21:suppl (2006:summer) Committee Annual Reports: Bylaws

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Adolfo R. Tarango, Chair 

Committee Members: Janet Arcand (Iowa State University), David M. Bynog (Rice University), Konstantin Gurevich (University of Rochester), Bob Persing (University of Pennsylvania), Alison Roth (Swets Information Services), Sandhya Devi Srivastava (Hofstra University), Veronica Walker (North Carolina State University), Kimberly A. Maxwell (Board Liaison). 

I am pleased to submit the annual report of the Bylaws Committee for 2005/2006. 

The Committee held its annual meeting at the NASIG annual conference in
Minneapolis, MN, on May 21, 2005, at 7:30 am. David Bynog volunteered to be the Committee’s web liaison. The Committee reviewed its past year’s work, its charge, annual report, and committee guidelines. 

During this report period, the Committee received no questions/proposals. 

In other business, the Executive Board requested the Committee to systematically review the bylaws to identify language in the bylaws tied to past practices or necessities that may no longer be relevant or will probably become irrelevant. The Committee is in the process of identifying such occurrences and will begin a review of those identified to date at its meeting at the NASIG Denver conference. 

As a concluding note, I express my sincere thanks to the committee members and to Kim Maxwell, our Board Liaison, for their willingness to serve on this committee.


  • Number of questions/proposals received: 0
  • Number of questions/proposals in progress: 0
  • Number of Bylaws Committee proposals submitted to NASIG membership: 0

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