22:1 (2007:03) Committee Update: D&D

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[Ed. note: Excerpted from the January committee report to the Executive Board]

Buddy Pennington, Chair 


2007 Renewals
The renewal season was publicly announced on NASIG-L on November 15th.  The announcement indicated that the goldenrod forms would not be mailed out and provided complete instructions on how to renew online.   

The renewals for 2007 have lagged behind the renewals for 2006.  The committee has come up with the following items that may explain the lower turnout compared to 2006: 

  • The lateness of announcing on NASIG-L.  Traditionally, the goldenrod forms were mailed out in mid- September.  It is hoped that if the NASIG-L announcements are made around that time in 2007, more members will renew in time to be eligible for voting. 
  • Announcing by NASIG-L list.  There is some speculation that a number of folks were not reading their emails.
  • We received a few indications that members were not comfortable paying online, leading us to believe that many were assuming that renewing online meant paying online. We need to make more explicit that members can pay by check and do not need to pay online.
  • The instructions may have made the process seem more complicated than it was.  

Ideas for next year include the following: 

·         Promote membership renewals throughout the year, not simply during the fall.
·         Prominently display renewal reminders on NASIG page and conference page.
·         Offer a discount to those who renew by a certain date.
·         Ask for feedback via NASIG-L and/or the annual conference of the process and how to make it easier. 


·         1119 current members:

o        135 new members in 2006 (not yet renewed for 2007).
o        415 renewed members in 2006 (not yet renewed for 2007).
o        43 new members for 2007.
o        516 renewed members for 2007.
o        7 complimentary or gratis members.
o        1 corresponding member. 


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