23:1 (2008:03) Executive Board Minutes

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Joyce Tenney, NASIG Secretary

Date, Time: January 10, 2008, 8:28 a.m. – 4:35 p.m.
Place: Temple University, Paley Library

Char Simser, President
Jill Emery, Vice President/President-Elect
Peter Whiting, Treasurer
Denise Novak, Past President
Joyce Tenney, Secretary

Rick Anderson
Anna Creech
Kim Maxwell
Alison Roth
Bob Schatz
Jeff Slagell

Ex-Officio Member:
Kathryn Wesley, NASIG Newsletter, Editor-in-Chief

Cory Tucker, Co-Chair, 2008 Conference Planning Committee
Erika Ripley, Co-Chair, 2008 Program Planning Committee
Sarah George Wessel, Co-Chair, 2008 Program Planning Committee

1.0 Welcome (Simser)

Simser called the meeting to order at 8:28 a.m. The board thanked NASIG member Carole Bell and the Administration of Paley Library for hosting the NASIG Board meeting.

2.0 Secretary’s report (Tenney)

2.1 Approval of board actions since October meeting

10/17/07 Board agreed to contract with ArcStone for technology RFP.

10/17/07 Board approved continuation of the UKSG Serials e-News for a two year period (until April 2009).

11/1/07 Board approved the 2008 proposed NASIG budget.

11/6/07 Board approved minutes of the October 2007 board meeting.

2.2 Action items from October meeting

Tenney requested that everyone review the action items and let her know if there are any updates. Also, please review the contact information on the board roster list and send any updates.

Simser reminded all board members to renew their membership, if they have not already done so.

3.0 Treasurer’s report (Whiting)

3.1 Report

Whiting reported the following:

Memberships continue to be processed. As of January 3, 2008 we have 485 memberships. 115 of those 485 memberships processed were paper checks. All paper memberships were received in English. Lisa Blackwell has done a commendable job with the Database & Directory Committee. We have had 41 donations made to NASIG by members when they renewed their membership during 2007. The total is $1,370.00. In the December 2007 NASIG Newsletter we acknowledged those donations. For any fundraisers like a drawing, Whiting will work with the CPC to ensure that we have proper records of the amount donated as well as how many people donated. Also, he will work with the Newsletter to get feedback to membership on the results of fundraising efforts. He will be sending 1099 forms to Paul Seeman and Betty Kjelberg for payments made by NASIG. This has to be reported to the IRS.

The Charles Schwab account has a few more details to be ironed out before the current treasurer has access. Both Page and Parang have to submit letters of resignation because they are still currently on the account.

We are insured and bonded. Payments have been verified. The 2006 United States tax return (Form 990) has been completed and sent the IRS in November 2007.

There was board discussion on the need for a special budget category to deal with donations and fundraising efforts. Simser noted that the new NASIG website and technology enhancements should allow for this flexibility.

The issue of the possibility of stipends for attendance at NASIG was discussed and Creech and Novak noted that they would get a proposal to the board by the June board meeting.

ACTION ITEM: Creech and Novak will draft a proposal on stipends to be presented at the June board meeting.

3.2 2007 Budget and expenditures to date

Whiting reported that the budget looks good and several committees came in under budget. NASIG is in sound financial standing. Whiting noted that he will be working closely with incoming committee chairs to assist in formulating budgets for the 2009 budget year. Simser noted that in the Financial Plan a contingency fund for covering conference costs in a year that a catastrophic event occurred was advised. She noted it is time to start working toward building that fund.

4.0 Adopting a consent agenda (Simser)

Simser reviewed the distributed documentation on the process of consent agendas for board meetings. This process would allow more time for discussion of topics that require extensive review and discussion. After discussion it was agreed that if the deadline for submission of reports could be moved up one week to allow for more through reading of the reports before the final agenda is set, and if board liaisons could verify if reports needed to be moved off of the consent agenda and reported to the board in advance of the meeting, then there was agreement to adopt this practice for this and future board meetings. Anderson moved to adopt the concept of the consent agendas and Novak seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

The following reports were moved off of the consent agenda:
Awards & Recognition
Membership Development
Nominations & Elections

ACTION ITEM: Simser will request that reports for board meetings be submitted one week earlier for future board meetings.

