23:1 (2008:03) Board Votes to Allow Organizational Sponsorship

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Jill Emery, NASIG Vice President/President-Elect

At the January 2008 NASIG Board meeting, the board considered a proposal to allow for organizational sponsorship at future NASIG conferences. After a long discussion and careful consideration, the board agreed unanimously to accept the proposal and move forward with organizational sponsorship at future NASIG annual conferences.

Organizational sponsorship will allow NASIG to keep the conference registration at a reasonable cost and still provide top-notch programs and numerous networking opportunities to the annual conference attendees. In addition, organizational sponsorship will also allow us to partner with other groups, such as NISO and UKSG, to offer a larger variety of preconference and continuing education opportunities to the membership.

Organizational sponsorships will be available at the following levels: Continue Reading 23:1 (2008:03) Board Votes to Allow Organizational Sponsorship…


23:1 (2008:03) Treasurer’s Report

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Peter Whiting, NASIG Treasurer

Thank you to all the NASIG members that donated to the organization when renewing your membership. We received $1,340.00 from 41 members.

Balance Sheet
(Includes unrealized gains)
As of 2/20/08

Balance Sheet 2/20/2008

The NASIG budget runs on a calendar year for tax purposes. Continue Reading 23:1 (2008:03) Treasurer’s Report…

23:1 (2008:03) 23rd Conference (2008): PPC Update

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Erika Ripley and Sarah Wessel, PPC Co-Chairs

The Program Planning Committee is busy finalizing the details of what we believe is a great program. We are excited to announce our three vision speakers:

Marshall Breeding, Director for Innovative Technologies and Research, Vanderbilt University
• Mike Kuniavsky, ThingM
• Carol Pitts Diedrichs, Dean of Libraries, University of Kentucky

In addition to the strategy and tactics sessions giving you lots of strategic and practical information, there will be several preconferences that provide opportunities to go in-depth in topics such as management, cataloging for non-catalogers, and metadata. For more information about these and other opportunities, check the conference website. Continue Reading 23:1 (2008:03) 23rd Conference (2008): PPC Update…

23:1 (2008:03) Updating the Speakers and Consultants Directory

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Glen Wiley, Co-Chair

Some of NASIG’s greatest assets are the talents, energies, and sharing natures of its members.  In order to make the most of the members’ assets, the NASIG Publications and Public Relations Committee has revamped and renamed the Human Resources Directory to the Speakers and Consultants Directory.  The Directory now features updated profiles, new subject categories, and more consistent profile information.

This revised Directory is provided to help anyone find topical experts who are willing to travel and speak at conferences, or be consulted personally about their areas of special expertise. You can browse the Directory by name or subject area.  The Speakers and Consultants Directory currently contains more than 30 member profiles and 60 topics.  Some of the new topics include: metadata schemas, open access, scholarly communications, institutional repositories, Web 2.0, RDA, usage statistics, and electronic resource management systems. To make use of this NASIG resource, go to http://www.nasig.org/publications/hrd/index.htm. Continue Reading 23:1 (2008:03) Updating the Speakers and Consultants Directory…

23:1 (2008:03) Guest Editorial: Digital and/or Analog: Tech Services Organization

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JoAnne Deeken, Team Leader, Technical Services and Digital Access, University of Tennessee

There is no one correct way of organizing technical services. But the general tendency of the past was to separate them into serials and non-serials areas. In my library, over time, that distinction has been blurred to differentiate not by bibliographic format, but by payment format: everything that is paid for one time (with the exception of back issues of periodicals) and what is paid for multiple times.

For whatever reason, the move from analog to digital materials hit serials first. And it is the serials folk who first had the pleasure of working with licenses, IP ranges versus sign on, limited or unlimited simultaneous users, loss of access issues, etc. And hasn’t it been fun learning? But in the last year or so, more non-serial materials have been moving towards electronic. We have an entire set of people who need to re-learn all the lessons that serials people are already familiar with. Continue Reading 23:1 (2008:03) Guest Editorial: Digital and/or Analog: Tech Services Organization…

23:1 (2008:03) Volunteer for NASIG

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Jill Emery, NASIG Vice President/President-Elect

It is that time of year again when NASIG starts looking for new committee members!

