21:4 (2006:12) TOC

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CPC Update
PPC Update
Evaluation Summary
Membership Development Committee
Kathryn Wesley
Continuing Education
Electronic Communications
Evaluation & Assessment
Membership Development
Renewals to Go Online
Awards Announcements
2005 Proceedings Now Available
Powerful Energy Surging!



21:4 (2006:12) Volunteer for NASIG

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Positions on committees, task forces, and other positions will be available beginning with the 
2007 annual conference in Louisville, Kentucky.
To volunteer, please complete a form available at:  
Appointments will be made during late winter/early spring. 

21:4 (2006:12) Title Changes

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Susan Andrews, Columns Editor

[Note: Please report promotions, awards, new degrees, new positions, and other significant professional milestones.  You may submit items about yourself or other members to Susan Andrews (Susan_Andrews@tamu-commerce.edu). Contributions on behalf of fellow members will be cleared with the person mentioned in the news item before they are printed. Please include your e-mail address or phone number.] 

AMIRA AARON, formerly Manager, Digital Content and Access Services at Harvard University, is now Director for Information Resources at Brandeis University.  Amira’s new contact information is:

Brandeis University Library
415 South Street MS045
Waltham, Massachusetts 02454
Phone: (781) 736-4647
Fax: (781) 736-4724
E-mail: aaaron@brandeis.edu

In August 2006, ELIZABETH BOGDANSKI started her new job as Public Affairs Officer at the Detroit Public Library.  She e-mailed about her new position that she “Develops relationships with community groups and the City of Detroit, initiates and collaborates on system wide library projects, works with marketing and other stakeholders to promote the library.”  Beth was Product Manager at Proquest Information and Learning.  Contact information is now: 

Detroit Public Library
5201 Woodward Avenue
Detroit, Michigan  48202
Phone: (313) 833-4045
E-mail: ebogdanski@detroit.lib.mi.us

About her new job as Member Services Representative with OHIONET, MORAG BOYD said “Although I am adjusting to no longer being actually in a library, I find that my new position has a lot in common with what I did before – helping libraries and their staff do their work as effectively as possible. Another great thing is working with libraries of all kinds and having the opportunity to visit them. My main responsibilities are supporting OCLC cataloging and WorldCat services and providing training on a variety of topics, so I get a lot of variety each day. I am keeping a hand in the serials side of things by assisting libraries with local holdings and working with a committee planning an e-resources workshop.”  She joined OHIONET in August 2006.  Morag previously worked at llinois State University as Bibliographic Services Division Head.  She can be reached at: 

1500 West Lane Avenue
Columbus, Ohio 43221
(614) 486-2966 ext. 37
Fax: (614) 486-1527
E-mail: moragb@ohionet.org

Starting September 25, 2006, the new Serial Cataloger at Harvard Business School’s Baker Library is SARAH CORVENE.  She was Serials Cataloger at Harvard College Library.  Reach Sarah at: 

Harvard Business School
Baker Library
Soldiers Field
Boston, MA  02163
Phone: (617) 495-6990
Fax: (617) 495-7780

E-mail: scorvene@hbs.edu

Starting on September 25, 2006, ANN DOYLE FATH became the Head of Serials at the Getty Research Institute Research Library.  Her previous position was as Head, Collection Development Department at the University of Kentucky Libraries.  Her current contact information is:

Getty Research Institute
Research Library, Serials Section
1200 Getty Center Drive, Suite 1100
Los Angeles, California  90049-1688 
Phone: (310) 440-7515Fax: (310) 440-7779
E-mail: afath@getty.edu 

Beverly Geckle, Government Documents Librarian & Serials Cataloger at Middle Tennessee State University had a few comments to add to her entry from the last Newsletter.  She wrote, “I started my new job May 1, 2006. It is a big change for me since I had worked at the University of Baltimore’s Law Library since 1992.  In addition to relocating to a different part of the country, I have also moved from an academic law library to a general academic library. But I am still working with serials!”  Beverly’s contact information has not changed from the September Newsletter. 

