21:suppl (2006:summer) Committee Annual Reports: Newsletter

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Char Simser, Editor-in-Chief

Board Members: Kathy Kobyljanec  (Copy Editor, John Carroll University); Sharon Heminger (Columns Editor, JSTOR); Susan Andrews  (Columns Editor, Texas A&M); Maggie Rioux (Profiles Editor, MBLWHOI); Beth Bernhardt (Submissions Editor, University of North Carolina-Greensboro); James Michael (PDF Editor, University of South Florida); Lillian DeBlois (Conference/Calendar Editor, Arizona Health Sciences Library); Mykie Howard (HTML Editor (thru Dec. 2005), National Library of Medicine), Joyce Tenney (Board Liaison)

Mykie Howard stepped down as HTML editor in December.
James Michael, PDF editor, will step down from his position in May.
Beth Bernhardt, submissions editor, will step down from her position in May.

Sharon Heminger, columns editor, will assume responsibilities as PDF editor.
Naomi Kietzke Young, University of Florida, has been appointed as submissions editor.
Kathryn Wesley, Clemson University, has been named editor-in-chief effective post-annual conference.

Five issues were planned for publication 2005/06 to accommodate the earlier conference schedules in 2005 and 2006: July (a special ‘business’ issue), September, December, March, and May.  (The May issue is on target for a May 1 publication date as of this writing.) In the past, NASIG committees provided their annual reports for publication in a June issue. The 2005 mid-May conference provided the opportunity to rethink the annual contents cycle so last year’s June issue was pushed up to May. The special summer issue included committee annual reports and wrapped up their business for 2004/2005 in a timely manner.  

Publication of the September and December issues were within the month of issue, but there were delays with both the HTML and PDF versions.  March and May issues were published close to the first of the month while we were in training mode with the new editor-in-chief and PDF editor.  Communication was certainly stepped up during that time! Kudos to everyone involved! 

Serve on the Newsletter editor-in-chief search committee.

  • COMPLETED.  Kathryn Wesley appointed.

Discuss the need for an HTML version: should the Newsletter go blog-style? Based on board discussion, determine needs for HTML position description.

  • Per discussion at the January board meeting, I provided incoming editor-in-chief Wesley with information concerning implementing a blog format for the HTML version of the Newsletter.  Wesley was interested in pursuing this format, therefore no recruitment for an HTML editor has taken place.

 Recruit a new submissions editor.

  • Wesley and I reviewed applications in late February/early March.  Naomi Kietzke Young will assume her responsibilities as submissions editor at the end of the 2006 conference.

2005/2006 GOALS REVIEW

  • Complete the Newsletter manual
    o        A number of updates were made to the style guides to reflect changes.  Training with Wesley, Kobyljanec and DeBlois provided the opportunity to do a close review of many sections of the manual.
    o        Three sections of the manual (copy editing, PDF & professional liaisons processes) remain in draft form.   One section (professional liaisons process) is on hold while the Board determines the mission/purpose of that group.
    o        The HTML section has not been updated to reflect the current template use because Wesley will investigate using a blog format, which will require major changes to the HTML process section of the manual.
  • Review position descriptions.
    o        COMPLETED.  All positions reviewed and updated where applicable.
  • Train new conference/calendar editor.
    o        COMPLETED. 
  • Provide training and instruction for new copy editor.
    o        COMPLETED.
  • Work with incoming EiC.
    o        ONGOING.  Wesley started training by helping with review of the HTML and PDF versions for the March and May issues.  

It has been my pleasure to be a member of the Newsletter Editorial Board since late 1998 and serve as its editor-in-chief since mid-2002.  I never imagined I would have such an opportunity.  My thanks go out to those who gave me that chance and who have been very supportive of my activities: to Steve Savage, who first asked me to be the HTML editor; to Steve and former NASIG President Maggie Rioux, who offered me the editor-in-chief job.  Thank you to my board liaisons Eleanor Cook, Anne McKee and Joyce Tenney.  To current and past members of the editorial board:  thank you for giving me the chance to get to know you – mostly via email – I appreciate your efforts to provide timely communication and get reports turned in on time.  Big thanks to those who have served as the PDF and HTML editors and have had to endure my constant nit-picking on style and format issues, implementation of templates that caused some technology hang ups, and multiple changes to the look of the Newsletter.   

I will miss my work with the Newsletter.  It has provided me an opportunity to see the inner workings of the Board and NASIG; to understand the frustrations and the joys of an all-volunteer organization, especially one that essentially works in a virtual environment; and to see the true spirit of volunteerism at work.   

I’ve had the opportunity to work with incoming editor-in-chief Kathryn since late February so I know that I leave the Newsletter in excellent hands.


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