22:2 (2007:05) Executive Board Minutes

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Joyce Tenney, NASIG Secretary 

Date, Time: January 18, 2007, 8:30 a.m.-4:35 p.m.    
Place: Seattle Public Library, Seattle, WA 

Denise Novak, President
Char Simser, Vice President/President-Elect
Mary Page, Past President
Joyce Tenney, Secretary 

Rick Anderson
Adam Chesler
Katy Ginanni
Kim Maxwell
Alison Roth
Bob Schatz 

Ex-Officio Member:
Kathryn Wesley, NASIG Newsletter, Editor-in-Chief 

Angel Clemons, Co-Chair, 2007 Conference Planning Committee
Rachel Frick, Co-Chair, 2007 Program Planning Committee
Sarah George, Co-Chair, 2007 Program Planning Committee
Tyler Goldberg, Co-Chair, 2007 Conference Planning Committee

1.0 Welcome (Novak)

Novak called the meeting to order at 8:30 a.m. and she welcomed everyone.  Novak reported that Robischon was unable to attend the meeting due to illness.  The board wished Robischon a speedy recovery.

2.0 Secretary’s Report (Tenney)

2.1 Approval of board actions since November meeting

Final revision of reimbursement policy posted (October 2006).
$150 approved for Proceedings Committee (November 2006).
Minutes of November Executive Board meeting approved (December 2006).

2.2 Action items from November meeting

The list of pending action items was reviewed and updated.

2.3 Board Items Status List

Tenney reminded board members to check the NASIG Working Calendar for timelines and needed committee actions.  Please send any updates or revisions to the Working Calendar to the NASIG Secretary.

3.0 Treasurer’s Report (Robischon)

3.1 Report

Robischon was unable to report due to illness.  Novak will send any updates she receives to the board after the meeting.

3.2 Georgia PO Box Novak reported on problems with the PO Box in Georgia.  After discussion it was agreed that the official PO Box for NASIG would be moved to New York, as NASIG is incorporated in New York.  Novak noted that the PO Box in Georgia would still be active until June 2007.

ACTION ITEM: Novak will contact a NASIG member in the state of New York to assist in finding a new PO Box location for NASIG.

There was general discussion as to the work load of the treasurer and the need for backup knowledge of the various functions.  It was agreed that the NASIG Vice President/President-Elect would become the back up for the Treasurer.

4.0 Technology RFP (Page)

Page distributed the revised RFP.  Board members were asked to read the RFP carefully and send comments to Page by January 26, 2007.  The following timeline was agreed upon by the board.

Final RFP would be distributed to vendors by 2/9/07.
Vendors should have questions back to NASIG by 3/1/07.
Responses to questions should be given by 3/15/07.
Review period will be 3/15/07-4/30/07; finalists may be asked to give a Web-based demo to the board during this time period.

Contract start date will be 7/1/07.

The following people were suggested as candidates for the RFP Review Committee:

Rick Anderson, Chair
Char Simser
Gary Coker
Buddy Pennington
Bob Persing, Consultant

Chesler volunteered to participate in review discussions as needed.

ACTION ITEM: Board members should review Technology RFP send any revisions to Page by 1/26/07

ACTION ITEM: Page will ask suggested candidates if they would be willing to serve on the RFP Review Committee (Ginanni will contact Gary Coker at EBSCO, who is not a NASIG member). Page will finalize the RFP for distribution by 2/9/07.

5.0 Committee Reports

5.1 Archivist (Tenney)

Tenney sent email to NASIG Archivist requesting all materials be inventoried and sent to NASIG Archives.  The archivist and archivist-in-training were requested to continue working on an Archivist Manual.

5.2 Awards & Recognition (Anderson)

All of the award documentation has been published and applications are starting to come in.  The Mexican Award process is moving forward and should be on schedule.