Cumberland County Public Library’s new Library Director is MELODI L. GOFF.  Formerly, she was Serials & Systems Librarian at Carson-Newman College.  Current contact information is:

Cumberland County Public Library
PO Box 98
1539 Anderson Highway
Cumberland, Virginia 23040
Phone: (804) 492-5807

Fax: (804) 492-9551

E-mail: mel.goff@gmail.com

At the University of Alabama, Birmingham’s Lister Hill Library of the Health Sciences, SYLVIA MCAPHEE, moved from the paraprofessional position of Serials Library Associate I to the professional position of Serials Librarian.  She phoned to tell her NASIG colleagues of her promotion and also to let them know that she is very open to working with others on presentations and/or publications.  Her first appointment as a librarian began July 12, 2006.  Sylvia’s updated contact information is: 

University of Alabama, Birmingham
LHL 240A-1700 University Boulevard
1530 3rd Avenue South
Birmingham, Alabama  35294-0013
Phone: (205) 934-2299 
Fax: (205) 934-3545
E-mail: smcaphee@uab.edu

The new Electronic Resources and Serials Cataloging Librarian at theUniversity of Pennsylvania Libraries, SHANA L. MCDANOLD commented about her job change “I started my job here at Penn on September 5th and have really hit the ground running.  There were several things that attracted me to the position.  One of my reasons for applying was purely geographic.  I’m originally from the Northeast so moving to Philadelphia put me closer to family and back near the ocean.  The position here at Penn presents me with new challenges.  The biggest challenge at the moment is developing and implementing policies and procedures to handle the ever increasing amounts of electronic materials (all types: serials, integrating, monographs, the ?? stuff) and developing a workflow and working relationships with other departments such as Electronic Acquisitions.  In addition, Penn is a larger institution, so there’s the challenge of a new scale to conquer as well.  Right now getting a handle on our electronic resources is really my focus.  I have an experienced and very knowledgeable staff person (Bibliographic Specialist) working for me that has the print materials under control and can take care of the routine print serial issues, so I really can focus my efforts on the electronic stuff.  And I don’t have to catalog any media (videos, DVDs, etc.) except those that are serials here at Penn, but I still get to do websites.  My job at SLU was “serials and everything that’s not a book or manuscript”.  Here at Penn my job is focused back on just serials and electronic resources, which is what I really enjoy and want to focus my career on.  I wasn’t unhappy at SLU, what drove me to Penn was the new opportunities and challenges here.”  Shana was Serials and Non-print Formats Cataloger at Saint Louis University.  Current contact information is:

University of Pennsylvania Libraries
Van Pelt-Dietrich Library Center
3420 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104-6206
Phone: (215) 746-0267

Fax: (215) 573-9610

E-mail: mcdanold@pobox.upenn.edu 

The former Serials Cataloger (and Editor, Bowker) at the Library of Congress’ National Serials Data Program, 2002 NASIG Student Grant Award winner, VANESSA MITCHELL, is now Senior Cataloger at  ASRC Aerospace.  Her current e-mail is:

E-mail: vanessa.mitchell5@verizon.net

Previously the Regional Sales Manager at Swets Information Services, ALISON C. ROTH moved to SAGE Publications to become their new Senior Journal Sales Manager – Northeast on July 31, 2006.  She said that “SAGE is a wonderful company to work for and I am glad to be working for them.”  Alison can now be reached at:

SAGE Publications
PO Box 148
Perkinsville, Vermont  05151

Phone: (802) 263-5730

Fax: (802) 263-5471

E-mail: alison.roth@sagepub.com

WILLIAM SHAKALIS wrote about his new position “I started my new position as Serials Librarian on August 4, 2006, at the Ruth Haas Library of Western Connecticut State University, Danbury, Connecticut, part of the Connecticut State University System. This special appointment, in a temporary position, is giving me a wonderful introduction to serials librarianship, electronic collections management, EBSCO electronic journals, and the problems of a move from the traditional serials librarian job description to a new title of “electronic resources librarian”. I am enjoying the support of my colleagues and the challenges of professional academic librarianship.  I am working to write an Electronic Resources Development Policy, working with government documents, especially as to its migration to digital copies, and writing a Government Documents Development Policy.  I received my MLS from Simmons College in 2005, and have transitioned from a career in MIS in the private sector.”  William was University Assistant at Central Connecticut State University.  William’s new contact information is:

Ruth A. Haas Library
Western Connecticut State University
181 White Street
Danbury, Connecticut 06810
Phone: (203) 837-3252
E-mail: shakalisw@wcsu.edu

JANET SIAR, the former Head of Acquisitions at the University of Maryland, became Head of Acquisitions at the University of Delaware on August 1, 2006.  She can be reached at:

