22:1 (2007:03) Executive Board Minutes

February 13, 2007 at 3:48 pm | Posted in Executive Board | 4 Comments

Joyce Tenney, NASIG Secretary 

Date, Time: November 4, 2006, 8:15 a.m.-4:50 p.m.
Place: Galt House Hotel, Louisville, KY 


Denise Novak, President
Char Simser, Vice President/President Elect
Mary Page, Past President
Rose Robischon, Treasurer
Joyce Tenney, Secretary 


Rick Anderson
Adam Chesler
Katy Ginanni
Kim Maxwell
Alison Roth
Bob Schatz 

Ex-Officio Member: 

Kathryn Wesley, NASIG Newsletter, Editor-in-Chief 


Angel Clemons, Co-Chair, 2007 Conference Planning Committee
Rachel Frick, Co-Chair, 2007 Program Planning Committee
Sarah George, Co-Chair, 2007 Program Planning Committee
Tyler Goldberg, Co-Chair, 2007 Conference Planning Committee
Neal Nixon, 2007 Conference Planning Committee Member 

1.0   Welcome (Novak) 

Novak welcomed board members and guests.  She noted that board members should have read all reports before the start of the meeting, and only those reports requiring action will be discussed. 

2.0   Secretary’s Report (Tenney) 

2.1   Board Actions taken since the May, 2006 Board meeting 

7/16/06   2007 Conference logo was accepted.
9/15/06   Consensus reached to have a post conference Board meeting to review the conference. CPC will be asked to reserve a room for this meeting in the conference hotel.
9/27/06   PPC Speaker Memorandum of Understanding was accepted.
10/10/06 Robischon moved to accept the recommendation of the Site Selection Committee. Schatz seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously. 

2.2   Review and discussion of the Action Items still pending  Tenney reminded all Board members to review the Working Calendar monthly and notify her if there are any corrections or revisions. 

3.0   Treasurer’s Report  (Robischon) 

3.1   Report from treasurer Robischon reported the following items:  NASIG is in good financial standing.  Total assets for NASIG are $298,255.89.  The Financial Development Committee is working on the plan to build the contingency fund.  Their report will be presented at the January board meeting.
Income from Haworth Press for the NASIG Proceedings has been received.
NASIG accountant is working on the tax filing for NASIG.
Bill from BeeNet was received and there was an increase this year for the VeriSign portion of the contract.
Kentucky sales tax waiver has been received and covers meals, lodging and materials.
Robischon will be out of the office November 20-January 2.  Any requests for reimbursements after November 17th should be sent to the NASIG P.O. box until Robischon returns in January. 

3.2   2006 budget and expenditures to date 

2006 actual expenditures are lower than expected to date.  

3.3   2006 Conference Report 

Final profit from the 2006 conference was $62,391.46.  Thanks to all who worked to make the conference a success.  

3.4   2007 budget requests from all committees have been received.   Robischon presented the proposed budget for 2007. The 2007 budget was unanimously passed after the Awards & Recognition report was discussed.  Schatz requested a spreadsheet detailing the 2006 Proposed Budget, 2006 Actual Expenditures and 2007 Proposed Budget for each committee.  Robischon agreed to supply that information for the January board meeting. 
Robischon requested that liaisons ask committee chairs to add the committee name to the conference calls as they are set up so she will know which committee to charge for which calls.  At Maxwell’s request, she will provide the field name to Board members in a later email.
Robischon reported that the trial of the Web conferencing went well. 
Robischon noted that over one half of the postcards sent out to announce the conference came back undeliverable.  It was agreed that postcards would not be sent this year.  Maxwell suggested that question be added to the 2007 conference registration form to ask how registrants found out about the conference.  This will allow for more structured conference PR in the future. 
ACTION:  Robischon will prepare spreadsheet with 2006 and 2007 information for January board meeting.  Robischon will send an email to board members noting the field to input the committee to be charged for conference calls.   

ACTION: Roth will notify CPC that a line should be added to the conference registration form to capture information on where registrants heard about the conference. 

