21:4 (2006:12) Committee Updates: ECC

November 28, 2006 at 5:54 pm | Posted in Electronic Communications | Leave a comment

[Ed. note: Highlights from a report submitted for the fall Executive Board meeting.]

Anna Creech and Dalene Hawthorne, Co-Chairs 

List manager Dalene Hawthorne is revising the policy for postings to NASIG-L.  The revision comes in response to the Executive Board’s request to broaden the scope of the list, which has historically included only information directly related to NASIG.  The board wants to allow postings of potential interest to members, such as announcements of serials-related events outside of NASIG. 

In response to a question from ECC on non-committee members and committee lists, the board confirmed that only committee members should be included on committee listservs.  Non-committee members who need to communicate with a committee should do so through committee chairs. 

The committee worked with NASIG’s ISP Bee.net to provide access to online conference handouts posted in the members-only area of NASIGWeb to non-members who attended the conference.  The board will decide on a policy for next year’s conference handouts. 

At the request of President Denise Novak and Vice President Char Simser, ECC members Abigail Bordeaux and Anna Creech inventoried and weeded files from NASIGWeb’s root directory.  Paper copies of weeded files were sent to the Archivist. 

ECC reported that since the beginning of May, NASIGWeb has received a total of 1,092,003 hits averaging 7,137 per day. 


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