22:4 (2007:12) Executive Board Minutes

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Joyce Tenney, NASIG Secretary

Date, Time: October 11, 2007, 8:30 a.m. – 4:45 p.m.
Place: Tapatio Cliffs, Phoenix, AZ

Char Simser, President
Jill Emery, Vice President/ President-Elect
Peter Whiting, Treasurer
Denise Novak, Past President
Joyce Tenney, Secretary

Rick Anderson
Anna Creech
Kim Maxwell
Alison Roth
Bob Schatz
Jeff Slagell

Erika Ripley, Co-Chair, 2008 Program Planning Committee
Cory Tucker, Co-Chair, 2008 Conference Planning Committee
Sarah Wessel, Co-Chair, 2008 Program Planning Committee
Sandra Wiles, Co-Chair, 2008 Conference Planning Committee

Ex-Officio Member:
Kathryn Wesley, NASIG Newsletter, Editor-in-Chief

1.0 Welcome (Simser)

Simser called the meeting to order at 8:30 a.m.

2.0 Secretary’s Report (Tenney)

2.1 Approval of board actions since January meeting

6/22/07 Minutes of the business meeting were approved.

6/25/07 Board agreed to have a day devoted to strategic planning at the October board meeting.

6/28/07 Minutes of the 2007 May Executive Board meeting were approved.

7/18/07 Board approved change in language to the charge for the Electronic Communications Committee.

8/23/07 Minutes of the 2007 July Executive Board conference call were approved.

9/11/07 Board approved the renewal of the NASIG subscription to the UKSG Serials E-News.

2.2 Action items from January meeting

The lists of pending action items were reviewed and updated.

2.3 Board items status list

Tenney reported that thanks to Carole Bell, NASIG member from Temple University, a room for the January Executive Board meeting has been reserved on January 10, 2008. Additional information on the meeting will be distributed as it is available.

3.0 Treasurer’s report (Whiting)

3.1 Report

Whiting reported that most of the paperwork for the change in the treasurer is completed. He noted that the 2007 NASIG budget is on target, with a few committees actually under budget. The 2007 NASIG Annual Conference had a positive balance of $42,384.22. Also, Whiting reported that we will not have tax exempt status for the 2008 conference, due to Arizona laws. This will need to be considered when budgeting for the conference.

3.2 2007 budget and expenditures to date

Whiting reported that NASIG is very sound financially. He noted that several committees are under budget.

3.3 2007 Conference report

Whiting reported on the success of the 2007 conference with a positive balance of $42,384.22.

3.4 2008 Proposed budget

Whiting presented the 2008 proposed budget. After much discussion it was agreed that the budget would be reviewed and voted on after the meeting. Several committees still needed to submit information for the budget to be complete. Whiting will send a message out to the board, when the final budget is ready for review. Schatz inquired about insurance for the annual conference and Novak noted that we do have insurance, but that the paperwork should be reviewed to verify it is current.

ACTION ITEM: Whiting will review NASIG insurance coverage and verify that all paperwork is up-to-date.

3.4.1 How should technology costs be reflected

Whiting inquired as to the best way to reflect the costs of the new technology program in the budget. It was agreed that a special budget line would be created to reflect costs of technology expenditures.

ACTION ITEM: Whiting will create a separate budget line for the technology budget.

4.0 Technology RFP (Creech)

Creech and Simser reported on the progress made in reviewing the top companies for the Technology RFP. The pros and cons of each proposal were discussed with the input from various committee members who had participated in the demos and discussions. Schatz noted that financial information on each company should be reviewed before a final decision is made. Also, he noted that the contract should have benchmarks for deliverables. Novak inquired as to how quickly the companies could get us started. Simser reported that migration of our member database would take from two to six weeks. Novak noted that the contract may need to be reviewed by an attorney, depending on its detail. Should an attorney be required, Tenney will ask NASIG members from law schools for referrals.

Simser reported that NASIG member Donnice Cochenour would be leading the implementation team with assistance from several NASIG committees.

ACTION ITEM: Simser will request financial information from the two companies bidding for the Technology RFP.

Schatz moved to accept the bid from ArcStone, pursuant to further due diligence. Novak seconded the motion. After discussion the board passed the motion unanimously.