ACTION ITEM: Board liaisons will review committee reports before the board meeting agenda is finalized and report to the board any reports that need to be moved off of the Consent Agenda.

5.0 Consent agenda (Simser)

The following reports were approved as part of the consent agenda. All of the committee chairs and members were thanked for all of the efforts on behalf of NASIG.
Reports approved: Archivist, Continuing Education, Database & Directory, Electronic Communications, Evaluation & Assessment, Library School Outreach, Publications/PR, Site Selection, Translators Resource Team (There was no report from this group and Creech will follow up with them to confirm activities.)

ACTION ITEM: Creech will contact Translators Resource Team for an update on activities.

6.0 Technology update (Creech)

Simser and Creech reported that we are a couple of weeks behind schedule, but ArcStone is reporting that we will make our target deadline. The website needs to be functional in mid-February.

It was agreed that the prototype of the website would be relayed to the membership for a preview in a Newsletter “Newsflash”.

ACTION ITEM: Wesley will do a “Newsflash” with the prototype information of the new NASIG website for the membership immediately after the board meeting.

Simser noted that final decisions need to be made on the questions posed by ArcStone to move the process forward. She encouraged all to respond promptly to requests for input and questions from Cochenour and asked liaisons to advise their committees to be prepared to help during and after the switch over to the new website.

Technology project manager Donnice Cochenour was commended for doing an outstanding job. Various options for recognition of her work were discussed. Lisa Blackwell was also commended for her efforts on this project.

7.0 Reports requiring discussion

7.1 Bylaws (Schatz)

7.1.1 Open elections

Schatz reported that Bylaws needs a description of what the proposed open election process would look like before they can proceed with an investigation of changes needed for the bylaws. After a discussion of the possible issues and processes for doing an open election, it was agreed that Novak would ask Nominations and Elections to develop a draft recommendation for review by the June board meeting.

ACTION ITEM: Novak will ask the co-chairs of Nominations & Elections to develop a recommendation on an open election process. This draft should be ready for discussion at the June board meeting.

7.1.2 Institutional memberships

Schatz opened the discussion on the concept of institutional memberships. After discussion it was agreed that institutional memberships would include all member privileges except voting and the eligibility to run for office. It was agreed that only members holding individual memberships may vote or run for office. Maxwell noted that the formal proposal should include the concept of a point of contact for administrative details for the institutional membership. The Membership Development Committee will be asked to develop the formal proposal and submit it to the board prior to the June board meeting.

ACTION ITEM: Slagell will ask the Membership Development Committee to draft a formal proposal on institutional memberships for review by the board prior to the June board meeting.

7.1.3 Open renewals

Schatz relayed questions from the Bylaws Committee on the proposed open renewal process. This process will allow renewals to run for one year from the date of payment. A number of renewal notices may be set up in the software system to give members ample chance to renew before their membership expires. It was agreed that there would be a 60 day grace period on membership renewal before a membership is considered expired.

Schatz will work with Bylaws to ensure that wording that mentions a specific date for renewals will be removed to allow for the open renewal process. If the Bylaws change passes, a Newsletter article will describe the actual process to the membership. Slagell will work with Database & Directory to ensure that a clear message is developed for the membership. Schatz requested that the process document for this be reviewed by the board for comment.

ACTION ITEM: Schatz will work with Bylaws to get a proposal for the membership for a Bylaws change that states that membership is valid for one year. Delete all mention of specific dates.

ACTION ITEM: Slagell will work with Database & Directory on a process document and a description of the process for the membership to be reviewed by the board.

ACTION ITEM: Wesley will include an article in the Newsletter to describe the process.

7.2 Proceedings (Schatz) – Delayed until after Program Planning and Conference Planning and organizational sponsorships discussions.

7.3 Program Planning (Ripley, Wessel, Emery)

7.3.1 Programming updates

Wessel and Ripley discussed issues that arose in the development of this year’s programming. Many of the vision type speakers from outside the library field want considerably more money that we can afford, so choices are somewhat limited by budget. They noted that the speakers were given a clear understanding of expectations for publishable papers, time of session, etc.