This year, we will be looking for one special person to become the archivist-in-training and work with Sheryl Williams to take over the role as NASIG archivist.

We are also looking for someone fluent in Spanish to serve on the Awards & Recognition Committee to help with the Mexican Student Grant Award.

The other new opportunity available is serving on the Library School Outreach Committee. An appointment on this committee can help with attracting new members to NASIG and to the serials realm.

Please indicate your abilities or interest for either of these positions or the other 25+ volunteer slots we have available on the volunteer form.

Volunteering is easy! Just fill out the volunteer form given here: Continue Reading 23:1 (2008:03) Volunteer for NASIG…

23:1 (2008:03) Profiles: Awards & Recognition

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Susan Davis, Profiles Editor

The Awards & Recognition Committee began life as the Student Grant Committee in 1987, when we only offered conference grants to library school students. The name changed in 1996 when NASIG added the Horizon Award and began investigating additional awards.  The committee was also given responsibility for the recognition gifts presented at each conference starting in 1997.  A&R was last profiled as this transition was taking place, so it seemed like an update was quite overdue!

I asked current co-chairs Clint Chamberlain and Patrick Carr to share some insights about the committee’s activities. Continue Reading 23:1 (2008:03) Profiles: Awards & Recognition…

23:1 (2008:03) Profiles: Sarah Sutton

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Susan Davis, Profiles Editor

Sarah is the serials/electronic resources librarian at the Mary & Jeff Bell Library of Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi. I met Sarah at the 2003 conference when I was a member of the Awards & Recognition Committee and she was the Horizon Award winner. Thanks to the essay she had to write as part of the award application (http://www.nasig.org/awards/timedated/horizon.html) I had a head start preparing some questions to help us learn more about this very busy lady.

I read that Sarah had been a travel agent before becoming a librarian. So I asked her to tell us how she became a travel agent and to share some of her experiences and any memorable trips or stories.

Sarah Sutton
Sarah Sutton, Serials Electronic Resources Librarian
Continue Reading 23:1 (2008:03) Profiles: Sarah Sutton…

23:1 (2008:03) Other Serials News: SERU

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Presenters: Judy Luther, Co-Chair of the NISO SERU Working Group and President of Informed Strategies; Seldon Lamoureux, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill and Member of the Working Group; and Tina Feick, Swets.
Reported by Morag Boyd

[Presented at the Serials Standards Update Forum at the ALA Midwinter Meeting, January 13, 2008.]

The session was an informal dialog with the audience about the status of SERU (Shared Understanding for Electronic Resources), a best practice to which content providers and libraries can mutually agree and therefore forego the need for a license agreement in an electronic resource purchase. SERU instead calls up copyright law and contract law, both well established and understood in our community, to govern these transactions. The SERU website is the best source for information: http://www.niso.org/committees/ SERU/ Continue Reading 23:1 (2008:03) Other Serials News: SERU…

23:1 (2008:03) Other Serials News: Technical Services Skills

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Presenters: Emily Hicks, Director of Information Acquisition and Organization, University of Dayton; Dr. Kimberly Kelley, Dean of the School of Library and Information Science, Catholic University of America; Carlen Ruschoff, Director, Information Technology and Technical Services Division, University of Maryland Libraries; and Bill Mayer, University Librarian, American University.
Reported by Marilyn Estes

[Presented at the 83rd annual conference of the Potomac Technical Processing Librarians (PTPL), at the Virginia Historical Society in Richmond, Virginia, on October 5, 2007.]

Emily Hicks got the conference started with a lively presentation entitled “Across the Great Divide: Building Generational Bridges.” Hicks introduced the characteristics of the four generations currently in the workforce and explored the impact of these characteristics on workplace values, job strengths and staff cooperation. Hicks offered some strategies she had learned through her experience of managing generationals. The strategies were: good communications, flexibility, consideration, respect, and incorporating “fun” time. As Ms. Hicks pointed out, “A team that plays together, stays together.” Continue Reading 23:1 (2008:03) Other Serials News: Technical Services Skills…

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