Simser noted that the committees involved need to have any needed support. Board liaisons for those committees should keep in close contact with their committees during the implementation. Also, Simser reported that in order to deal with the issue of listservs for the board and committees, we will need to continue our contract with BeeNet until a final resolution is decided upon.

ACTION ITEM: Creech will make sure there is a clause in the contract that notes that the company is willing to work with a third party for listservs, if needed.

ACTION ITEM: Cochenour will be asked to obtain contract from ArcStone. Creech will post contract to board web space for review. Contract will include the following: timelines, deliverables, out clause, alternatives to listservs and benchmarks.

ACTION ITEM: Creech will ask Electronic Communications Committee to investigate costs for listserv options outside of Bee.net, including institutional hosting options.

Simser thanked all involved in the process. This is a big step forward for NASIG.

5.0 Program Planning (Wessel, Ripley, Emery)

5.1 Speakers Agreement

The Speakers MOU was reviewed and revised. It was suggested that a reminder of the required paper for the proceedings be placed in speaker’s registration packets, and to connect the final payment to the delivery of the written paper. Wessel and Ripley will make the revisions and use the document for the 2008 conference speakers.

5.2 Programming

Wessel and Ripley reported that all is on track for the 2008 conference programming. The second call for papers has gone out and they hope to have approximately 60 proposals to review. There will be some slight schedule changes this year in response to past conference evaluations. Not all of the sessions will be repeated to allow for more flexibility and the Sunday vision session will be held right before the conference closing. PPC will find a timeslot for current and past board members to meet with those considering running for the board to discuss any questions or concerns.

The board agreed to have the board wrap-up session on Sunday morning from 8 a.m. – 9 p.m.

6.0 Conference Planning Committee (Wiles, Tucker, Anderson)

6.1 Schedule, Events

Wiles and Tucker discussed conference logistics and special events. Thursday evening reception will be on the pool terrace and Friday evening will be dine-arounds. Friday is also the night the galleries are open late. There will be vans available for NASIG members that wish to go to Scottsdale for dining or shopping. There will be a nominal fee for cost recovery for the vans. The main conference reception will be on Saturday evening at the Phoenix Art Museum. Wiles reported that we will have the entire museum and encourages everyone not to miss “Firefly Room”. She noted that the gift shop will be open during the event.

6.2 Corporate sponsorship

There was some discussion of corporate sponsorship; however final decision was deferred to the Membership Development report. Emery will draft a proposal for the board to review.

ACTION ITEM: Emery will draft a proposal on corporate sponsorship for the conference and present it to the board for review.

6.3 Budget

The proposed conference budget was reviewed and revisions suggested.

6.4 Conference fees

It was agreed that conference fees would be set at the January board meeting.

7.0 Committee reports

It was noted that committees should follow the committee template for reports located at http://nasig.org/forms/cmte-report.doc.

7.1 Archivist (Tenney)

Tenney asked for comments on the proposed NASIG Archives Policy and Procedures document prepared by Sheryl Williams, NASIG Archivist. It was agreed that the document would be posted on the NASIG website. Issues surrounding the digital archives were discussed and Creech reported that both a printed copy and the code is sent to the Archivist. Then, the documents are moved to a designated folder within the NASIG website. It was agreed that the blog content should not be archived.

It was agreed that the photos of realia should be downloaded to a CD and possibly put on a Flickr account with thumbnails posted on the NASIG website.

Williams was thanked for her work on the archives.

7.2 Awards & Recognition (Roth)

Roth reported that Sarah Sutton will chair the Library School Outreach Committee for 2007-2008. Clint Chamberlain and Patrick Carr will co-chair Awards & Recognition for 2007-2008. The committee recommended discussion on establishing a Canadian Student Grant Award, similar to the Mexican Student Grant Award. After discussion the board agreed that the current Student Grant Award announcement would just be translated into French and an aggressive marketing of the awards would be made in Canada.

ACTION ITEM: Creech will ask the Translators Team to translate the current NASIG Student Grant Award announcement into French.

Novak suggested that a stipend be created to help librarians new to the field, and those receiving little or no institutional support. Possible criteria are those with salaries under $40,000 and being a member of NASIG less than three years.

