21:4 (2006:12) Executive Board Minutes

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Joyce Tenney, NASIG Secretary 

Date:  August 22, 2006, 10am-11:30am
Place: Conference Call 

Denise Novak, President
Char Simser, Vice President/President-Elect
Mary Page, Past President
Rose Robischon, Treasurer
Joyce Tenney, Secretary 

Rick Anderson
Adam Chesler
Katy Ginanni
Kim Maxwell (joined meeting at 11:19am)
Alison Roth
Bob Schatz 

Ex-Officio member:
Kathryn Wesley (joined meeting at 10:44am) 

Novak called the telephone conference to order at 10:02am.  She welcomed everyone to the meeting and asked for any additions to the agenda. Novak reported that Maxwell would join the group soon. 

1.0   Update on action items (Tenney) 

Tenney asked for any updates to the Executive Board Action Items from May 2006.  Novak noted that the first Action Item was in process.  A report will be given later in the meeting on the status of the Netspoke web conferencing.  She noted that the second item was completed.  PPC was notified in May.  Ginanni reported that the fifth item was completed.  Tenney noted that the sixth item was completed.  Please report any updates to the secretary as they occur. 

2.0   Treasurer’s update (Robischon) 

Robischon reported that we are in good financial standing.  The annual conference had a profit of $53,000.  There is still one speaker payment outstanding, but the figures are complete enough to call it a success.  Chesler inquired how this compared to past years and Robischon reported that the last two conferences had a profit of approximately $30,000 each.   

3.0    Quick updates on committee work 

3.1  Archives (Tenney) 

Tenney reported that Sheryl Williams had been appointed archivist-in-training.  She is working with the current NASIG Archivist to produce a NASIG Archives Manual.  Ginanni suggested that upon completion of the manual, a Newsletter article on the archives would be a good idea.  Tenney will relay that to the committee. 

3.2  Awards & Recognition (Anderson)

Anderson reported that A & R is hard at work.  Alan Diehlman had been appointed to serve as the Mexico Student Grant Coordinator for the committee, as Tony Harvell was unable to complete is term.  Written procedures for the Mexico Student Grant process are being developed. The committee members are updating library school lists and contact information.  Statistics on the number of applicants for awards and other items have been complied by the committee. 

Anderson noted that there has been a drop in the number of applications for the Marcia Tuttle Award and the Fritz Schwartz Award.  He reported that the committee is interested in raising awareness of these awards.  They are also discussing possible fund raising scenarios.  Novak asked that they include Savage from the Financial Development Committee in any planning.   

3.3  Continuing Education Committee (Schatz) 

Schatz reported that a call for ideas had been issued and there was lots of energy on the committee.  He noted that it was too early in the year to determine if they would need additional ideas.  In July CEC hosted an  EJournal/EResource program and in September they would be hosting an SCCTP program.  3.4  Evaluation & Assessment (Chesler) 

Chesler noted that the committee had completed the processing of evaluations of the 2006 conference and had distributed them.  He reported that there is some ambiguity in the documentation regarding the distribution of the report.  E&A will look at revising the manual to avoid future confusion.  He will give an update at the November meeting. 

3.5  Bylaws (Ginanni) 

Ginanni reported that the co-chairs of the committee were leading the discussions of the review of the bylaws.  They will encourage each of the committee members to contribute in the review process. They have not encountered many needed revisions yet.  Page noted that in order to go to online voting there may be some changes needed in the bylaws.  Ginanni has reported this to the committee and they are looking at that issue. 

3.6  Database & Directory (Chesler) 

Chesler reported that one of the co-chairs, Buddy Pennington, is a new dad and is taking a little time off from the committee, but all is going smoothly.  There was one resignation from the committee, and Greg Matthews from Washington State University was appointed to fill the vacancy.  Chesler reported that D&D was having some problems running reports, but were working with the Electronic Communications Committee to get the issues resolved.  D&D also reported that there were some dead links on the NASIG Committee section of the NASIG website.  Chesler will find out where the problematic links are and report back. 

