22:2 (2007:05) Executive Board Minutes

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Date: April 4, 2007, 10 a.m.-11:15 a.m., EST
Place: Conference Call

Denise Novak, President
Char Simser, Vice President/President-Elect
Mary Page, Past President
Rose Robischon, Treasurer
Joyce Tenney, Secretary

Rick Anderson
Adam Chesler
Katy Ginanni
Kim Maxwell
Alison Roth

Unable to Attend
Bob Schatz

Ex Officio member:
Kathryn Wesley, Newsletter, Editor-in-Chief

Novak called the telephone conference to order at 10:04 a.m.  She welcomed everyone to the meeting and requested comments on the first agenda item.

1.0   When to change the NASIGWeb password

After a detailed discussion of possible options, the following was decided:

Chesler will ask Database & Directory to send a current list of NASIG members to the Electronic Communications Committee (ECC).  ECC will deactivate all non-renewing members, and then send the new username and password out over NASIG-L to the current NASIG members.  ECC will devise a password structure without any of the current naming convention guidelines.  Ginanni will ask ECC to put a “Forgot your password?” button on the NASIGWeb pages that are for members only and other pages where links to the NASIG Proceedings, the membership Directory and other restricted items are listed. The “Forgot your password?” button will be monitored by ECC. 

It was noted that the Technology RFP has sections in it dealing with the renewing and membership databases. Some of these issues may be solved by the new system, which will hopefully be in place by the end of 2007.  If there is a delay in the implementation of an integrated system, it was agreed that all non-renewing members will be purged next year before the ballot for the NASIG election is issued. 

2.0   Update on renewals

Chesler reported for the Database & Directory Committee that the current renewal count for NASIG members is 762. 

Maxwell reported that the Membership Development Committee had contacted non-renewing members in March to follow up on the reasons for non-renewal.  They had several suggestions for making the next renewal cycle easier and smoother for members.  Maxwell distributed their document to board members for review.

Simser asked if there was a good response to new memberships or renewals at the time of conference registrations.  Roth and Robischon will investigate.  Simser asked if membership numbers and conference statistics could be reported to the board list monthly.  Chesler and Novak agreed to forward that information monthly to the list.  Novak reported the current conference registration statistics.  As of this week, 231 people have registered for the conference (203 members and 28 non members).

3.0   Membership brochure

Maxwell reported that Morag Boyd from the Membership Development Committee has volunteered to update the membership brochure information.  It was noted that this project needs to move forward quickly, as we are completely out of English language brochures and they have been requested by a conference being held in May, 2007.  Maxwell will relay the time constraints to the committee. 

4.0   Technology RFP

Page reported that she has completed the final RFP and will be sending it to Simser for one last review for distribution to vendors by April 6, 2007.  She is sending out invitations to the committee members suggested at the January board meeting.  Responses will be due back to Page by April 27, 2007.  Page will put a copy of the final document in the Executive Board webspace after it goes out to vendors.  She will keep the board updated on progress with the review. 

4.0   New business

Novak reported that a NASIG member requested that program information on the conference be made available earlier next year.  It was agreed to add into the Conference Planning Committee Manual and the Program Planning Manual (if it is not already there), a statement to have preliminary information up on the website in December or January of each year. 

Anderson asked for comments on the Proceedings Manual.  It was noted that it had not been received by the board.  Anderson will resend and asked for any comments by April 6, 2007.  He noted that there needs to be additional action on the search for new Proceedings Editors for next year.  Ginanni recommended contacting the last five or six years of editors and ask for their recommendations of people that would be good candidates for this committee.  Anderson agreed and he will reissue the call for editors on NASIG-L.

Maxwell inquired about the need for committee annual reports in early May.  Simser noted that they were needed then for publication in the May edition of the NASIG Newsletter.

Anderson reported that the Awards & Recognition Committee would like to start a blog for NASIG Award winners to ask conference and NASIG related questions off of NASIG-L.  The board endorsed the idea and Maxwell suggested that they add past award winners as monitors of the blog, as well as current Awards & Recognition Committee members. 

Mentoring partners for incoming board members were decided:

Rose Robischon will mentor Peter Whiting
Kim Maxwell will mentor Jeff Slagell
Joyce Tenney will mentor Anna Creech
Jill Emery has been on the board before and will be working closely with the incoming President, Char Simser.

No additional informational items were noted.  Novak adjourned the meeting at 11:15 a.m. 


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