4.0   Technology RFP (Page) 

Page presented the draft of the Technology  RFP for discussion.  The committee that prepared the draft RFP was Anna Creech, Step Schmitt, Budding Pennington, Dalene Hawthorne, and Mary Page.  It was agreed that whenever possible in the document to ask for examples and references of current work that is similar to requested service.  After extensive discussion, it was agreed that the committee would do a rewrite and bring it back to the January board meeting.   

There was discussion about the preservation of our electronic archives and how to deal with issues arising from this.  While some of this may be covered in the RFP it may require additional study from the archivist. 

Page requested a discussion of how to review and respond to the replies to the RFP once it has been issued.  It was agreed that the board, with input from others, would evaluate the responses. The target date to have responses in will be early March 2007.  Page asked that board members send her names of companies that would like to receive the RFP.  Maxwell suggested looking at the Association For Associations (ASAE).  Maxwell will investigate the services and possible benefits of membership for NASIG.   Chesler suggested that hosting companies such as Ingenta and MetaPress might be interested in receiving the RFP.  Ginanni agreed to check with MetaPress. 

ACTION:  Page will bring a redraft of the Technology RFP to the January board meeting.  Maxwell will investigate the ASAE. Ginanni will find out if MetaPress has in interest in receiving the Technology RFP. 

5.0   Conference Planning (Goldberg, Clemons, Nixon, Roth) 

Goldberg explained the layout of the meeting rooms in the Galt House for the conference and distributed a schematic map of the meeting area.  Special events for the conference include the opening night event at theFrazier International History Museum, which is about four blocks from the hotel. Weather permitting, NASIG attendees will have access to the rooftop garden for this event.  There are two tours possible for Thursday afternoon and two for Sunday afternoon. A dinner cruise will be an optional dine-around for Saturday evening that will accommodate the first 150 people who register for this event.   Both Friday and Saturday evenings will have dine-arounds and other Louisville happenings.  The open mic event will be on Saturday from 4-6pm and Ginanni will be the emcee.  New t-shirts and souvenirs will not be purchased this year, as sales have dropped off in past years.  

It was agreed to discontinue the box lunches on Sunday at the close of the conference due to the increased cost of box lunches.  The Board thanked CPC for all of their hard work.   

6.0   Program Planning (Frick, George, Simser) 

6.1   Schedule 

The conference schedule was reviewed. 

6.2   Program 

Frick reported that PPC was excited to announce the following speakers for vision sessions had been confirmed: Bob Stein, Daniel Chudnov, and Karen Schneider.  She discussed the proposed slate of strategy and tactics speakers.  It was agreed that the proposed program looks exciting with a good mix of programs and speakers.  PPC made a few adjustments to the schedule.  In response to conference evaluation comments they tried to avoid scheduling any meetings during breakfast.  Also, they provided additional times for networking through informal discussion groups and user group meetings.  The brainstorming session is proposed for Saturday afternoon.  The board thanked PPC for an excellent proposed program.   

7.0   Conference Evaluation Summary

Anderson noted that a possible future project would be to compile the last five years of conference evaluations to do a comparison of comments and trends.   There was a discussion of email access and how to deal with this issue in a cost effective manner.  

ACTION: Chesler will ask E&A to include a question on the conference evaluation form to gather information on how many attendees bring their own laptop. 

ACTION: Roth will ask CPC to get a quote on the cost of providing a small internet access room with 6-8 laptops for attendee use during the conference. 

ACTION: Simser will ask PPC to obtain information from the speakers on the internet access needed for the conference as soon as possible and have PPC communicate that to CPC.  

8.0   Committee Reports 

8.1   Archivist (Tenney) 

The archivist and archivist-in-training are working on an archives manual.  The archivist-in-training position should be institutionalized in the manual and that position should start assuming duties under the archivist during the last year of the archivist’s term to provide for a smooth transition. 

8.2   Awards & Recognition (Anderson) 

8.2.1    A&R requested that the description of NASIG in various Awards documents be broadened to more accurately reflect the full scope of NASIG’s mission.  Maxwell noted that the language in those documents is taken from other NASIG documents, and that editing should take place at the source document level. The Membership Development Committee was charged by the Board to work on those documents, so Anderson and Maxwell will coordinate cooperation between the two committees on this project. 

