23:1 (2008:03) New Website Preview!

February 13, 2008 at 7:17 pm | Posted in News | 11 Comments


You’ve heard about it.  Now take a look at NASIG’s new website that will be launched later this year! 

The images below are prototype versions of top level and second level pages for the public and NASIG members.  Some details will be different in the final versions.  Click on the images to view larger versions.

Public Home Page
Public Home Page
Public Interior Page
Interior Public Page
Member Home Page
Member Home Page
Member Interior Page
Member Interior Page

Public Home Page (PDF)
Public Interior Page (PDF)
Member Home Page (PDF)
Member Interior Page (PDF)



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  1. Thanks for the website preview! I like that bold, clean new look! I am also struck by the interesting photo of the city skyline … I’m wondering where it is? Conference site? Am I missing something that will tell me? Kind of a disconnect for me on that one …
    Thanks for the opportunity to comment.

  2. The new pages look great! You guys have done a lot of work and it looks wonderful! Great job!

  3. Looks good! Love the aesthetics. Navigational links look spot on. Excellent job to all involved!!

  4. Birdie, this response is from Donnice Cochenour, technology implementation project manager: “We’re glad you like the design. The picture on the prototype pages is a place holder. Our plan is to include a rotation of pictures where our annual conferences have been held and add to these into the future. When the site is live there will be a ‘mouse-over’ description giving the conference, location and credits to the source for all of the pictures.” — NewsEd

  5. Looks great! I agree with Birdie on the bold, clean look. It’s very contemporary with a nice balance and use of color.

  6. Oops! NewsEd jumped the gun on the implementation timeline. Donnice says the full launch will be later this year, instead of later this month, as originally stated. Pardon the error, and stay tuned! — NewsEd

  7. GREAT look. very clean, easy to read. Was this designed on Joomla by any chance.
    Job well done folks.

  8. Hi again! Thanks for the explanation about the photo. Of course, that makes sense now, having it as place holder. I really like the idea of having rotating pictures in there w/mouse-over descriptions. Cool! Nice job, everyone!

  9. Anne: It was designed by our new webhost with input from the team that is working on the implementation, but I’m not sure what they use.

  10. I love it! It is so good to see everything made new again. Excellent work and perfect eye for design! Best wishes with the rest of the job!

  11. This is really a great looking new site. Clean, crisp colors and overall design make a positive, professional statement about NASIG.

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