22:3 (2007:09) 2007/08 Committee Liaisons

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Char Simser Financial Development             TBA 
Char Simser Newsletter Kathryn Wesley, Editor-in-Chief 
Jill Emery Program Planning                                  Sarah Wessel, Chair
Erika Ripley, Co-Chair
Denise Novak Nominations & Elections Gail Julian, Chair
Kathy Brannon, Vice-Chair
Denise Novak Publications/PR Marit Taylor, Chair
Glenn Wiley, Co-Chair
Joyce Tenney Archivist Sheryl Williams, Archivist
Rick Anderson                           Conference Planning Cory Tucker, Co-Chair
Sandra Wiles, Co-Chair 
Anna Creech                             Electronic Communications                                            Abigail Bordeaux, Co-Chair
Dalene Hawthorne, Co-Chair 
Anna Creech Translators Resource Team        Frieda Rosenberg, Coordinator 
Kim Maxwell Continuing Education Betty Landesman, Chair
Valerie Bross, Co-Chair
Kim Maxwell Library School Outreach TF        Sarah Sutton, Chair 
Alison Roth Awards & Recognition                           Sarah Sutton, Chair
Clint Chamberlain, Co-Chair 
Alison Roth                       Evaluation & Assessment                      Anne Mitchell, Chair
Lori Terril, Co-Chair 
Bob Schatz  Bylaws                                                                                      Konstantin Gurevich, Chair
David Bynog, Co-Chair
Bob Schatz  Proceedings      Carol Ann Borchert, Editor
Buddy Pennington, Editor 
Jeff Slagell Database & Directory Lisa Blackwell, Chair
Marty Gordon, Co-Chair
Jeff Slagell Membership Development                     Marla Chesler, Co-Chair
Tina Feick, Co-Chair
Jeff Slagell   Mentoring Group Eleanor Cook, Chair
Katy Ginanni, Co-Chair

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