3.7  Financial Development Committee (Novak) 

Novak reported that Savage has almost completed the document detailing how the various accounts to follow the Financial Plan would be set up.  He will be in touch with Robischon. 

3.8  Library School Outreach Task Force and Mentoring Task Force (Maxwell) 

Novak reported for Maxwell that the committees would be reporting in September. The committees have been fairly inactive this summer due to vacations.   

Maxwell reported the following after the conference call.
The Library School Outreach Task Force is reviewing the comments from the Board on their April 2006 report.  They’ve been retooling their recommendations for a Library School Ambassador Program, and hope to have a report out for comment well before the November Board meeting.  Their final report will be given to the Board no later than October 27, 2006. 

3.9  Membership Development Committee (Maxwell)

The Membership Development Committee was so charged up after the Denver conference, they agreed to meet at ALA Annual in New Orleans!  Almost everyone was able to attend, and the discussion was lively. They are still working on their report to the board, which will be ready by or before October 27, 2006. 

3.10  Newsletter (Simser) 

Simser reported that the blog format for the Newsletter went live with the special summer issue.  She noted that Wesley reported some issues with formatting, but those issues were being solved and it seems to be working fine.Wesley may consider hiring someone to assist in formatting at a later date.  Please send Wesley feedback on the blog format.  She reported that more articles on serials related areas are needed. Simser asked everyone to announce to their committees that they need serials-related articles for the Newsletter.      

ACTION:  All board members should announce to their committees that the Newsletter is looking for articles on serials-related issues.  

3.11 Nominations & Elections (Page) 

Page reported that a call for nominations was issued.  She will get actual figures on the number of nominations from the co-chairs and report them to the group.  The deadline for nominations is September 1, 2006.  The committee has a conference call scheduled right after that deadline.  There has been discussion within the committee on the difference in the review of regular candidates, as opposed to the petition candidates.  There was discussion on how the process of the petition was established. 

Anderson noted that there may be a lack of knowledge about the process and how N&E does their review process.  He suggested that there be a document or link to a document (if it already exists) when the call for nominations goes out to the membership.  Ginanni noted that there was an article in the Newsletter, so it might be possible to add the link to that article in the Call for Nominations. 

ACTION: Page will ask N&E to include the link to the Newsletter article in the next Call For Nominations and put it in the procedures to do it routinely. 

3.12  Proceedings (Anderson)

Anderson reported that the Proceedings editors have received all of the papers from the speakers from the 2006 conference and are in the editing and reviewing process.  The editors visited Haworth Press and found the session helpful. The indexer for 2006 Proceedings will be Melissa Beck.  Novak reported that there had been a problem with one of the papers for the 2005 Proceedings.  Regina Reynolds’s paper was put into the Proceedings with an incorrect title and summary.  Apologies were issued to Reynolds and steps have been investigated to get a corrected copy of the paper published. This has caused the online version to be delayed. As soon as agreement is reached on the steps to be taken, Novak will inform the board. 

3.13  Publications and PR (Page) 

Page reported that an RFP for the publication of the conference Proceedings had not been written yet, but she would get the process started immediately.  It was agreed that we would renew the contract with Haworth Press for one year.   

ACTION:  Novak will contact Haworth Press to renew contract for publication of Proceedings for one year. 

ACTION:  Page will get an RFP drafted and sent to the board for review for the publication of the Proceedings before the November Board meeting. 

4.0  Conference Planning Committee (Roth)  

Roth reported that the CPC is hard at work.  Roth sent an update of committee activities to the board before this discussion.  The next meeting of the CPC will be September 22 and at this meeting they will review where they are and what needs to be done.  Roth asked that anyone with input or questions please contact her.  Novak complimented the CPC and expressed her delight with the logo.  Ginanni suggested an outing to Churchill Downs and Roth reported that CPC was investigating this for a Sunday tour option, as an all conference event to Churchill Downs would be too expensive. Roth noted that there may be issues with the public transportation in Louisville, as the there may be some budget cuts to the city and the trolley may be cut.  CPC will keep this in mind as they plan events for the conference. 

