22:2 (2007:05) Committee Annual Report: NASIG Newsletter

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Newsletter Editorial Board:

Lillian DeBlois, conference/calendar editor (Arizona Health Sciences Library)
Susan Andrews, columns editor (Texas A&M University-Commerce)
Kathy Kobyljanec, copy editor (John Carroll University)
Sharon Heminger, PDF editor (JSTOR)
Maggie Rioux, profiles editor (MBLWHOI)
Naomi Young, submissions editor (University of Florida)
Kathryn Wesley, editor-in-chief (Clemson University)

Board Liaison: Char Simser


Summer 2006 business issue (21: suppl.) [first blog issue]
Articles were posted to the blog between June 30-July 4, 2006.  The PDF was published on July 18.  The issue featured the Executive Board annual report, committee annual reports, and rosters of the incoming Executive Board, board liaisons, and committees.

September 2006 issue (21:03)
Blog postings took place August 29-September 23.  The PDF version was published and announced on NASIG-L on September 1.  This issue featured conference reports. 

December 2006 issue (21:04)
Articles were posted to the blog version November 20-November 30, 2006.  The issue was announced on NASIG-L on December 1 with the first Newsletter Newsflash.  The PDF version was published and announced on NASIG-L on December 13. 

March 2007 issue (22:01)
Blog articles were posted February 13-28, 2006.  A Newsflash was posted to NASIG-L on March 1 announcing the issue.  The PDF was published March 12.

May 2007 issue (22:02)
The target for publishing the May issue is May 25.  Since the conference takes place in late May/early June this year, a late May date will allow for publication of committee annual reports in this issue.  A summer supplement issue will therefore not be necessary.  The PDF will probably not be published until after the conference, early to mid-June.

Blog version of the Newsletter
The html version of the Newsletter was replaced this year with a blog version.  The blog version debuted with the summer business supplement.

Advantages of the blog include the capacity to publish articles individually instead of all at once, and to assign categories to articles, allowing sorting by topic.  Blog software also allows user comments.  In addition, the blog provides more in-depth and sophisticated usage statistics.  On the downside, posting is time- and labor-intensive. 

The blog’s commenting function was enabled for the March 2007 issue.  Many thanks to our board liaison, Char Simser, for her technical assistance with this process.  Comments have been added at the top of the sidebar.

In fall 2006, the Publications/Public Relations Committee suggested that announcements of Newsletter issues on NASIG-L include snippets of articles with links to the full articles.  This was instituted with the December issue and continued with the March issue.  In addition, a Newsflash was posted to NASIG-L well ahead of the full March issue when the article on the 2008 conference site was posted.

The Newsflashes have been very successful.  Blog statistics consistently show spikes in user views on the days that Newsflashes are posted, and on the business days immediately following.  The number of views on the posting day plus the following business day have consistently been 1000+ (editor’s views are not included).  Thanks to Pub/PR for the great idea! 

Sharon Heminger, formerly columns editor, took over as PDF production editor with the summer business issue.  Naomi Kietzke Young assumed the position of submissions editor at that time.

Maggie Rioux, profiles editor, and Susan Andrews, columns editor, will retire from the Newsletter Editorial Board following the 2007 conference.  Their writing talent, rock-solid dependability, and unwavering dedication to meeting or beating deadlines will be sorely missed.

Kurt Blythe, a new NASIG member from UNC-Chapel Hill, will take over as columns editor following the conference. We look forward to working with Kurt. 

The profiles editor position has not been filled yet.  A blog editor position will be established and filled this year.

Blog stats of interest as of April 24, 2007:

 Total views (since June 30, 2006): 11,317
 Best day ever: 729
 Views over the last 30 days (March 26-April 24, 2007): 754
 (editor’s views not included)

The only action item from the board this year was to push specific news items to the membership via NASIG-L.  This was implemented as the Newsletter Newsflash.

The big goal this year was to make the switch from the html version to the blog version.  Starting up the blog, experimenting with workflows, learning its quirks, and actually posting all the articles this year has been so time consuming that it has been difficult to make much progress on other goals.

I have made some new guidelines on general stylistic matters and given them to the copy editor, Kathy Kobyljanec.  These will be included in the manual this summer.

GOALS FOR 2007/08
1. Find a blog editor.
2. Find a profiles editor.
3. Continue update of manual.
4. Post items to the NASIGWeb news page regularly.

Many thanks to the Newsletter Editorial Board for their hard work, high standards, and positive attitudes.  And to Char Simser, our board liaison, for her experience, support, and unfailing zen-like calm. 

Submitted by Kathryn Wesley, editor-in-chief
April 24, 2007


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