22:3 (2007:09) 22nd Conference (2007): Tactics Session: Creating a Local Print Repository for State Consortium Online Purchases

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Creating a Local Print Repository for State Consortium Online Purchases
Douglas P. Kiker and Jay Wiese, University of Florida
Reported by Selina Lin

The presentation entitled, “Dim Archive Project 2004-2007: an Experiment in Creating a Local Print Repository”, details the University of Florida’s project in 2003 to begin a statewide cooperative effort to preserve an archival print copy of each online journal from Springer/Kluwer.  The University of Florida is a member of the Florida Consortium of eleven public universities which joined together for this project.  Springer/Kluwer is one of the six large publisher packages acquired by the consortium.  Each participating institution agreed to maintain and house print copies of a designated publisher package.  The rationale for the project was “apprehension about no longer maintaining a print version in any state university collection.” 

The number of journals in the Springer/Kluwer package totals 1,324, of which 361 titles, 3,605 issues, have been processed in this experimental pilot project.  These journals were received and labeled using a locally designed macro and efficient automated workflow to create item records in the ILS.  In all, 45.5 hours of staff time was spent over 200 weeks to process 361 titles which are housed in 91 archival boxes.  The end result is approximately 136 linear feet and 3.3 sections of storage space in the University’s Auxiliary Library Facility (ALF). There are 5000 titles remaining for the entire consortium to process.


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