ACTION: Anderson and Maxwell will have their committees jointly develop a proposal for new language to define NASIG. 

The board agreed with A&R to change the professional experience requirement for the Tuttle award from five to three years to help increase the number of applicants for this award.  The board agreed to have a question added to the award application forms asking where the applicant heard about the award, in order to improve award promotion in the future.  A&R requested wording changes in the Fritz Schwartz Scholarship Award and the Student Grant Awards.  Anderson will work with A&R to refine wording. 

ACTION: Anderson will send the revisions to the board for review. 

8.2.2    A&R recommended that NASIG solicit corporate sponsorship of the Student Grant Awards, the Horizon Award or the Serials Specialist Award.  After discussion it was agreed that this issue would be revisited at the January board meeting.  

ACTION: Anderson will submit this item for discussion at the January board meeting.  Tenney will review past minutes for discussions and comments on corporate sponsorship and report to the board before the January board meeting. 

A&R proposed adding additional Student Grant Awards for this year.  Tenney moved to accept proposal and Robischon seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.  Ginanni moved to accept the 2007 NASIG Budget as proposed and Schatz seconded the motion.  It passed unanimously. 

8.3 Bylaws (Ginanni) 

8.3.1 Recommended revisions to Bylaws 

The Bylaws committee is continuing its ongoing review of the Bylaws per the Executive Board’s request.  Several proposed changes were discussed.  Additional information will be supplied at the January meeting and discussion will continue. 

8.4 Continuing Education (Schatz) 

8.4.1 Continue online education development 

Schatz reviewed the proposals for continuing education programs investigated by CEC, and the activities of the committee this year.  CEC inquired about the possibility of online continuing education programs.  Page will add an online education component to the Technology RFP, if appropriate after the redraft of the Technology RFP.    

8.5 Database & Directory (Chesler) 

D&D will be working with the online renewal process for the upcoming renewal cycle. Novak inquired about the testing of the online conference registration system.  Chesler will confirm status and report back. 

ACTION: Chesler will confirm status of testing for online conference registration and report back to the Board. D&D reported that we currently have 1,094 members. 

8.6 Electronic Communications Committee (Ginanni) 

8.6.1 ECC noted concern: “Conference handouts should remain in the members only section as a benefit of membership.  However, if someone paid to attend the conference, handouts should be included, whether the presenter made them available in paper or electronically.  We need to figure out a way to make them available to folks who registered for the conference.” 

The board discussed this concern in depth with many possible solutions.  It was decided that Page would see if anything could be added to the Technology RFP to deal with this issue.  It was agreed that a three month time limit after the conference could be given to nonmembers attending the conference to download any handouts posted on the site. 

PPC should remind speakers that they can bring their own handouts to the meeting, if they don’t get them submitted in time for copying before the conference.  Also, speakers should be aware that CPC will not be able to provide a copying service at the conference. 

8.7 Evaluation & Assessment (Chesler) 

8.7.1 Clarification needed on who receives what part of the conference evaluation.  There was a discussion of past documentation that was received with the evaluation distribution.  

ACTION: Novak and Page will find and revise past documentation on the distribution of conference evaluations and send to Chesler for inclusion in the committee manual. 

Chesler noted that to make online conference evaluations work we need computers available at the conference.  Paper evaluations will be included in this year’s conference packet. We will continue to have online evaluations. 

8.8 Financial Development (Novak) 

Novak reported that the Financial Development Committee will have a report for the January Board meeting. 

8.9 Library School Outreach Task Force (Maxwell) 

Response toLibrary School Ambassadors Pilot Project 

After a review of the detailed proposal submitted by the task force, the Board approved the pilot project described in the report.   Also, the Board approved limiting the pilot project to the current membership of the task force.  This group will work with the NASIG Publicist to get the message out about the program. Chesler noted that the committee should get the message to vendors and agents, etc. in the PR stage of the project.   The task force was thanked for their detailed work on this topic. 

8.10 Membership Development Committee (Maxwell) 

The committee submitted a detailed report and several proposals.  There was general discussion of the report, statistics included in the report and the proposals.  There was concern expressed over the drop in membership numbers of service providers.            

