22:1 (2007:03) Committee Update: N&E

February 22, 2007 at 6:20 pm | Posted in Elections, Nominations & Elections | Leave a comment

[Ed. note: Excerpted from the January committee report to the Executive Board]

David Burke, Chair

Through 30 submitted nomination forms, the Committee received 16 nominations for Vice-President/President (8 different people), 9 nominations for Treasurer (8 different people), and 54 nominations for Member-at-Large (35 different people).  All are active NASIG members.  Following an intra-committee conference call on September 11, each member of the Committee called six to seven nominees for permission to forward their names through the nominee-review process.  Unfortunately, only 14 Member-at-Large nominees, 1 Treasurer nominee, and none for Vice-President/President opted to continue.  The Committee has contacted 10 other NASIG members to broaden the pool and will contact others.  So far, this new pool has yielded 1 additional Member-at-Large prospect, 2 additional Treasurer prospects, and 1 Vice-President/President prospect.  Some of these nominees removed themselves prior to the deadline for submitting a completed profile form.  Unfortunately, despite calling several other experienced NASIG members, no additional Vice-President/President nominees agreed to pursue the position.

A second intra-committee conference call was held on December 7 to choose the most appropriate candidates for the ballot (after overcoming some technical difficulties with Netspoke).   The Committee then contacted those candidates’ references; no information emerged to eliminate any of the names previously selected.  So the Committee will announce this ballot on January 15, along with a call for petition candidates:

Vice President/President Elect:
Meg Mering Treasurer:
David Bynog, Peter WhitingMember-at-Large:
Carol Ann Borchert, Abigail Bordeaux, Anna Creech, Sandra Hurd, Kim Maxwell, Jeff Slagell, Sarah Sutton 

Petitions are due February 1, with the final ballot then announced to the membership.  Ballots will be sent out on February 15 with a March 15 deadline for completion.  Ballots will be counted and the winners announced immediately afterward.   


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