21:suppl (2006:summer) 2006/07 Board Liaisons

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BOARD MEMBER          



Denise Novak

Financial Development
Online Registration
Steve Savage

Char Simser

NASIG Newsletter
Program Planning
Kathryn Wesley
Rachel Frick, Sarah George

Mary Page

Nominations & Elections
Publications & PR
David Burke, Gail Julian
Linda Pitts, Marit Taylor

Rose Robischon


Joyce Tenney


Marie Seymour-Green, Sheryl Williams

Adam Chesler

Database & Directory
Evaluation & Assessment
Buddy Pennington, Lisa Blackwell
Marla Baden, Anne Mitchell

Katy Ginanni

Electronic Communications
Adolfo Tarango, Konstantin Gurevich
Anna Creech, Dalene Hawthorne

Kim Maxwell

Library School Outreach TF
Membership Development
Mentoring Task Force
Sarah Sutton
Tina Feick, Marla Chesler
Kathy Brannon, Eleanor Cook

Rick Anderson

Awards & Recognition
Translator Resource Team
Sarah Sutton, Clint Chamberlain
Carole Anne Borchert, Gary Ives

Alison Roth

Conference Planning

Tyler Goldberg, Angel Clemons

Bob Schatz

Continuing Education

Paoshan Yue, Betty Landesman


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