7.3.2 Board members and conference programming

The co-chairs inquired into the historical practice of board members not presenting at the annual conference and if should be formalized as policy. The board agreed that this would be written into the job description of the board member and the Newsletter editor.

ACTION ITEM: Tenney will revise the job description of board members to include the policy of not presenting at the annual conference.

The issue of speakers requesting internet access for their presentations was discussed. It was reported that the cost for such access is extremely expensive. CPC will look into the cost for obtaining access for the vision speakers only.

ACTION ITEM: CPC will investigate the cost of having internet access for the vision speakers.

The reimbursement policy for speakers was discussed and concerns were raised over the equity of the different levels if expectations have changed over time. Additional information on the number of speakers requesting reimbursement over the last two years and the number of speakers turning in requested papers in a timely manner was requested for the review of this policy. Novak, Whiting and Tenney will review files and see what can be found. Schatz will ask the Proceedings editors about the completion of publishable papers by speakers over the last two years. Emery will review this information and the current policy to draft a revised proposal prior to the June board meeting.

ACTION ITEM: Novak, Whiting, Tenney will look for information on speakers requesting reimbursement over the past two years. Schatz will check on completion of publishable papers by speakers for this same time period.

Information should be sent to Emery for review.

ACTION ITEM: Emery will review speaker information and the current reimbursement policy to draft a revision for board review prior to the June board meeting.

7.4 Conference Planning (Tucker, Anderson)

7.4.1 Schedule, events

Tucker reported on the activities of the committee. CPC has created subcommittees to work on the various sections of conference logistics. Wiles is working on the opening reception, which will be held poolside at the resort. She is working on speaker and catering options for that event. The Friday evening event is an optional “Dine Around” in Scottsdale. Attendees will be requested to note on the registration form if they are going to attend and pay the nominal charge for the bus into Scottsdale. CPC is currently collecting bids for buses for the Friday and Saturday events. The Saturday event will be at the Phoenix Art Museum.

Tucker reported on some concerns with the hotel dealing with special diet needs. Tenney will work with Tucker on resolving these issues.

ACTION ITEM: Tucker will forward to Tenney any correspondence from the hotel on catering issues and Tenney will contact hotel sales representative for clarification.

Tucker reported that the website will be up as soon as possible when the NASIG website redesign is complete. He displayed the two possible logos and the board indicated their preference. He will relay the information to the CPC. Simser asked that Tucker ask the artist to work with Café Press to ensure that the logo can be used for the T-Shirt and other designs.

ACTION ITEM: Tucker will consult the Café Press website for logo specifications and work with logo artist to get an acceptable version.

Tucker asked if there was the possibility of vendor sponsorship at this conference and Simser noted that this would be discussed later in the meeting.

7.4.2 Budget

Tucker discussed the budget projections for the conference and issues were discussed. The proposed registration form was discussed and suggestions were given for additional fields and revisions.

7.4.3 Conference fees

After discussion, Novak moved and Emery seconded the following fee structure for the 2008 conference. The motion passed unanimously.

2008 Registration Rates: (No increase over the 2007 rates)
Member $375.00
Non-Member $500.00
Daily Rate (1 day only) $150.00

Cataloging 101 for non-catalogers (1/2 day)
Members $75.00
Non-Members $100.00

Managing with Integrity — final rates will be set when time for program is final.

UKSG Counter Statistics (1 day Wed.)
Member $200.00
Non-Member $250.00

Other preconference rates will be set as details are finalized.

8.3 Corporate/organizational sponsorship (Emery)

Emery reviewed her draft of possible levels for organizational sponsorship and ideas for revisions and additions were suggested. Libraries and companies will be invited to participate in these sponsorship opportunities.

Anderson suggested an FAQ for the website to describe the process and how it will benefit the membership. He volunteered to write the FAQ after Emery finalizes the levels for participation. Emery will develop initial information to go out to designated organizations. The actual responsibility for this task will be with the Past President/Publicist position. Novak will send out the letters, follow up and track the process. After discussion of process and issues concluded, Creech moved that NASIG, starting with the 2008 Conference, will solicit organizational sponsorship at differing levels to keep conference costs reasonable for members. Maxwell seconded and the motion passed unanimously.

