22:3 (2007:09) Executive Board Minutes

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Joyce Tenney, NASIG Secretary

Date, Time: May 30, 2007, 8:15 a.m.-3:22 p.m.
Place:  Galt House, Louisville, KY

Denise Novak, President
Char Simser, Vice President/President-Elect
Mary Page, Past President
Joyce Tenney, Secretary

Rick Anderson
Adam Chesler
Katy Ginanni
Kim Maxwell
Alison Roth
Bob Schatz

Incoming Board Members:
Jill Emery
Peter Whiting
Anna Creech
Jeff Slagell

Ex-Officio Member:
Kathryn Wesley, NASIG Newsletter, Editor-in-Chief

Angel Clemons, Co-Chair, 2007 Conference Planning Committee
Rachel Frick, Co-Chair, 2007 Program Planning Committee
Sarah George, Co-Chair, 2007 Program Planning Committee
Tyler Goldberg, Co-Chair, 2007 Conference Planning Committee

1.0  Welcome  (Novak)

Novak called the meeting to order at 8:15 a.m.

2.0  Secretary’s Report  (Tenney)

2.1 Approval of board actions since January meeting

Minutes of January 19, 2007 Executive Board meeting approved. (3/5/07)
Board approved financial support for OVGTSL Conference in the amount of $1,000.  (4/2/07)Minutes of April 4, 2007 Executive Board conference call meeting approved.  (4/27/07)
Executive Board voted unanimously to have the 2007 NASIG Proceedings dedicated to the late NASIG Treasurer, Rose Robischon, and to have a moment of silence before the treasurer’s report at the annual business meeting.  (5/4/07)
(Note this was later changed to have the 2006 NASIG Proceedings dedicated to Robischon.)

2.2 Action items from January meeting

The list of pending action items was review and updated.

3.0  Treasurer’s Report  (Novak)

3.1  Report from Treasurer

Novak reported that the official NASIG PO Box is being moved from Georgia to West Seneca, New York.  Whiting is working on this and will let us know when the process is complete.  Novak reported that she is going to suspend the Financial Development Committee.  Novak is willing to serve on the committee if it is needed at a later date. 

The password for the NASIG website will be changed after the conference and the Electronic Communications Committee (ECC) will make an announcement on NASIG-L. Creech noted that ECC had put a button on the NASIG website for “Forgot login information? Contact us” that goes back to ECC.  It has been used several times and seems to working well.

Novak reported that the donation box on the membership renewal form was a great success.  $4,075 was donated by NASIG members. This money is earmarked for the scholarship fund.  Several ideas were discussed to develop an appropriate mechanism for thanking donors and acknowledging their contribution to NASIG.

ACTION ITEM:  Treasurer will look at ways to get an acknowledgement system in place for the dues donation program and will bring suggestions back to the board.

Novak noted that she will be training Whiting on the duties of the treasurer over the summer and will get all of the official documentation transferred.  All passwords for the financial systems will be housed with the treasurer and secretary.  It is important to have an official backup of passwords and documentation.

Novak and Simser noted that there is an error in the Bylaws in the term of the treasurer-in-training and treasurer.  The intent of the amendment was to have the total term for the treasurer be three years, not four. 

ACTION ITEM:  Bylaws committee will be asked to look at this issue and report back to their board liaison.

Novak announced that the memorial for Rose Robischon will be on June 16, 2007 at West Point.  A donation will be made in Rose’s name on behalf of NASIG.

Novak has ordered an updated version of Quicken for Whiting.  Ginanni inquired about the frequency of an official audit for NASIG finances.  Novak noted that NASIG is audited yearly.

3.2  2007 Budget and Expenditures to Date

Novak reported that NASIG is looking very financially sound.  Several committees are under budget at this point, but additional bills may be coming before the end of the year.

3.3  2007 Conference Report

Novak reported that the conference registration looks good.  She reported that the conference calling system is working well for several committees and has been a successful way of moving committee work forward without face to face meetings.

