22:3 (2007:09) 22nd Conference (2007): Post-Conference Board Wrap-Up Meeting

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June 3, 2007, 1:00 p.m., Louisville, KY
Joyce Tenney, NASIG Secretary

  • Novak reported on a fundraising idea that had come up during the conference. A possible NASIG cookbook.  The idea is being investigated and Novak will report back on this idea.
  • Creech reported that ECC had asked if NASIG-L was still needed, as we have several other venues of communication.  After discussion it was decided that NASIG-L is still valuable and needed.  Creech will relay that to ECC.
  • Overall conference feedback so far has been very favorable.  Minor issues were discussed and liaisons for next year’s PPC and CPC will report back to those groups.
  • Timing of brainstorming session was discussed and ideas for improving next year’s experience with this.  
  • Schatz reported that Bylaws Committee has looked at the bylaws amendment for the term of the treasurer and had some questions.  After some discussion on the implications of the term of the treasurer and treasurer in training, it was decided to continue the discussion during the July board conference call.
  • There was a great deal of discussion on the brainstorming session and how to keep the discussion continuing with NASIG members.  It was noted that there was too much input from past presidents and board members; the discussion needs to take place within the membership.  It was decided that NASIG-L might be the best forum for this discussion.  
  • Many ideas were discussed for improving the process of N&E and Novak will continue discussion with N&E next year.
  • Schatz suggested getting a NASIG table at ALA to get more exposure for the organization.  There was agreement to look at the idea.  Schatz will get info on cost and report back to the board.

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