22:4 (2007:12) Committee Update: PPC

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[Ed. note: Highlights from the fall committee report to the Executive Board.]

Sarah Wessell and Erika Ripley, Co-Chairs

Shortly after the Louisville conference, CPC and PPC brainstormed ideas for the 2008 theme and unanimously agreed upon “Taking the Sting Out of Serials.”

The committee discussed ways to increase participation from vendors at the conference.  There was positive response to the speed dating rounds with publishers at the 2007 conference; however, limitations to this format included competition with other strategy sessions and the focus on one type of vendors (i.e., publishers) when other vendors would be interested in participating.

Committee members generally supported the idea of a vendor social at the conference, especially once PPC heard that the conference reception would be on Saturday.  The Author/Vendor Social that the Academic Library Association of Ohio is holding this October was suggested as a model.  Their event will include the following: meet and greet with multiple Ohio publishers, vendor demos of new products and services, and light hors d’oeuvres and a cash bar – sponsored by Thomson-Gale.

There was a note that Friday evening may be more viable for vendors due to uncertainties in air travel; however, it is PPC’s  understanding that CPC may have already tentatively planned enough social events for Friday in dine-arounds and an art gallery walk.

The committee continues to discuss the conference schedule (see attached for latest version).  In addition to the ideas listed below, CPC and other involved groups will be consulted to ensure appropriate times for all functions.  The current draft of the schedule allows for a more focused program while allowing for more diversity in sessions.  Ideas include:
What has to be changed/added for 2008:

  • Conference reception is on Saturday.  Time for transportation is required. (in current schedule)
  • Time for people to talk with board members about running for the board.

Ideas for possible changes/additions:

  • Vendor reception for one evening. (in current schedule – details yet to be determined)
  • Vision sessions starting later in the morning. (in current schedule)
  • Vision sessions starting at the same time each day.
  • Longer time for informal discussion groups as picking up boxed lunches cut conversation short in 2007. (in current schedule)

Additional ideas:

  • Don’t repeat sessions at all. (in current schedule)
  • Move Sunday vision session to be just before conference closing. Conference closing otherwise felt like a lame duck. (in current schedule)
  • Include 15 minutes for housekeeping details and speaker introductions for vision sessions, thus making them 75 minute sessions. (in current schedule)

The co-chairs reviewed the MOU used last year for the vision speakers and made revisions to draw greater attention to the paper that is expected for the conference proceedings (see attached).  In addition, the co-chairs have developed a checklist of discussion points when initially contacting vision speakers and a checklist of discussion items for the time between the signing of the MOU and the conference (see attached).


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