ACTION ITEM: Novak and Creech will develop a proposal on the stipend. They will report at the January board meeting. It the proposal passes, it would be for the 2009 conference.

The committee inquired about ways to get information out on the Tuttle Award. Wesley suggested speaking with past Tuttle Award winners to see how they heard about the award and get suggestions on how to publicize it better.

Novak initiated a discussion of adding more Student Grant Awards. Schatz suggested reviewing the number of awards annually. Tenney will make this a standing item on the fall board agenda.

Slagell moved to add to Student Grant Awards for a total of eight Student Grant Awards for the 2008 conference. Emery seconded the motion and it was passed unanimously. This is in response to our strategic planning goal to use fundraising money for NASIG Student Grant Awards.

ACTION ITEM: Roth will relay the change in number of Student Grant Awards to committee and the committee will work with treasurer to adjust committee budget request.

7.3 Bylaws (Schatz)

Schatz reported that the Bylaws Committee is awaiting instructions from the board with respect the revision of the term of the treasurer. It was agreed that Schatz would ask the committee to suggest wording by the January board meeting.

ACTION ITEM: Schatz will ask Bylaws Committee to submit proposed wording on the amendment to revise the term of the treasurer by the January board meeting.

Simser asked what would be needed in terms of the Bylaws if we were to go to a primary election process. Schatz will ask Bylaws to investigate.

7.4 Continuing Education (Maxwell)

No report from Continuing Education.

7.5 Database & Directory (Slagell)

Slagell noted that Database & Directory will be heavily involved in the implementation of the new technology system. Simser recommended that they review what reports are needed from the system. She noted that the fields are flexible and will allow for more reporting than we currently have.

Slagell reported that the renewal form is being reviewed and revised and will soon be released to the membership. Database & Directory reported that we currently have 904 members.

7.6 Electronic Communications (Creech)

Creech reported that the Electronic Communications Committee will be working on the implementation of the new technology system. Novak reported that there were problems with the publicist’s address book in the Bee.net system. Creech noted that Electronic Communications Committee would assist in this issue.

7.7 Evaluation & Assessment (Roth)

Roth reported that the Evaluation & Assessment Committee found the online evaluation process to be very successful. The committee recommends doing an online only evaluation for the 2008 conference. The board approved this recommendation. It was noted that the new technology system will negate the need for SurveyMonkey. Whiting reported that he would make sure the subscription to SurveyMonkey was not renewed.

The board discussed ways to give attendees an opportunity to keep track of their program evaluations during the conference, as no paper evaluation forms will be available. It was suggested that there might be a way to leave space on the schedule for notes by attendees. It was agreed that the give away for a conference attendance would be continued for the 2008 evaluation cycle. The issue of the low rate of preconference evaluations was discussed and Roth will work with the committee to develop ideas to improve that response rate.

7.8 Library School Outreach (Maxwell)

Maxwell reported that the committee is making good progress. The committee proposed that they be able to appoint ambassadors internally. Emery noted that the appointments should have a specific timeframe and a review period. It was agreed with the addition of the term limits the proposal was acceptable.

The committee asked about vacancies on the committee. Emery reported that she is trying to fill the vacancies, but she has not had volunteers for those positions. Emery will continue to recruit for these openings.

7.9 Membership Development (Slagell)

Slagell reported that Membership Development has reviewed the ALA job description categories and has suggestions for additional categories for the NASIG renewal form. This will allow for better information on programming needs. After discussion of the list it was agreed that Slagell would ask Membership Development for a final list for review.

ACTION ITEM: Slagell will ask MDC for a final list of job categories for the renewal form.

7.9.1 Institutional Memberships

Slagell introduced the report from Membership Development on institutional memberships. The board noted that it was an excellent report and after discussion it was agreed to move forward with the concept of institutional memberships. Wesley noted it would require a Bylaws change.

ACTION ITEM: Schatz will ask Bylaws to draft wording for Institutional Memberships.

Anderson moved to accept the concept of institutional memberships. Novak seconded the motion. It was passed unanimously.