8.10.1 Conference Registration Fees 

The committee recommended that the conference registration fee for non- members be more expensive than the cost of conference registration plus the membership fee.  It was noted that this was done last year and should be done again this year. 

8.10.2 Exhibits for 2008 

The committee reported that based on an informal survey of publishers, a major reason that commercial staff do not attend NASIG conferences is the lack of exhibits.  Therefore, the committee recommended a very limited pre-conference vendor showcase.  There was a great deal of discussion on the pros and cons of this idea.  Several ideas were offered in place of exhibits.  It was suggested that we could have an evening reception sponsored by publishers and vendors with plenty of time for discussion and networking at this event. 

Also, it was suggested that outreach could be done to vendors and publishers to show them the current conference programming that would benefit them.  The final suggestion was to include a question in the proposed survey to get quantifiable numbers on the interest of vendors and publishers in attending a limited showcase session, as suggested by the committee. 

8.10.3 Permission to do survey 

The committee suggested surveying current NASIG content/service provider members to determine how to attract more commercial members.  The board approved this request and suggested the following questions for the survey: 

“What would it take to get your boss to become a member of NASIG?”, “Why are you a member of NASIG and why do you attend the conference?  What would make others in your industry attend?” 

The committee was commended for their thoughtful and detailed work. 

8.11 Newsletter (Wesley) 

Wesley discussed the work of the Newsletter staff and the transition to the blog version.  She thanked committees for submitting more articles.  Wesley encouraged all to continue to submit serials related articles. 

8.12 Nominations & Elections (Page) 

Nominations & Elections has been processing nominations to get the final slate for the ballot.  A large number of people declined to stand for election this year.  However, a good pool should be remaining for the ballot. There was discussion of the printing of the ballots and Novak volunteered to contact the printer used in past years to get a quote on the printing and processing of the ballot mailing. It was agreed that only the ballot will be mailed to all NASIG members with the URL of the candidates’ statements.  This will save money in printing and processing. 

ACTION: Novak will contact printer to get cost estimates on ballot printing.    

8.12.1 NASIG Nominations & Elections Procedure DRAFT (Novak) 

Novak appointed a task force to draft a document that details the work and operations of the Nominations & Elections Committee. This document will be posted on the NASIG website.  The current N&E Chair and two past chairs of N&E drafted the document.  The draft was discussed in depth and revisions and clarifications were suggested.  Wesley will take comments back to the committee and submit a revised draft to the board. 

ACTION: Wesley will send revised document to the board for review. 

8.13 Proceedings (Anderson) 

The Proceedings editors are in the final stages of completing the 2006 NASIG Proceedings. Work is just about complete and they are on schedule.  The monograph copy of the 2005 NASIG Conference Proceedings has been published and information was submitted to the NASIG Newsletter.   

8.13.1 Haworth Contract (Novak) 

Novak reported that she is working with Haworth Press to renew our contract for one year.  It should be completed soon. 

8.13.2 RFP for Proceedings Publisher (Page) 

Page provided a draft RFP for Conference Proceedings prepared by the Publications and Public Relations Committee. It was discussed in detail with special note made to request samples of comparable work and references.  Page noted that she would revise the draft and have the final draft ready for the January board meeting.  She asked that any comments be sent to her.  Page and her committee were thanked for their work on this project. 

ACTION: Page will have a revised draft ready for review by the January board meeting.   

8.14 Publications and Public Relations (Page) 

Page reported that the committee had started to work on the following issues:

Establish and maintain guidelines for publications, specifically HTML and PDF specifications.
Identify publication topics for NASIGuides and other publications.
Develop a review schedule for the NASIGuides and other publications hosted on the web site.
Possibly expand the scope of NASIG-L.
Review and update the NASIG Human Resources pages.
The committee will continue its work and report back at the January board meeting.
Maxwell noted that the Library School Outreach Task Force was very interested in the NASIGuides. She encouraged the Publications and PR Committee to touch base with the task force.  It was suggested that a way to expand the scope of NASIG-L would be to send out newsflashes from the NASIG Newsletter. 

ACTION: Wesley, as the Newsletter Editor, will pick two or three interesting tid-bits from the Newsletter and push them out to the membership on NASIG-L. 