5.2.1 Corporate sponsorship of awards

Anderson reported that the Awards & Recognition Committee was interested in obtaining additional funding for awards.  The option of corporate sponsorship was proposed.  After a lengthy discussion, the board agreed to move forward with the idea of establishing an endowment for NASIG awards.  Schatz moved that the board should form a working group to outline the process and guidelines for soliciting contributions from individuals and organizations to support NASIG awards and scholarships.  Anderson seconded the motion.  It passed unanimously.

ACTION ITEM:  Novak will work with the Financial Development Committee to set up a working group to develop the process and guidelines for soliciting contributions from individuals and organizations to support NASIG awards and scholarships.

5.3 Bylaws (Ginanni)

A draft Bylaws ballot was presented and discussed.  Several revisions were suggested. Ginanni will relay those revisions to the Bylaws Committee. Chesler moved that the proposed Bylaws ballot be accepted as amended.  Page seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.

6.0  Program Planning (Frick, George, Simser)

The program is set and a call for posters will go out in early February.  Frick suggested a Hot Topic discussion for the conference on ILS vendor mergers and what impact that will have on the industry.

The proposed preconferences for the 2007 conference are as follows:

·         SCCTP Electronic Serials Cataloging Workshop – led by Steve Shadle (1 day)
·         Publishing 101 — The Basics of Academic Publishing – led by Zac Rolnik (half day)
·         Metadata Standards and Applications – sponsored by NASIG CEC, presented by Diane Hillmann, Cornell University and Sherry Vellucci, Rutgers University. (2 days)
·         SCCTP Integrating Resources – led by Joseph Hinger (2 days)

Ginanni moved to accept the proposed preconferences and Roth seconded. The motion passed unanimously.  Frick noted that the core conference will consist of 3 vision sessions, strategy sessions, tactics sessions, user group meetings, informal discussion groups and a poster session. The board commended Program Planning for an exciting schedule and all of the hard work that went into planning it.

7.0 Conference Planning (Goldberg, Clemons, Roth)

7.1 Schedule, Events Goldberg and Clemons reported on the schedule of activities for the conference.  The opening reception will be held at the Frazier Museum on Thursday evening and a band has been booked for that event.  An optional event will be a cruise on the Spirit of Jefferson; sign up will be on the conference registration Web site.  There will be an optional bourbon tasting event to raise money for the scholarship fund on Friday evening.

The Web site with conference information will go live soon.

7.2 Budget

The conference budget was approved.

7.3 Conference Fees

After discussion, Anderson moved that the following be accepted as conference fees for the 2007 NASIG Annual Conference.

Member ½ day              $50.00
Non Member ½ day      $75.00
Member 1 day               $100.00
Non Member 1 day         $150.00
Member 2 day               $150.00
Non Member 2 day         $200.00

General Conference Fees
Member Rate     $375.00
Non Member      $500.00

Daily Rate (1 day only allowed)

Guest price for Frazier Event       $60.00
Guest price for Cruise                 $60.00

Roth seconded the motion. It passed unanimously.

5.4 Continuing Education (Schatz)

The Continuing Education Committee worked with the Program Planning Committee to develop the “Metadata Standards and Applications” preconference.Schatz reported that they are working on a manual for committee operations.  He commended them for a productive year.

5.5 Database & Directory (Chesler)

The Database & Directory report noted the following: The renewal season was publicly announced on NASIG-L on November 15. The announcement indicated that the goldenrod forms would not be mailed out and provided complete instructions on how to renew online. The renewals for 2007 have lagged behind the renewals for 2006. The committee has come up with the following items that may explain the lower turnout compared to 2006:

  • The lateness of announcing on NASIG-L.  Traditionally, the goldenrod forms were mailed out in mid-September.  It is hoped that if the NASIG-L announcements are made around that time in 2007, more members will renew in time to be eligible for voting.
  • Announcing by NASIG-L list.  There is some speculation that a number of folks were not reading their emails, or that the NASIG-L emails were caught by spam filters.
  • We received a few indications that members were not comfortable paying online, leading us to believe that many were assuming that renewing online meant paying online. We need to make more explicit to members that they can pay by check and are not required to pay online.
  • The instructions may have made the process seem more complicated than it was.

