22:2 (2007:05) In Memoriam – Rose Robischon

May 3, 2007 at 1:58 pm | Posted in News, Treasurer | 7 Comments


Rose Robischon, NASIG’s treasurer, died May 2 following a valiant battle with cancer.  Rose was serials librarian at the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York.  She had served as treasurer since 2005.

Following an announcement on NASIG-L, several members posted messages expressing their shock and sadness.  Some of their comments are reproduced here with their permission:

This is shocking and very sad news.  I have known Rose for many years and always enjoyed speaking with her.  She was a great believer in NASIG and will be sorely missed.  If the board has not already considered this, I would like to suggest that the 2007 conference proceedings be dedicated to Rose. — Susan Davis, University at Buffalo

I am also saddened by this news and had the same thought as Susan regarding dedicating the conference proceedings to Rose. — Karen D. Darling, Univerity of Missouri-Columbia

I whole-heartedly support the proposal that NASIG commemorate Rose’s contributions by dedicating the conference proceedings to her.  Unfortunately, I was not able to know Rose long, but I hold close to my heart those too few moments I had to speak with her at past conferences.  She was a warm, caring individual whose fortitude and character strengthened not only NASIG but also the profession of serials librarianship. — Buddy Pennington, University of Missouri-Kansas City

As the incoming NASIG treasurer I am also saddened by this news.  She made a strong contribution to the organization. — Peter Whiting, University of Southern Indiana

Indeed, Rose was always great to talk with and very dedicated.  She carried out her treasurer duties for NASIG until the end. She got back to me in February with a receipt I needed and apologized about a delay because of hospital visits.–Kay Johnson, Radford University

Having had the honor of serving on the NASIG Board while Rose was the chair of the Database & Directory Committee, I can attest to her professionalism, dedication and love of NASIG.  She was simply one of those people one could turn to when something (usually a thankless job) HAD to get done and get done correctly and quickly. — Anne McKee, GWLA

Rose joined NASIG in 1986, and attended almost every conference, where she was a familiar sight.  She was dedicated to NASIG and an active member.  Before her election as treasurer in 2005, she served on the Program Planning Committee and the Database & Directory Committee, including a two year appointment as chair of D&D.

Members are invited to add comments to this posting with their memories of Rose.



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  1. I echo the thoughts and sentiments of others who have also known Rose since 1986. Her commitment, conscientiousness, and friendliness provided us with wonderful memories and experiences as we helped each other through NASIG leadership roles. She will be missed greatly.
    Connie Foster, Western Kentucky University

  2. The only though I can have is: “losing a librarian is a great loss for the humanity”
    see you soon Rose…

  3. Rose and her family raised dogs, and every year, they participated in some way at the Westminster Kennel Club dog show in NYC. A few years ago, she invited me to come see her “backstage,” and I am especially sorry now that I never took her up on this offer. We had been talking about our pets, and I think she sensed that we shared a love of animals. A common interest was enough for Rose to extend a generous invitation.

  4. Rose was always a joy to be with and was such a pleasure to work with. I am so very glad to know her. She will be missed terribly.

    I remember seeing this great picture of her from the 2006 conference in Denver. I thought that everyone would enjoy it. She’s there along with Katy G getting our work done with a smile.

  5. I spoke to Rose a week or so before she went back into the hospital. We were trying to resolve some member registration and conference issues. She sounded like the Rose I’ve come to know the last couple of years she has been on the board. She said she felt pretty good though tired so it was such a shock and so sad to hear how quickly she went downhill.

    Rose has been an active NASIGer as others have noted. Her work with us will not be forgotten.

  6. Rose was such an integral part of NASIG to me, I can’t imagine what the conference will be like without her there.

    She was a gracious and warm-hearted person. We logged many miles in the accessible shuttles during the NASIG campus days.

  7. I really missed seeing Rose at the conference. She was also so cheerful and we always joked a lot. I’m glad to learn the proceedings dedication will be in the 2006 volume to be released very soon.

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