22:2 (2007:05) Committee Annual Report: Archives

May 17, 2007 at 12:18 pm | Posted in Archivist, Committee Annual Reports | Leave a comment

Marie Seymour-Green, Archivist; Sheryl Williams, Archivist-in-Training
Joyce Tenney, Board Liaison


This is the first year of the archivist-in-training position, developed to ensure a smooth transition in the fulfillment of responsibilities of the position from one individual to the next.  We are working on defining the assigned duties of the archivist position, and how the archivist-in-training assists in those duties; all of this information will be included in an Archivist’s Manual.

This focus has led to the development of an archives policy and guidelines.  Still under construction, we have relied on committee minutes to determine the intention of the position; the correspondence with the Archives Department at the University of Illinois-Champaign (UIC) for the procedures for submitting archival; and procedures from numerous organizations and institutions as examples.  This document will include: 

1. Guidelines regarding the type of material to be retained in the Archives.
2. Procedures for processing archival material for shipment to the University of Illinois-Champaign.
3. Procedures for requesting materials from the UIC archives.
4. A timeline for requesting archival material from NASIG Board members and committees.
5. Other information as identified.

The policy will be available on the NASIG website.

A listing of NASIG materials is available on the UIC website:  http://web.library.uiuc.edu/ahx/archon/index.php?p=collections/controlcard&id=3140&q=nasig


1. Continue the development of the manual and policy, to be completed by September, 2007.
2. Retrieve materials and ship to UIC by September, 2007.


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