21:3 (2006:Sept) President’s Corner

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Denise Novak, NASIG President 

“My Heart is in the Work.” Andrew Carnegie, the founder of Carnegie Mellon University, spoke those words, and working here at Carnegie Mellon University I find those words very appropriate in relation to NASIG.  While spending four years on the board as treasurer, two stints as chair/co-chair of the CPC, and another three years as a member of the Continuing Education Committee, NASIG has grown to be a large part of my life.  I am thrilled to be your president for the next twelve months and I thank all of you for the opportunity.  

Following Steve Savage, Anne McKee, Maggie Rioux and others as president, it’s obvious I have large shoes to fill.  I have learned so much from these people and I am confident that I can call on them for advice.  

NASIG as an organization has been in a transition for the past five years and both the organization and the membership have retained the ability to be flexible. I’m pleased to be able to continue some of the work which was initiated during my tenure as treasurer, such as the financial plan. It is my expectation to work with the Financial Development Committee this year to begin an endowment for the purpose of creating more student grant awards and more continuing education opportunities.  We also need to implement a more fully developed fundraising plan. All of you will have the opportunity to participate in these endeavors. 

Although the annual conference has changed in some aspects, exciting new venues and fabulous programming have become hallmarks of the conference.  The work of the Louisville CPC has been underway for several months.  The theme for the 2007 annual conference is “Place Your Bet in Kentucky: the Serials Gamble.”  More information will follow in the coming months, including a report in this newsletter by CPC co-chairs Angel Clemons and Tyler Goldberg. Rachel Frick and her co-chair Sarah George have sent out the call for proposals which will generate tremendous participation from the membership.  Right? 

One more plug and then I’ll step down off my soapbox.  I cannot overstress how important the nomination process is to NASIG.  We need enthusiastic, competent people to run for office.  You all know how much this organization depends on the membership and it’s because of you that NASIG is such a successful organization.  NASIG is the premier serials organization in the United States. Let’s keep it that way by nominating the very best people in our organization.  This will make the Nominations & Elections Committee members’ work easier in putting together the slate of candidates. 

I am pleased to have a terrific board to work with me this year. We are looking forward to an action-packed year and having a lot of fun.  Please keep in touch by contacting me at any time through my email address: dn22@andrew.emu.edu.


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