5.0   Program Planning Committee (Simser) 

Simser reported that PPC had received 34 proposals from the first Call for Ideas.  The committee is reviewing them and seeing where they may need to target the second Call for Ideas.  A possible vision speaker is Bob Stein, Director of the Institute for the Future of the Book.  Frick has been in contact with him to investigate options for a vision session.  PPC has been reviewing the evaluations from the 2006 conference to see what they need to revise.  They have noted the comments on the schedule and are looking for ways to enhance the User Groups and Informal Discussions.  Ginanni expressed a hope that the Brainstorming session would be later in the day and Roth noted that it would be later in the morning.  Ginanni suggested a program on Project Transfer.  Simser will relay that to PPC.  Simser asked that any ideas on vision speakers be sent to her as soon as possible.  Novak complimented PPC on their hard work. 

6.0  Update on RFP for Proceedings publisher (Page) 

Information discussed under Proceedings Committee update. 

7.0  Update on RFP for Outsourcing Technology (Page) 

Page reported that she had a task group working on the drafting of the RFP.  The task group consists of Maggie Rioux, Anna Creech, Dalene Hawthorne and Mary Page.  Mary distributed to the board earlier in the morning a listing of items to be included in the RFP.  Robischon noted that membership processing, new and renewal, should be included.  Page noted that there were many companies that did this, so we should get some good bids.  Novak asked the timeline for the project and Page reported that the draft RFP would be ready for the November board meeting.  Novak noted that this would not be in time for the update of the 2007 conference for Online Registration.  Novak will contact the programmer that has been working on the current Online Registration system and ask him to work with it again this year. 

ACTION:  Novak will appoint an Online Registration Task Force for the 2007 conference and ask the programmer to continue his work with the system for this year. 

ACTION:  Page will have a draft technology RFP ready for the November board meeting. 

8.0  Update on Netspoke Web Conferencing (Robischon, Novak, Maxwell) 

Robischon described the system and costs involved ($.32 per minute in addition to the regular $.15), She would like to see a few selected committees test the system.  Ginanni suggested sending a message to Chairs-L asking for volunteers to test the system with committee work.  Robischon will draft a document to send to Chairs-L and have Novak and Maxwell review.  She noted it is a good system for committees that need to share documents for review and updating, but we need to control costs. 

ACTION: Robischon will draft an announcement to go to Chairs-L to ask for volunteers for web conferencing test. 

9.0  Novak asked if there were any additional items for discussion.  The following items were discussed. 

Robischon announced that she would be sending annual budget request information to committee chairs soon.  Please make sure that the deadlines are met.

Anderson noted that the Newsletter article mentioned on the nominations and elections process is probably not sufficient or formal enough for the membership.  Ginanni agreed and suggested a task group be established to draft a formal document.  The group could consist of past Nominations & Elections chairs and liaisons.  Novak asked that nominations for that group be sent to her immediately. 

ACTION: Novak will appoint a task force to draft a formal document detailing the procedures of the Nominations and Elections committee for the membership. 

9.1    Fall board meeting, Midwinter board meeting (Novak) 

Novak reminded everyone of the fall board meeting times.  Tenney requested that anyone not staying for the entire time please email her, as she must make the hotel reservations soon.  Novak announced that the Midwinter board meeting would be at the Seattle Public Library. Sherry Palmiter has been very helpful in making the arrangements. 

Wesley reported that she would be adding more categories to the newsblog (e.g. one for each individual committee).  She noted that she is working with Anna Creech and they are investigating whether WordPress would allow publishing to another host (i.e., using WordPress software on their site, but publishing the files to NASIG’s site).  Wesley noted that the September issue of the Newsletter is on target and should be published around the first of the month.  She reported that there was a favorable mention of the Newsletter blog in Steve Oberg’s blog. Wesley inquired if everyone was comfortable with turning on the comments section of the blog and it was agreed to turn it on an experimental basis.  Simser noted that it would be a good idea to add a link to the pdf. Wesley agreed and suggested it be added in the Table of Contents section.   

Novak asked if there were any additional items to be discussed.  Hearing none, the meeting was adjourned at 11:21am.


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