A few ideas for communicating with the membership on the renewal process were discussed.            

Regular postings on NASIG-L, one each month
A reminder box in the Newsletter
Have a handout in the conference packet             
Have a reminder noted in each President’s Column in the Newsletter

ACTION ITEM: Chesler will ask Database & Directory to compile statistics on past years renewal trends, noting the peak times and numbers.  Novak will forward to the board any information she has from old treasurer reports. 

There was additional discussion on extending the deadline for renewal for inclusion in voting.  Schatz moved that the membership renewal deadline for inclusion in voting in the NASIG election be extended to close of business on January 26, 2007.  Roth seconded.  The motion passed unanimously. 

ACTION ITEM:  Chesler will notify Database & Directory of the extension of the renewal deadline and ask them to send an announcement to NASIG-L.

5.6  Electronic Communications (Ginanni)

The draft welcome message to NASIG-L was discussed.  It was agreed that there should be two messages.  One message will be just a general welcome to NASIG and the second message would include the technical information for NASIG-L and the NASIG website.

ACTION ITEM: Chesler and Ginanni will work with their committees to have these two messages developed.  The general welcome message will be given to Membership Development for comment.

Ginanni noted that the committee had concerns over the board decision to expand the type of messages posted to NASIG-L.  They did not want to be responsible for determining what was appropriate for the list. They also felt that duplication of messages that appear on the other lists might be resented by the membership. The board agreed to revert to the former restrictions on NASIG-L posting with the exception that board members may ask for general serials announcements to be posted.  If the committee receives this type of message from a board member, they will post it. If it comes from another source and they have any questions, they should send it to their board liaison for review.

ACTION ITEM:  Ginanni will report to the Electronic Communications Committee that the focus of NASIG-L will revert to announcements and discussions of specific organizational business.

ACTION ITEM:  After the renewal deadline has passed and Database & Directory has de-activated non-renewing members, Buddy Pennington will notify the Electronic Communications Committee, who will then change the username and password for the NASIG Web site, and the Electronic Communications Committee will make an announcement to all active members.

5.7 Evaluation & Assessment (Chesler)

Chesler reported that there were 302 completed evaluations and that 192 were in paper format. The board discussed ways to encourage the use of online evaluations. One idea that might be possible for the 2007 conference is to have a drawing for a prize for those that complete online evaluations. The form should be altered to include a spot for names, if you wish to be included in the drawing. ACTION ITEM: Chesler will have a line added to the online evaluation form to include name and email address. He will ask Evaluation & Assessment to investigate the procedures for doing a drawing after the 2007 conference for those using the online evaluation form.
Also, a plan for the publicity before, during and after the conference should be included in the procedures.

Chesler noted that the committee suggested abolishing the paper evaluation form. After discussion, it was decided to keep the paper forms for the 2007 conference and possibly abolish them for the 2008 conference. 5.8  Financial Development (Novak)

Novak reported that there had been no report from the committee. She will speak with the chair to find a way to move the committee forward.

ACTION ITEM: Novak will contact the chair of Financial Development Committee.

Page noted that some members had expressed an interest in donating to a specific fund, i.e. scholarships, etc., on the donation box on the membership renewal. She asked if there was a way to do this. Novak noted that the treasurer and Financial Development Committee would have to work on this issue.

5.9 Library School Outreach (Maxwell)

No report from that committee.

5.10  Membership Development (Maxwell)

No updates from that committee. Maxwell will discuss specific deadlines for some of the actions proposed in the fall.

5.11  Newsletter (Wesley)

Wesley reported that the “Newsflash” for NASIG-L seems to be working well. She noted that an article on the Program Planning Committee is in process and should be in the March issue. Also, the group profile for March will be Conference Planning Committee. Wesley suggested posting individual articles to the blog, as they are finished, and then hold the PDF until the entire issue is complete. The board endorsed this suggestion. She noted that members are not making comments on the blog, so she will send a message to NASIG-L encouraging members to comment.