Slagell reported that the development and production of the brochure was stalled. Novak suggested moving this to the Publications and PR Committee. After much discussion on the cost benefit to the organization of having a brochure, it was agreed that Publications and PR will work on this project.

ACTION ITEM: Novak and Slagell will ask Publications and PR to develop a final draft of the brochure to be reviewed by the board.

Slagell noted that a budget for the brochure should be included in either the Membership Development budget or the Publications and PR budget.

7.10 Newsletter (Wesley)

Wesley inquired about soliciting guest editorials. It was agreed that Wesley would send out a request on NASIG-L for guest editorials that were up to 500 words and with the understanding that the editor has the right to accept or reject any submission. The editor may ask the advice of the board if assistance is needed.

ACTION ITEM: Wesley will send a notice out to NASIG-L that guest editorials would be accepted for the NASIG Newsletter. The editorials must be 500 words or less and the editor has the right to accept or reject any submission.

7.11 Nominations & Elections (Novak)

Novak reported that the process is going smoothly. This year Nominations & Elections has 126 nominations for a total of 63 individuals. Deadline for nominations is October 12, 2007. 19 individuals have been nominated for Vice President/President-Elect.

7.11.1 Follow up- Board contacts

In response to comments in the brainstorming session, Wesley contacted several past board members and asked them to be a point of contact for members nominated for office that might have questions on work load, and duties. She has given the confirmed list of contacts to Nominations & Elections and they will let prospective candidates know the contact information.

Names of contacts are :
Vice President/President-Elect: Mary Page, Anne McKee, Maggie Rioux and Eleanor Cook
Member-at-Large: Adam Chesler, Beverley Geer, Bob Persing
(Post meeting note: Wesley contacted former board member Katy Ginanni, and she agreed to be added as a contact.)

It was suggested that Nominations & Elections follow up with these contacts after the election to see if they received any calls. Also, Nominations & Elections will incorporate into their procedures the need to develop a new list of contacts each year with recent, but not current board members to offer information to prospective candidates.

7.12 Proceedings (Schatz)

Schatz reported that the Proceedings editors are reviewing the applications of two possible candidates for the next Proceedings editors. Additional applications may be received later. The committee asked if they needed to put out a call for an indexer for the 2007 Conference Proceedings. After discussion it was agreed that the NASIG Proceedings did not require indexing.

ACTION ITEM: Schatz will ask the Proceedings editors to inform Haworth Press that the 2007 Conference Proceedings will not be indexed.

7.13 Publications/PR (Novak)

Novak reported that the Publications and PR Committee was revising the Speakers and Consultants Directory. Maxwell noted that the Library School Outreach should be notified when it was completed. Novak noted that the committee was also working on revising the NASIGuides.

7.14 Publicist (Novak)

Novak reported that the first, second and final call for conference submissions have gone out. She will work with Electronic Communications Committee on the Bee.Net address book issue.

Board adjourned at 3:50 p.m. and reconvened in Executive Session

Executive Session was adjourned and the general meeting reconvened at 4:10 p.m.

7.15 Translators Resource Team (Creech)

Creech reported that the Translators Resource Team is looking for two more members. They have been busy translating some key pages from the NASIG website and will post them when the new website goes live. Creech will ask them to translate the Student Grant announcement into French.

8.0 Strategic Planning Intro (Simser)

Simser reminded all that the Strategic Planning Session is tomorrow and that we will be looking at what has been accomplished, how things have changed and what are the most important issues to move forward.

9.0 Old Business

9.1 Financial Planning (Novak)

9.1.1 Brief Summary of Financial Plan

Novak reviewed the Financial Plan and a brief history of how the document was developed. She noted that the Financial Development Committee was sunsetted, but may need to be reformed.

9.1.2 Next Steps

Emery noted that we need to bring in someone familiar with financial plans in nonprofit organizations to help guide us in creating a more workable document. Simser asked everyone to think of people to recommend if the committee is reconstituted. This will be discussed again at the January board meeting.

10.0 Unfinished Business

Novak reported that Susan Davis and Mary Page represented NASIG at the memorial service for Rose Robischon.

Simser called for any additional unfinished business. There were no additional comments. The meeting was adjourned at 4:45 p.m.

Approved 11/6/07


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