Acquisitions Dept
Morris Library

University of Delaware
181 South College Avenue
Newark, Delaware 19717-5267

Phone: (302) 831-2670

Fax: (302) 831-6996

E-mail: jsiar@udel.edu

“2001 Horizon Award Winner, Jeff Slagell, has been appointed Director of Library Services at Delta State University.  He has previously served as Interim Director, Assistant Director, and Serials/ILL Librarian.  Jeff was also elected Vice President/President-Elect of the Mississippi Library Association.”  Only his phone number has changed:

Phone: (662) 846-4441  

21:4 (2006:12) Erratum

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The conference report on the Tactics Session called “The Shape of Things to Come: Resource Description and Access (RDA)” published in the September issue of the Newsletter contained an error.  The session was presented by Ed Jones and reported by Mavis Molto. 

The first item in the list of RDA’s new features should have been “No ISBD punctuation in the examples” instead of “ISBD punctuation in the examples.”  The posting in the newsblog has been corrected. 

The Newsletter Editorial Board regrets the error.

21:4 (2006:12) Other Serials News: SCCTP Holdings Workshop

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Reported by Keiko Okuhara  

Again, we are very lucky to host the Serials Cataloging Cooperative Training Program’s (SCCTP) workshop at the University of Hawaii at Manoa Campus, Hawaii.  The Serial Holdings workshop was offered on March 29, 2006 at the UH Law School.  Thirty attendees took advantage of the luxurious classroom of the law school and welcomed an energetic instructor, Linda S. Geisler, from the Library of Congress.   

With a serials background and considerable experience giving serials training at the Library of Congress, Linda was able to bring firsthand knowledge to her serial holdings instruction.  After receiving a lei, Linda got the workshop off to a smooth start with an overview of the Z39.71 standard for the display information and MARC format for Holding Data (MFHD).  Because of her pragmatic serial holdings concept, her instruction was in tune with how users actually see serial holdings from the standpoint of holdings display and communication standards.  

Linda tackled various workflows for a holdings process and emphasized the practical aspects of displaying serial holdings with standardized and simplified punctuation. Then the workshop proceeded to the details of MFHD, the leader and MARC fields from 001 through 852, and how to record holdings and patterns.  Holdings information is recorded in two different fields that are paired and linked. While fields 853 (serial), 854 (supplement), and 855 (index) include the caption and the publication pattern, fields 863, 864, and 865 contain the enumeration and chronology. The fields are linked through the 853 subfield 8.  Pattern information is also coded and allows the system to predict the forthcoming issue. Since the textual holdings are used for the Hawaii Voyager system, discussions on free-text format combining captions with enumeration and chronology date in the 866 field were especially useful for the trainees.        

The concept and goal of updating a holdings record are well addressed in articulating how the holdings are complete for a title, the most currently received issue, and how you can plan for cancellation, etc. One of the challenges in maintaining holdings information is to factor in physical volume change due to binding, and it is critical to pay close attention to issue numbering and dates to understand the publication pattern.  Because the attendees’ level of experience was varied, Linda tried to focus on the basics of maintaining serial holdings. 

Last, but not least, we are very thankful to the Hawaii Library Association (HLA) and the NASIG Continuing Education Committee for their generous financial support to allow us to hold the workshop in Hawaii for three years in a row.  Also, I am grateful for local support from the William S. Richardson Law Library and School of Law of the University of Hawaii at Manoa.  All these various support and assistance made the workshop a great success.  


21:4 (2006:12) 2005 Proceedings Now Available!

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Carol Ann Borchert, 2006 Co-Editor 

Roaring into Our 20’s:  NASIG 2005 has been published by Haworth as volume 50, no. 1-4 of the Serials Librarian and as a separate monograph.   Edited by Meg Mering and Elna Saxton, the Proceedings provide an in-depth reporting of the various sessions at the conference which took place May 19-22, 2005, in Minneapolis.  This includes transcripts of the vision sessions, so for those of you who missed the presentations by Leif Utne and Marshall Keys, along with our fabulous preconference, strategy session, and tactics session speakers, now is your chance to read up on what happened!