5.12  Nominations & Elections (Page)

The slate of candidates was announced by Nominations & Elections prior to the meeting. The slate is:

Vice President/President-Elect:  Meg Mering
Treasurer:  David Bynog, Peter Whiting
Member-at-Large:  Carol Ann Borchert, Abigail Bordeaux, Anna Creech, Sandra Hurd, Kim Maxwell, Jeff Slagell, Sarah Sutton

Page reported on the difficulty in getting members to stand for election for Vice President/President-Elect. The board discussed why this is such a problem and possible solutions. It was decided that this should be the topic of the brainstorming session at the annual conference this year. A possible partial solution would be to find a way to get clerical assistance for the president. It is a large commitment to ask of a volunteer. It was suggested that October Ivins might have some information on association management organizations that offer these services.

ACTION ITEM: The brainstorming topic at the annual conference this year will be a discussion of why members do not want to run for Vice President/President-Elect and ways to encourage members to stand for election.

Page noted that the Nominations & Elections Committee had concerns about when in the review cycle references were contacted. They would like to change the procedures.

The board agreed with this change.

Wesley noted that she would make the needed changes to the Nominations & Elections procedures.

5.13  Proceedings (Anderson)

Anderson reported that Haworth Press had sent the PDF of the 2005 Proceedings and the committee was waiting for the 2006 to edit. He noted that the Proceedings Manual needed updating and we need to find editors for the 2007 Proceedings.

ACTION ITEM:  Anderson will ask Gary Ives to stay on for another term as Proceedings editor.  Anderson will work with the Proceedings editors to get a call for editors out to the membership as soon as possible. The current editors and the board liaison for the Proceedings Committee will review the applications.

5.13.1 RFP for Proceedings Publisher

No action since November board meeting. Page will have a draft ready by the May meeting.

ACTION ITEM: Tenney will contact Haworth Press to obtain the one year revised contract for Novak’s signature.

5.14 Publications and PR (Page)

The committee is looking for ideas for new NASIG Guides. Also, they are working on updating the NASIG Human Resources Directory. They hope to have a plan and a schedule for this project by the May meeting.

5.15 Publicist (Page)

Page reported that she had worked with Sarah Sutton on a mailing list for the awards announcements.

5.16 Site Selection (Novak, Simser, Tenney)

Simser reported that the contract for 2008 conference signed with Tapatio Cliffs, Phoenix, AZ. Room Rate will be $125 per night plus tax. http://www.pointehilton.com/indextc.cfm.
The dates for the conference are June 3-8, 2008.

Bids for 2009 conference are being received and we are reviewing and doing site inspections. There was an in-depth discussion as to the requirements for a viable conference location and the process for selection. It was agreed that there should be a survey of the membership to determine the room rates, locations and areas that would be acceptable.

ACTION ITEM: Site Selection will gather additional bids and present a short list to the board for the 2009 conference location.

ACTION ITEM: Ginanni will ask the Electronic Communications Committee to work with the Site Selection Committee to develop an online survey for the membership on site selection issues.

8.0 Old/New Business

Ginanni reported on the investigation of Anna Creech on Moodle and Confab for posting conference handouts. Creech’s recommendation was to take a closer look at Moodle.

ACTION ITEM: Gianni will ask the Electronic Communications Committee to look at any costs involved in the services and see if there is time and interest in developing it for the 2007 conference.

Simser reported that she is starting the process of committee appointments for 2007/2008. She will be notifying committee chairs and board liaisons for recommendations. The call for volunteers went out in the December Newsletter and will go out again in March. A call will also be posted to NASIG-L after ALA Midwinter.

Novak ask for any additional items. None were reported. The meeting was adjourned at 4:35 p.m.

Approved 3/5/07


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