21:suppl (2006:summer) New Committee Report: MDC

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Marla Chesler and Tina Feick, Co-Chairs 

Committee Members:  Bob Boissy (Springer), Morag Boyd (Illinois State University), Pam Cipkowski (Art Institute of Chicago), Linda Newman Cox (Northwestern State University), Linda Griffin (Louisiana State University), Claire Rasmussen (University of Wisconsin – Madison), Alice Rhoades (Rice University), October Ivins (Consultant) and Kim Maxwell (Board Liaison). 

The NASIG Membership Development Committee was formed in February 2006. 

  • Linda Griffin was appointed to be the MDC Representative on the Library Student Outreach Task Force.
  • Our first conference call was on March 8, 2006. 
    • During that call, we reviewed our charge and agreed to submit our Membership Development Plan by September 15, 2006. 
    • We also made plans to work with the non-renewed NASIG member list in order to send out reminders.
    • The committee reviewed the available statistical data on NASIG membership that was available and determined that the data needed to up updated.  We then discussed the various member types in NASIG and decided that the needs of the commercial sector needed to be researched. 
    • The 2002 strategic survey was reviewed in order to make sure we were aware of any previously identified areas of need.
  • Our second conference call was on March 27, 2006.
    • During that meeting, we reviewed a draft letter to be sent to non-renewed NASIG members and agreed to try to send out the reminders before the conference registration deadline on April 11, 2006. 
    • The NASIG database was also discussed.  The committee is interested in adding new fields to the database in order to get better statistics and to be able to keep track of members that have not renewed.
    • The updating of the statistical data reported to be making progress. 
    • Different options for increasing the benefits for commercial members were discussed.
    • The committee was also asked to find a NASIG representative to attend a library school event in
      Fullerton, CA.
  • Our third conference call was on April 11, 2006. 
    • An update on the status of the renewal reminders was given.  Committee members were asked to send the responses they received to Marla.
      • We had 30 reminders returned due to bad email addresses.  We wondered   if the database could track bad emails and what a reasonable process might be to try to find correct email addresses.
    • Teresa Malinowski agreed to attend the California library school event.  She was sent NASIG brochures and the banner.
  • Our fourth conference call was on April 24, 2006.
    • During that meeting a summary of the responses received from the renewal notices was distributed.
    •  We discussed what should be included in our report to the NASIG Executive Board. 


  • List of desired additions to the NASIG Database – including tracking/researching bad email addresses. 
  • Identifying the needs of the commercial sector. (Strategic Direction #2)
  • Suggest programming that benefits the commercial sector.  (Strategic Direction #3)
  • Gathering statistical data on past membership
  • Evaluating why members do not renew their NASIG membership
  • Future projects to identify future NASIG memberships


  • NASIG renewal reminders sent out to 383 NASIG members that had not renewed.  As of April 26, 2006, 22 had either renewed or indicated that they still intend to renew.  45 stated that they would not renew and included a variety of reasons such as the dues increase or they had changed positions and were no longer involved in serials.  30 of the messages were returned because the email address was incorrect.   25% RETURN RATE to project.
  • Teresa Malinowski accepted an invitation to represent NASIG at the “Conversation with Library Leaders” event in Fullerton, CA.  (Strategic Direction #2 and #4)
  • Linda Griffin appointed to Library Student Outreach Program.

The committee is involved in activities, which support Strategic Directions 1 – 4.  Please see notes in Continuing Activities and Completed Activities.


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