22:4 (2007:12) Other Serials News: Call For Papers on E-Journal Bundling

December 5, 2007 at 1:22 pm | Posted in Other Serials and E-Resources News | Leave a comment

Bill Cohen, Haworth Press

The Serials Librarian, the peer-reviewed journal published by Haworth Press (now part of the Taylor & Francis Group) announces a “Call for Papers” for a special supplement to be published in late 2008.

The supplement topic will be “Bundling & Un-Bundling of E-Serials.”

This supplement will examine the current state of e-journal bundling, and how libraries and vendors are strategizing and coping with rising costs, and the implications of “The Big Deal.” This will focus on how libraries initially purchased groups of titles in bundles for convenience and cost savings and how they then later were often forced to break those bundles down into smaller groups, or into individual title purchases, in order to deal with ever-rising costs and the desire to get more local control over what libraries collect.

Proposed topics that potential authors are encouraged to select from are:

    • Advantages of bundling journals together
    • Financial pressures to unbundle existing packages
    • Collection development pressure on bundled packages
    • Consortial perspectives on bundling and unbundling titles
    • Acquisitions and cataloging issues on bundled titles
    • Acquisitions and cataloging issues on unbundling previously received packages
    • Is “The Big Deal” dead?
    • The Big Deal vs. disciplinary packaging of e-serials
    • Other pressures to unhook from these deals
    • Purchasing electronic back volumes in groups
    • Trial subscriptions in groups

      Other relevant topics will be considered.

      Submissions should be approximately 20-30 double-spaced pages in length. A maximum of fifteen manuscripts are desired, and the submission deadline will be the end of February 2008.

      Prospective authors should submit proposals to:

      David Fowler, guest editor: dcfowler@uoregon.edu


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