4.0  Program Planning (Frick, George, Simser) 

4.1 Status Report

Frick reported that the number of attendees for the preconferences was excellent and that all seems to be well with the program for the conference.  She thanked all of her committee for their hard work over the past year. The board joined in thanks to the committee for an excellent program.

5.0  Conference Planning Committee  (Clemons, Goldberg, Roth)

5.1  Schedule, Events, Venue

Goldberg reported that all is well with the conference. The logistical portion of the conference is set and looks good.  The board thanked the committee for a great job and for all of their work over the past year. 

5.2 Conference Budget

Goldberg noted that there were 546 registrants for the conference and the budget should be easily met.  The board discussed ideas for increasing attendance at future conferences and will continue the discussion in later meetings.

6.0 New Committees (Maxwell)

6.1 Library School Outreach  (Maxwell)

Maxwell discussed the activities of the Library School Outreach Task Force.  The task force recommended that to progress with their work it would be beneficial to have full committee status.  After discussion of the merits of this proposal and the need for measurable goals, Schatz moved to grant the Library School Outreach Task Force committee status.  Anderson seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously. 

ACTION ITEM: Simser or Emery will send a message out to NASIG-L asking for volunteers for this committee, in consultation with current task force chair and board liaison.

6.2 Membership Development Committee  (Maxwell)

Maxwell reported on the work of the committee and future plans.  She noted that they have requested a slight change to the charge of the committee.  Chesler moved to accept their proposal to remove the sentence “The committee will prepare a Membership Development Plan with specific action items for review by the Executive Board at their fall 2006 meeting.”
Roth seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.

Maxwell distributed the committee’s draft of the revised membership brochure.  There was discussion of the content and format of the draft.  Schatz recommended that the Membership Development Committee work with the conference logo artist to develop a polished version of the brochure. 

ACTION ITEM:  Membership Development Committee will work with a professional design artist to get a final polished version of the brochure ready for review by the board.

Maxwell noted that the Membership Development Committee had contacted all of the non-renewing members to encourage them to rejoin NASIG, or find out why they were not renewing.

Chesler asked if there were any additional perks that could be offered to NASIG members.  After discussion, it was decided that the investigation of institutional, organizational and corporate memberships might be valuable. 

ACTION ITEM: Maxwell will ask the Membership Development Committee to investigate the viability of NASIG offering institutional, organization and corporate memberships, with a report back to the board for discussion at the fall board meeting.

After a discussion of the current membership numbers, Schatz asked if the UKSG would be willing to share a 10 year review of their membership numbers for comparison with NASIG membership numbers during that time period. Whiting reported that 31 people had joined NASIG at the time of conference registration. 

ACTION ITEM:  Novak will ask the UKSG if they would be willing to share their membership numbers with us.

It was agreed that it would be good to get an indication of the areas of interest of NASIG members.  A possible way to obtain this information is to have a check box on the membership renewal form for major job function.  This will assist in targeting programming and other NASIG activities. 

ACTION ITEM:  Maxwell will ask the Membership Development Committee to review the ALA categories and revise it for our needs to be included on the renewal information in mid July.

7.0 Brainstorming Session  (Novak)

Novak reported on the logistics of the upcoming Brainstorming Session.  Ginanni will be moderating the session and ground rules and documentation needed for the session was discussed.  Tenney will take notes from the session that will be posted on the NASIG website.

8.0 Committee Reports 

The board thanked all committees for a great year. The board discussed actions that had been requested by various committees.

8.1 Database & Directory  (Chesler)

Database & Directory Committee (D&D) asked if it would be possible to consider allowing members to make updates to their membership profiles themselves.  After discussion it was decided that any decisions concerning this would be postponed until the Technology RFP was decided.  Any changes incurred as a result of the Technology RFP would impact the membership database.

D&D requested several changes to the admin component and tools in the current membership database.  Chesler will consult with D&D co-chairs to see how crucial these changes are for the upcoming renewal process.  Maxwell asked that the Membership Development Committee be consulted on the various fields in the membership database, as information about membership may be valuable for their work. 

