21:suppl (2006:summer) Committee Annual Reports: D&D

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Jo McClamroch, Chair 

Committee Members:  Heather Cannon, Julie Kane, Daisy Cheng, Smita Joshipura, Buddy Pennington, Michele Seikel, Mircea Stefancu, Marty Gordon, Ann Ercelawn, Janet Chisman, Lisa Blackwell, Mary Page, Board Liaison. 

Members rotating off the Committee after the 2006 Annual Conference: Daisy Cheng, Smita Joshipura, Michele Seikel [?] 

Incoming Chair/Co-Chair for May 2006: Buddy Pennington, Lisa Blackwell
New Committee Members:  TBA


The usual activities were accomplished and were, by and large, accomplished on schedule:

  • Membership renewal notices printed and mailed in October 2005
  • Renewals and new memberships processed by December 1, 2005 were eligible for ballots
  • Mailing lists for ballots were prepared for the N&E Committee in January 2006
  • Mailing lists for conference postcards for the PCC were discussed in February 2006
  • Renewals and new memberships processed regularly throughout the year
  • New members announced monthly on NASIG-L
  • There was a great working relationship between D&D and Treasurer Robischon
  • Regular updates sent to Newsletter for member title changes and position changes
  • Regular updates sent to ECC for email changes for NASIG-L

Special activities/projects included:

  • D&D prepared a retrospective compilation of members who had joined January – August 2005 who were then added to NASIG-L by ECC
  • A monthly schedule was developed to create a report of new members for posting to NASIG-L. This task rotated between two D&D members
  • Lots of consultation about purging membership database after May 2006 conference
  • Provided statistical and other data to the new Membership Committee
  • Consulted with PCC re mailings of postcards for the annual conference


  • For the 2006 membership year, there were 874 renewing members and 164 new members for a total active membership of 1,038.
  • Reporting anecdotally, D&D received around 20 or so print renewal forms with notes from members that the increase in membership dues caused them not to renew


Active Membership by Organization Type
April 28, 2006


Number %
A – University Library 574 54.10%
B – College Library 81 7.63%
C – Community College Library 9 0.85%
D – Medical Library 44 4.15%
E – Law Library 39 3.68%
F – Public Library 31 2.92%
G – Government, National, or State Library 47 4.43%
H – Corporate or Special Library 40 3.77%
I – Subscription Vendor or Agency 58 5.47%
J – Book Vendor 5 0.47%
K – Publisher 32 3.02%
L – Back Issues Dealer 2 0.19%
M – Binder 3 0.28%
N – Automated Systems Vendor 5 0.47%
O – Library Network, Consortium, or Utility 9 0.85%
P – Professional Association 3 0.28%
Q – Database Producer 6 0.57%
R – Student 32 3.02%
S – Retired 8 0.75%
T – Other 33 3.11%
TOTAL 1061 100.00%

Please note that there is a difference of 23 between the stats for active members (1038) and stats for membership by type (1061).  The techno experts on D&D (Pennington and Blackwell) suspect it is some kind of coding error which we will eventually reconcile. 

The newly created Membership Committee had a few requests for statistical data.  Numeric data was easily compiled. That Committee also was looking for data about position titles which was not easily obtained.

D&D Committee’s only expenses were for sending out the paper membership renewal form in October 2005.

At our 2004 Committee meeting at the Annual Conference in Milwaukee, it was the unanimous recommendation of the D&D Committee that the print Directory be discontinued.  The Board voted on our recommendation and the print Directory was officially discontinued in 2004/2005.  This category should be removed from future Annual Reports.

This was truly a transition year for D&D.  Ten new members came on to the Committee in May 2005 to join two returning members and the returning Chair.  Each member willingly jumped right into doing our work.  There was a shakedown training period in the fall of 2005 while everyone was getting familiar with the online membership database.  Members provided constant feedback and questions and our overall processes were improved as a result.  I will prepare a separate report addressed specifically to the incoming Chair and Co-Chair which will outline specific recommendations for the 2006-2007 committee. 

For consideration at the Board level, here are some policy issues that were discussed by D&D

  • The NASIG membership is ten times the size now as it was in its founding.  In general, D&D members believe that all processes and procedures need examination and evaluation in light of that growth.  For example,
    • What is the purpose of announcing all new NASIG members to NASIG-L?  It requires much choreography within and between committees and we ask the Board to reconsider its usefulness.
    • What is the purpose of continuing to prepare and mail paper renewal forms when we are moving to an online-only process for conference registration?
    • Why do both the ECC and D&D send “welcome to NASIG” messages to new members?
    • How do we address the issue of former dues-paying members who have not have been removed from the Membership Directory?   Is it truly a big issue?
    • Is it necessary or valuable to list all title and position changes in the Newsletter?
  • What is the proper role of the Chair of D&D in 2006 and beyond? 

With the launch of the online membership database, the Chair no longer has to do all the data entry.  Even at that, I spent a minimum of eight to ten hours per week on D&D business – training D&D members and answering their questions about data entry in the membership database; problem-solving Directory errors; answering routine queries about how to connect to members-only area of NASIGWeb, and the like.   

My personal observation is that NASIG is no longer a mom-and-pop operation and internal organizational and procedural changes may be in order.  As Chair of D&D, I ask that the Board consider funding temporary clerical assistance for D&D, for the Treasurer, and perhaps for other Committees as well. While we are all eager volunteers, we also have full time professional careers. 

I would like to thank the NASIG Board of Directors for giving me the opportunity to serve as Chair of the Database & Directory Committee for 2005-2006.  I know the Board joins me in applauding the tireless efforts of each member of the D&D Committee over the past year.


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