22:2 (2007:05) Committee Annual Report: N&E

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David Burke, Chair
Committee Members: Gail Julian, co-chair/web liaison, Michael Arthur, Christie Degener, Beth Holley, Lisa Macklin, Virginia Rumph

Board Liaison:  Mary Page, past president


At the conference, a call for nominations using the forms in the conference packets was made.  This resulted in something less than success, considering no one returned a nomination form.  After the nominations submission page was activated on the NASIG web site, the chair sent calls for nominations via NASIG-L on June 1, July 27, and August 25 (last two dates approximate), as well as the Special Business Issue of the NASIG Newsletter.  The deadline for nominations was September 1.  In retrospect, I should have made the date later in month or even into October.

Through 30 submitted nomination forms, the committee received 16 nominations for vice-president/president elect (8 different people), 9 nominations for treasurer (8 different people), and 54 nominations for member-at-large (35 different people). 

Following an intra-committee conference call on September 11, each member of the committee called six to seven nominees for permission to forward their names through the nominee-review process.  Unfortunately, only 14 member-at-large nominees, 1 treasurer nominee, and none for vice-president/president elect opted to continue.  The committee contacted several other NASIG members to broaden the pool; this new pool yielded 1 additional member-at-large prospect, 1 additional treasurer prospect, and 1 vice-president/president elect prospect.  Some of these nominees removed themselves prior to the deadline for submitting a completed profile form.

A second intra-committee conference call was held on December 7 to choose the most appropriate candidates for the ballot (after overcoming some technical difficulties with Netspoke).   The committee then contacted those candidates’ references; no information emerged to eliminate any of the names previously selected.  So the committee announced this preliminary ballot on January 15, along with a call for petition candidates:

VP/President Elect:   Meg Mering
Treasurer:  David Bynog, Peter Whiting
Member-at-Large: Carol Ann Borchert, Abigail Bordeaux, Anna Creech, Sandra Hurd, Kim Maxwell, Jeff Slagell, Sarah Sutton

The committee chair received one completed and valid petition by the February 1 deadline.  Jill Emery was added to the ballot for VP/president elect.  The committee was also pleased to see that one of the accompanying bylaw changes would open the door to electronic voting.


The printer mailed 631 ballots (to addresses specified in the submitted membership list) on February 12.  Only those ballots postmarked March 15 or earlier were considered valid.  However, an ice storm threw off the distribution, so many members received ballots well past the expected February 15 arrival—online voting cannot come soon enough!  Seven ballots postmarked after March 15 were received.

The chair counted 288 ballots (a disappointing 46% return rate), which were recounted by Jutta Seibert (another librarian at Villanova University).  Three names were submitted as write-in votes—one for vice-president and two for member-at-large. 

On March 23, the chair reported the election results to the president and contacted all of the candidates.  The NASIG was notified of the results through NASIG-L on March 28, and the results were posted on the NASIG website the following week.  They will also be reported in the May issue of the NASIG Newsletter.

The winners of the election are Jill Emery for vice-president/president elect, Peter Whiting for treasurer, and Anna Creech, Kimberly Maxwell, and Jeff Slagell for member-at-large.


Many members of the committee had concerns regarding the reference process.  A number of references gave very brief or incomplete answers to the questions because they were not especially familiar with a given nominee.  Also the information gained in the references could be useful in choosing the top candidates if it was available sooner.  The committee recommends future N&E Committees have the option whether to call nominee references before or after they choose the top candidates (depending on the total number of nominees in a given year). 

Some members also expressed concern with the petition process in its current form.  Considering the extensive review process the originally slated candidates go through, gathering ten signatures seems comparatively easy.  Perhaps as NASIG moves to online elections, both the vetting procedures and the petition process should be examined.

In closing, the chair would like to thank every member of the committee and Mary Page, our board liaison, for the hard work and good ideas they contributed to the process during the last several months.  This election would not have gone so smoothly without them!  The chair would also like to thank Anne McKee and Kathryn Wesley (N&E chairs of the past two years) for their advice along the way.


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