8.2 Electronic Communications Committee  (Ginanni)

Ginanni reported that the Electronic Communications Committee (ECC) recommended that the committee listservs be set up so that email attachments can be used by committees.  The board agreed with their recommendation. 

A second recommendation from ECC was to allow NASIG members who assist committees to be added to those committee listservs.  It was agreed that with the approval of the committee co-chairs and the board liaison, other NASIG members not formally on a committee could be added to that committee listserv. It was noted that some committee listservs are closed due to the confidential nature of the committee work.

8.3 Nominations & Elections (Page)

Page reported that the Nominations & Elections Committee (N&E) asked for flexibility in the timing of soliciting references for candidates.  The board agreed that N&E should have this flexibility.

N&E questioned the number of names needed for getting onto the ballot through the petition process. It was noted that ALA only requires 25 names, so it was agreed that the current 10 names required was reasonable. 

Anderson noted that maybe we need to open up the nomination process more.  There was a discussion of the various ways to encourage a more open process.  It was noted that online voting may allow for a more fluid and flexible process. 

8.4 Site Selection  (Novak, Simser, Tenney)

Simser reported on the site selection survey that was conducted in mid-May.  There was a great response from the membership.  337 responses were received.  Simser will prepare a report of the survey to be distributed by late June via newsflash on NASIG-L and included in the fall Newsletter.  Some interesting results were that members indicated that hotel room rate was very important, but then selected some of the highest priced cities as top choices. 

Information collected from the survey will be used in selecting sites for the 2009 conference and will assist in looking at future sites. 

9.0 Technology RFP  (Simser)

Simser led a discussion of the proposal and the responses from vendors.  The discussion focused on the three critical functions needed from this process:

Online voting
Membership database development
Online conference and event registration

Creech suggested breaking out sections of the proposal and asking for bids on the individual sections.

ACTION ITEM: Creech will contact vendors that did not respond to see if they would like to bid on individual sections of the RFP.

All responses should be received and processed before the late July Executive Board conference call.  At that time the board will discuss responses and select a vendor or vendors to move forward in the process.

10.0 New Business

Schatz inquired about the selection process for Proceedings editors.  Anderson noted that the current Proceedings editors make a recommendation to the board and the board makes the final decision.  Currently there are three applicants for the one vacancy.  Anderson asked that the entry in the working calendar for issuing a call for Proceedings editor be moved from November to September for a more reasonable selection timetable. 

Page asked about the Moodle site that has been created by ECC to display the handouts from the conference and continue discussions that started in the various sessions.  She asked that it be promoted during the conference and on NASIG-L.
Creech discussed the creation of the site and how it will function.  Page asked that speakers be reminded to load their handouts and check the site for discussions.

ACTION ITEM:  Creech will compose a brief description of the Moodle site and how to access it for distribution at the conference and on NASIG-L.  She will give the information to the Conference Planning Committee to have at the registration desk.

Simser will remind Program Planning Committee to announce it at the Speakers Breakfast and during the conference.

Novak asked board members to consider possible dates for a July conference call and the fall board meeting.  Tenney will collect information after the conference and schedule the meetings.

Simser proposed that NASIG pay for the conference fee and travel expenses for the incoming Conference Planning Committee (CPC) co-chairs at the conference prior to the one they will be responsible for.  It is important that they see the conference in operation and shadow the current CPC co-chairs during the conference. 

Anderson moved that NASIG pay the conference fees and travel expenses within the NASIG Committee Guidelines for Reimbursement for the conference prior to the one they will be responsible for managing.  Ginanni seconded.  The motion passed unanimously.  Simser asked Anderson to have this added to the CPC manual.

Novak asked everyone to remind their committee chairs and speakers that all requests for reimbursements must be submitted within 30 days of expense.  All reimbursements forms should be sent to Novak until further notice. 

The board extended its thanks to Novak for her leadership over the past year.

Novak asked for any additional old or new business.  None being noted, the meeting was adjourned at 3:22 p.m.

Revised 6/18/07


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