23:1 (2008:03) Committee Update: PubPR

March 13, 2008 at 1:41 pm | Posted in Publications/PR | Leave a comment

[Ed. note: Highlights from the January committee report to the Executive Board.]

Marit Taylor, Chair

Kathryn Johns-Masten, our committee’s web liaison, made changes to the Speakers and Consultants Directory as outlined in our October report.  This included reworking the submission form, changing the order and naming of the profile fields, in the name of ensuring more consistency.  They quickly resolved some problems reported with the revised form. Susan Banoun and Sandy Folsom sent out a message to people currently in the Directory asking them to update their entries.  Kathryn received twelve updated profiles and five members asked to be removed or are no longer NASIG members. These changes have been made and the new profiles are much more consistent and attractive as well as more up to date.  We will send out a second reminder to those who didn’t respond, and at some point will remove entries for those who don’t respond.   I am planning also to send out a general request for participants through NASIG-L and perhaps also particular ones to people who expressed interest in the Directory while answering my last year’s NASIG-L survey of opinions on the Directory.

Linda Pitts reports that we still have several NASIGuides pending; these are on MARC fields for serials, serials and institutional repositories, and FRBR for serials.  One possibility on working with subscription vendors many not be written by the original people because of the board’s concern about naming individual vendors, although that topic is still open.  We have recently received an email from someone interested in writing a new guide on electronic resources workflow; we responded and plan to discuss his proposal after ALA Midwinter.


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