Extra-issue post – Southern California Wildfires

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Our thoughts are with our NASIG colleagues in southern California as wildfires there continue to threaten hundreds of thousands.  Those of you in affected areas, please feel free to post comments to the Newsletter blog to let us know how you, your families, and your institutions are faring in this crisis.


22:4 (2007:12) “Rose Knows”

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DECEMBER 1953 – MAY 2007
Susan Davis with Mary Page

Mary Page and I attended a very moving and inspiring memorial service for Rose Robischon at Cullum Hall on the West Point Military Academy campus on June 16, 2007. We arrived in time to meet and speak with Rose’s family who are just wonderful, warm and welcoming people.  There was a noticeable family resemblance; particularly when Rose’s father spoke (it could have been Rose talking) and her sister Mary.  We learned that Rose was really Rose Mary and Mary is Mary Rose.  Could it be that Shakespeare was thinking of the Robischons when he wrote “that which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet”?

You’ll also be pleased to hear that the family put together a table of things that Rose enjoyed, and many of the items related to NASIG.  The quilt she won in Minneapolis was on display, and we understand that Rose kept it at work for all to see.  She was incredibly proud of her involvement in NASIG and everyone in her family and workplace knew how much it meant to her.

Listening to others speak at the service, we were struck by a common thread, “Rose knows.”  She was the go-to person at the USMA library for many things, particularly systems and serials.  Mary and I were brave enough to get up and say a few words at the service about Rose and NASIG.  We mentioned her infectious laughter (noted by most who spoke) and I joked how she and I were both fast talkers.  We let all in attendance know that the soon-to-be published Proceedings were to be dedicated to Rose as well.

After the service, I had a chance to ask the family if they had seen the NASIG blog about Rose and since they had not, I was able to retrieve it from my car.  I was really glad I had thought to print it out and take along.

It was a sad, but very moving occasion to be on the West Point campus with all its history.  Cullen Hall had many memorial plaques to West Point graduates from the past, most notably those who graduated during “the war to save the Union.”  It was very heartwarming to see the imprint Rose had left on so many people and to learn how much NASIG had meant to her.  She was proud and honored to be NASIG’s treasurer and we should be proud and honored to have had Rose as a member.

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