8.15 Publicist (Page) 

Page noted that the Call for Papers for the 2007 conference had been sent out to professional and library related listservs and about 30 library schools. She noted that in keeping with the board’s request to open NASIG-L to news that could be of interest to our members, she has started posting message on NASIG-L that fall within this area. Page noted that BeeNet is painfully slow. 

8.16    Site Selection (Novak, Simser, Tenney) 

There was a discussion of the negotiations with the hotels in the selected city of Phoenix, Arizona. The committee will continue working with the hotels to get a favorable contract for the 2008 conference. 

9.0   Unfinished Business 

9.1   Online Registration Team (Novak) 

Novak reported that the Online Registration Team had been appointed for the 2007 conference year.  David Bynog and Cecilia Genereux will co-chair.   

9.2   Midwinter Board Meeting (Novak) 

Novak informed board members that the Midwinter Executive Board meeting will be at the Seattle Public Library on January 18, 2007. 

9.3   Manuals (Simser) 

Ask all committees to make their manuals accessible on the Web by June, 2007. Include specific section in the manual which addresses the skill set needed to accomplish the work of the committee.  Simser will send more detail to the board members concerning this.  She noted that many committees do not have their manuals posted. 

Novak asked for any additional business. None was suggested. 

The meeting was adjourned at 4:50pm. 

Respectfully Submitted, Joyce Tenney, NASIG Secretary 
(approved 12/6/06)  



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  1. I’m pleased to see that the number of Student Conference Grant awards is being increased for 2007, especially in light of the $62K+ profit on the 2006 conference.

  2. Dear NASIG Members:

    Thanks so much to all of you for the comments you sent regarding the 2008 conference site. It’s wonderful to know that you’re reading NASIG-L announcements and interested in the annual conference locations. The Site Selection committee welcomes all comments at

    site-select@nasig.org. We love to hear your suggestions and comments and we take them very seriously.

    The room rate is the NUMBER one consideration when we evaluate possible conference sites. Approximately 50 different bids for the 2008 conference were reviewed and many were discarded due to high room rates. We are very aware of the limited budgets NASIG members have to work with when attending a conference and we try very hard to find sites that are:





    We work with professional meeting planning organizations to identify and select viable sites.

    We welcome suggestions from NASIG members. Conference evaluations are carefully read and we take note of any future conference site locations that are suggested on the evaluations. We have tried very hard to keep conference fees the same for NASIG members from year to year, so the concessions offered by hotels on food/beverage and AV play an important consideration in our deliberations. You might be interested to know that the meeting rooms used in the hotels are given to us gratis because of the budgeted allocation for meals and receptions.

    Resorts have been suggested for several years and this location offered an opportunity to try it. The room rate for the 2008 conference will be


    The resort has waived the daily resort fee as one of the concessions. If you have a roommate (and the rooms are quite spacious) then the cost per night will be $63 plus tax per night. This is a Hilton Hotel/Resort, so as noted in one the emails it will be a registration process just like a regular Hilton Hotel.

    The actual Thursday through Sunday portion of the conference will be June 5-8, 2008 with possible pre-conferences on June 4th and 5th. Make sure you mark your calendars!

    Site Selection is a complicated, time consuming process and we are always on the look out for possible conference sites. We look for hotels that can host the entire conference so we don’t have to pay the fees for a convention center. Fees for convention centers can get quite expensive, whereas hotels will waive meeting room fees if we meet our sleeping room and food/beverage commitments.

    The Site Selection Committee hopes to work with the Electronic Communications Committee this spring to get an online survey out to the membership on site selection and preferences in locations throughout the country, costs of rooms and other issues. So, keep reading your NASIG-L announcements and respond to the survey when it appears. We need and want your input!! Thanks!

    The Site Selection Committee,

    Denise Novak, Char Simser, Joyce Tenney

  3. Can you please tell me what the Conference registration rate for members will be for 2008?

  4. Laurie, this response from NASIG’s secretary: “We hope to keep the conference registration fee the same as the last few years, however we will not have all of the final budget information on the conference until the end of January 2008. Final conference registration fees will be posted at that time.” – Editor

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