Extra-issue post – Southern California Wildfires

October 24, 2007 at 11:42 am | Posted in News | 4 Comments
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Our thoughts are with our NASIG colleagues in southern California as wildfires there continue to threaten hundreds of thousands.  Those of you in affected areas, please feel free to post comments to the Newsletter blog to let us know how you, your families, and your institutions are faring in this crisis.



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  1. Pepperdine’s Malibu campus is open today after being isolated due to road closures on Monday & Tuesday. The campus is built to ‘shelter in place’ and was not evacuated. Students and faculty living on campus were evacuated Sunday to two locations on the lower campus during the day but were able to return to their homes in time for bed. Classes were cancelled Monday & Tuesday, but the intrepid on-campus dwelling librarian, James Wiser, had the library open. You can see photos on the campus paper website: http://graphic.pepperdine.edu/special/2007-10-23-fire3.htm My office in the library has a sliding glass door and so my desk is covered with a thin layer of grim. Some landscaping and some vans burned on campus.
    I live about 7 miles north of where the fire started and due to the extremely strong Santa Ana winds, the fire kept moving south. From my home lots of smoke was visible in the sky and lots of debris flying, plus the vegetation is even drier now!

  2. I see that several universities in San Diego are closed down but don’t seem to be directly impacted by the fires. If folks have evacuated their homes and aren’t at work, we may not hear from them for a few days.

  3. I know that NASIG members, and San Diego residents, Steve Savage, Tom Champagne, and Adolfo Tarango are currently out of the country, vacationing in Egypt.

  4. Although I work at UCLA, I have a house up in Lake Arrowhead. The status of our home at this time is not known, but we have some hope that the fire narrowly missed our street. The second fire in the area, the Slide Fire, is still raging out of control, and has devastated several neighborhoods. It is a humbling experience, and my heart goes out to all of our colleagues in San Diego, where the fires were much more widespread.

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