the best NASIG annual meeting yet!

NASIG Strategic Plan Summary

Revised Action Plan


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  1. Hi Char,

    I don’t know why but it has taken me a while to actually read this issue. I am really pleased with the technology developments and the thinking about strategic directions. This is all really positive.

    I wanted to mention a particular piece in the new strategic plan summary that really caught my attention. One of the vision statements reads: “NASIG is an advocate, seeking options, suggesting solutions, and providing support for and involvement in industry standards, issues, and projects appropriate to and beneficial for all of its constituents.”

    I definitely agree with this statement but at the same time believe that the organization has missed a lot of opportunities to actually live up to this statement. In contrast, UKSG has been much more successful and influential in seeking out better understanding of and solutions for big problems in our field. One example is its “Link Resolvers and the Serials Supply Chain” research report. Another its partnership with NISO and its key support of Project COUNTER.

    I am not trying to be critical of anyone but rather give voice to some thoughts that have been in the back of my mind for a long time. What can NASIG do to be more of an activist organization (for lack of a better word)?

    Steve Oberg

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