Emery will draft a procedure document for board review and after the process is in place, she will write an article for the Newsletter and do an announcement for NASIG-L. Schatz will collect names of possible candidates for initial solicitation.

ACTION ITEM: Emery will revise draft of levels and redistribute to the board for final comment. She will draft a procedures document for review.

ACTION ITEM: Anderson will work with Emery on a FAQ on Organizational Sponsorship for posting on the NASIG website.

ACTION ITEM: Emery will draft article for NASIG Newsletter to describe the concept and explain the benefits to the membership.

ACTION ITEM: Schatz will collect names and contact information for possible organizations.

ACTION ITEM: Novak will send out initial letters, monitor the process and track any funds received.

7.2 Proceedings (Schatz)

Schatz reported that Taylor & Francis will continue the tradition of paying for the visit of the NASIG Proceedings editors to the publishing office. After discussion, it was agreed to continue with Taylor & Francis for the 2008 & 2009 Proceedings. In informal discussions, Haworth indicated that a monograph would no longer be published, just the serial issues. Simser will contact Taylor & Francis and get a letter of agreement to continue current terms.

ACTION ITEM: Simser will contact Taylor & Francis for a letter of agreement to continue the current terms for the 2008 & 2009 Proceedings.

7.5 Newsletter (Wesley)

Wesley noted that when the institutional membership motion is ready to move forward there should be an article in the Newsletter to provide background on the motion. It was agreed that this could wait for a few months. Wesley requested that any form that allows for donations to NASIG have a check box to indicate if the donor wishes to be anonymous. She noted that without that information she has to contact each donor and see if they wish to remain anonymous. It would be nice if the system could send email alerts to the treasurer and the Newsletter editor when donations are made.

ACTION ITEM: Wesley will follow up with Blackwell to see if this can be part of the new registration system.

7.6 Other items moved from consent agenda

7.6.1. Nominations & Elections (Novak)

Novak reported that Nominations & Elections did a great job this year and they completed the slate of candidates for the election. The 2008 slate chosen by Nominations & Elections is as follows:

Vice President/President-Elect
Rick Anderson
Meg Mering

Bob Boissy
June Garner
Kay Johnson
Virginia Taffurelli
Sarah George Wessel
Paoshan Yue

7.6.2. Publicist (Novak)

Novak suggested that the process of sending general NASIG announcements to external listservs should be moved to the Publications/Pr Committee. The board agreed with this suggestion. As noted earlier in the meeting, the Publicist will assume the responsibility for organizational sponsorship for the annual conference.

ACTION ITEM: Novak will revise the charge for the Publicist and ask Publications/PR for a revised charge.

7.6.3. Membership Development Committee (Slagell)

Slagell noted that this committee has had some problems with committee members responding. Slagell will contact the non-responsive members and ask for replacement volunteers for anyone who cannot continue the work of the committee.

ACTION ITEM: Slagell will contact the non-responsive members of the MDC and replace those that cannot continue the work of the committee.

Emery reported that she will issue the “call for volunteers” soon. ArcStone will be asked to place redirects on the old website when the new one is up and functional so the volunteer form will be available.

Simser confirmed that Bee.net has paid for our domain name through 2011. Creech will ask Cochenour to verify that ArcStone will update domain information after the switch over to the new site.

ACTION ITEM: Creech will verify that ArcStone will update domain information.

7.6.4 Awards & Recognition (Roth)

Roth reported on the work of the Awards & Recognition Committee to encourage more applications for the Tuttle Award. After discussion it was agreed that Awards & Recognition would continue to look for ways to advertise the award and continue to use the Newsletter as an advertising tool to get the word out on the award.
Slagell moved to increase the amount of the award to $3,000 and Schatz seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

Creech asked that Awards & Recognition work with the Translators Resource Team to get the announcements translated into French and Spanish.

ACTION ITEM: Roth will notify Awards & Recognition that the amount of the Tuttle Award has been increased to $3,000. Roth will ask Awards & Recognition to work with the Translators Resource Team.

8.0 Strategic planning – review of objectives/actions

Simser opened discussion on the progress in the 1st quarter priorities list set at the October board meeting.