21:4 (2006:12) Awards Announcements

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Clint Chamberlain and Sarah Sutton, Co-Chairs 

The Awards & Recognition Committee is pleased to announce the beginning of its application cycle for NASIG’s 2007 grants, awards, and scholarships. Every year, NASIG awards student travel grants, awards for promising serialists, scholarships for library school students, and an international award to aid in serials research. Since 1988, NASIG has granted over 130 student grant awards—including 6 grants for Mexican students, 5 Marcia Tuttle Awards for international serials research, 9 Fritz Schwartz educational scholarships, 22 Horizon Awards to recognize up-and-coming members of the profession, and, in 2006, the first ever Serials Specialist award to an outstanding serials paraprofessional.   

Expanding awards promotion has been a priority on A&R’s agenda for the year. For 2007, we are excited to have the opportunity to work with the Library School Outreach Task Force’s Library School Ambassadors Pilot Project, to be conducted over the next seven months. Based on a recommendation from A&R last year, the Library School Ambassadors Pilot Project consists of NASIG members serving as liaisons to select library schools for the purpose of promoting serials work in general and NASIG in particular.  For more awards information, please visit the NASIG Awards Web page at http://www.nasig.org/awards/.  All awards will be presented at the 22nd Annual Conference in Louisville, KY.

21:4 (2006:12) 2007 Renewals to Go Online

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Buddy Pennington, Database & Directory Committee Chair 

Those goldenrod renewal forms?  A thing of the past. 

The NASIG Database & Directory Committee is implementing online renewals for the 2007 renewal cycle and will not be sending out print forms in the mail.  This change, approved by the NASIG Board this spring, is being put into action this year.  Not only will it save NASIG money by reducing printing and postage costs, but the online environment makes it much easier for the NASIG Treasurer and the committee to process the renewals in much less time than it took with the paper forms.  

But wait, there’s more.  This year, NASIG is providing renewing members with the opportunity to make a personal donation to make the best organization devoted to “all members of the serials information chain” even better.  The committee has been working to integrate this new online donation opportunity into the renewal process for the 2007 cycle.  When implemented, NASIG members will see a separate online donation form when they renew their membership online and be able to make a contribution to strengthen the support and services provided by NASIG to its members.

21:4 (2006:12) Committee Updates: MDC

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[Ed. note:  Highlights from a report submitted for the fall Executive Board meeting.] 

Marla Chesler and Tina Feick, Co-Chairs 

The committee is currently revising the NASIG membership brochure.  They have been actively discussing strategies to increase membership and to help NASIG reach a better balance among academic librarians, other librarians, students, and members from the commercial sector.  Some of these strategies include: 

  • Make it possible for conference registrants to join NASIG while registering
  • Make MDC a permanent committee
  • Conduct various projects on a regular basis, such as contacting members who did not renew for the new year
  • Support the Library School Outreach Task Force
  • Support the Mentoring Program

In support of NASIG’s strategic direction of broadening the membership, the committee is working to identify needs of the commercial sector and to suggest conference programming to benefit those in the commercial sector. 

Over the past five years, NASIG membership has stabilized at around 1250.  Based on an analysis of NASIG membership numbers from past years, committee member Bob Boissy noted several trends: 

  • The content/service provider segment has dropped from 257 in 1998 to 156 in 2006, a decrease of 40%
  • Each year membership in the conference area increases by 30-50 and drops by about the same number the following year
  • Public library participation has increased from 21 in 1996 to a high of 40 in 2004, an increase of 100% (2006 membership is 38)
  • The increase in dues for 2006 had little effect on membership, except for those who change jobs and/or do not consider NASIG as a primary professional membership

Committee recommendations include: 

  • Increase the number of content/service providers, especially publishers
  • Increase the number of non-academic library members
  • Increase the number of library school students
  • Continue to focus on retaining our core base
  • Increase the total number of members in order to meet the above objectives

21:4 (2006:12) Committee Updates: E&A

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[Ed. note: Highlights from a report submitted for the fall Executive Board meeting.] 

Marla Baden and Anne Mitchell, Co-Chairs 

Though online conference evaluation forms were available this year, 192 paper forms were submitted.  The committee converted this data to electronic format in July.  When this task was completed, committee consultant Stephanie Schmitt worked with programmer Paul Seeman to create the evaluation reports.  E&A requested clarification from the Executive Board on guidelines for distribution of evaluation reports. 

Conference speakers received individual summaries of their evaluation reports via email during August and September. 

The committee recommended to the board that evaluations for the 2007 conference be all online.

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