21:suppl (2006:summer) NASIG Executive Board Annual Report

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Mary Page, NASIG President 2005 – 2006 

The past year has flown by!  We spent so much time planning and preparing for the Denver conference, and it’s hard to believe it’s come and gone.  It was a terrific conference, by the way.  One high point for me was Robin Sloan’s presentation.  Robin even gave us a good review on his blog: http://snarkmarket.com/blog/snarkives/media_galaxy/i_librarians/  

Other high points were Scott Plutchak’s talk, and he also had good things to say about the NASIG conference:  http://tscott.typepad.com/tsp/2006/05/nasig_2006.html.  Since discovering Scott’s blog when we were planning the conference, it’s become essential reading for me, and I highly recommend it.   

The truly outstanding event was the NASIG Open Mike session at the Tattered Cover.  Everyone who attended can attest to the fine performances and amazing talent among our members.  I hope this becomes an annual event. 

Your NASIG Board had some key accomplishments this year.  We launched several new committees and task forces, mainly to fulfill the excellent recommendations from the Financial Plan (available in the Members Only section of the NASIG website).  Former president Steve Savage spearheaded this project last year, and his legacy to NASIG is a clear and achievable plan for financial stability.  

Here are the committees and task forces we launched this year:

Membership Development Committee:  The committee is charged with recommending target membership levels, identifying potential members, and developing outreach strategies.  Chaired by Marla Chesler and Tina Feick, the Membership Development Committee is off to a great start.  Board member Kim Maxwell played a huge role in getting this committee going, and she is serving as their board liaison.  An important thing to remember:  the MDC will focus on development and outreach, but it will not be responsible for the membership database currently maintained by the Database & Directory Committee.

Library School Outreach Task Force: NASIG members have worked with library schools for years, but not necessarily in a coordinated effort.  The goal of the Library School Outreach Task Force is to coordinate all relevant NASIG Committees, as well as individual members, to maximize the effectiveness of our interactions with library schools.  The task force is comprised of representatives from the Continuing Education, Membership Development, and Awards & Recognition Committees.  Again, Kim Maxwell played a major role in getting this group started, and she will serve as its board liaison.   

The Financial Development Committee:  This committee is charged with developing a robust fundraising program as recommended in the Financial Plan.  Steve Savage, who led the development of the Financial Plan, will chair this committee.  Other members include current and former board members Anne McKee, Rose Robischon, and Denise Novak, along with NASIG member Ree Sherer, who brings expertise in both finance and non-profit organizations.  This group is a key component in the development of NASIG’s financial stability, and we are fortunate to have these outstanding volunteers

Publications/Public Relations Committee:  This is the revamped Publications Committee, with new and expanded duties to reflect NASIG’s emphasis on outreach.  The Publications/PR committee will work with the NASIG Publicist to coordinate announcements to the serials community and beyond.  The committee will develop ideas for publications that would be useful to the membership, and it will recruit authors with the appropriate expertise.  The Publications/PR Committee will provide editorial oversight for NASIG publications, but they will not author documents while they are active members of the committee.  So you don’t think that all the Board does is create more committees, here’s one that we put to rest this year. 

Professional Liaisons:  There comes a time when it’s appropriate for a committee to be disbanded, and the Executive Board decided this year that Professional Liaisons be retired.  This group was comprised of representatives from other library and serials organizations, primarily to share information that could be of mutual interest.  With listservs, blogs, and other online communication methods, there seemed to be less of a need for a formal group within NASIG.  To all who have served as a liaison to NASIG in the past, and to all the former NASIG liaisons who attended meetings and shared reports with the membership: thank you for your contributions over the years!

Technology Planning:  Step Schmitt did a superb report for the Board’s mid-winter meeting that outlined the state of NASIG’s technology infrastructure.  The key development in this area is the Board’s decision to examine the possibilities for outsourcing many technical functions.  To this end, work on a technology RFP will begin soon, as the first step in our study.  Perhaps the most gratifying accomplishment for all of NASIG this year was that the vast majority of members renewed this year, even though we had raised the dues from $25 to $75.  This speaks volumes to the value of NASIG to its members, and NASIG’s continuing relevance to the serials community.  Thank you all. 


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