She noted that she has not posted the strategic directions documents on NASIGWeb yet due to the transition to the new website though these issues were mentioned in the December Newsletter .

8.1 Administrative Support Task Force

8.1.1 Task force charge

Simser discussed the draft charge of the Administrative Support Task Force. The board agreed upon a timeline of having the job description ready for review by the June board meeting, with the hope to have a support person in place by Jan 2009.

8.1.2 Committee membership recommendations

Several names were mentioned as possible Task Force members. Simser will establish the Task Force from the nominated names.

ACTION ITEM: Simser will appoint members three or four members to the Administrative Support Task Force.

ACTION ITEM: Administrative Support Task Force will have a job description ready for discussion at the June 2008 board meeting.

8.2 Financial Advisory Committee

8.2.1 Committee charge

Simser opened discussion on the draft charge of the Financial Advisory Committee. After discussion it was agreed that our current bank, Bank of America, would be asked to suggest a person or company that offers financial planning advice to non-profit organizations. Roth will also search for possible names of financial planning advisory services for non-profit organizations.

ACTION ITEM: Novak and Whiting will contact Bank of America.

8.2.2 Committee membership recommendations

Several names were mentioned as possible members.

ACTION ITEM: Emery will appoint a three or four member committee from the names suggested. Treasurer will be board liaison.

8.4 Member benefits brainstorming

Simser asked for ideas to enhance member benefits for NASIG members. Novak suggested taking the most popular programs from the conference and offering them regionally with reduced rates for NASIG members. Continuing Education Committee would need to be tasked to do this proposal.

Emery suggested having NASIG networking opportunities at regional conferences. She suggested maybe getting a group of NASIG members together for a ballgame at ALA, or other local activities at regional conferences to offer a chance for networking.

Anderson suggested enhancing the NASIGuides to allow NASIG members to do their work more effectively. He thought there might be a role for Electronic Communications Committee to collect and organize free websites that offer useful information, perhaps even FAQs on hot topics in the field and a Wikipedia for NASIG, edited by NASIG members with the oversight of the Publications/PR Committee.

Creech suggested having a member survey after a renewal is completed to see what members would like to see from their NASIG membership.

Simser encourage board member to continue brainstorming on this topic over the board list.

8.5 UKSG editorials

Simser reported that the initial documentation on the UKSG agreement indicates that we should be producing 3 editorials per year for the UKSG Serials E-News. Novak and Emery will follow up with the UKSG contact to determine what the submission requirements are for these editorials. It was suggested that these should come from the board and be on general organizational topics. It was agreed that Wesley would contact the UKSG contact and see if they would like to contribute editorials for the NASIG Newsletter.

ACTION ITEM: Novak and Emery will contact the UKSG and determine the submission requirements for the editorials.

ACTION ITEM: Wesley will contact the UKSG and ask if they would like to contribute editorials for the NASIG Newsletter.

8.6 Review of our strategic directions action plan

Simser opened discussion on the review of the strategic direction action plan.

1st and 2nd quarter review (Oct. 07-Mar. 08)

Emery will write and article for the Newsletter on the Financial Advisory Committee.

The section on looking at bylaws changes for institutional memberships will be moved to the 3rd quarter in the planning document.

Develop a year-long mentoring program will be moved to the 4th quarter.

Determine member needs for professional development will be moved to 4th quarter.

Simser will update spreadsheet and place a link to it on the NASIG website when the new site is available.

Simser reported that we will stay with Bee.net for the listservs until an alternative method of committee communication is agreed upon. The Electronic Communications Committee should have a recommendation ready by the June board meeting. Simser noted that we are currently paying $600. per month for our web services (including the listserv) from Bee.net. More cost effective methods might be available and adaptable for NASIG committee use. Creech suggested moving NASIG-L to a blog format and encourage committees to explore options and new technology to move away from the listserv model. We will have discussion forums abilities on the new website and should explore those as a communication option, too.

9.0 Unfinished business

Simser called for any unfinished business. There being none, the meeting was adjourned at 4:35 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Joyce Tenney
NASIG Secretary
Draft 1/29/08


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