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The September 2010 issue is available at:


25:2 (2010:05) Table of Contents

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Table of Contents

President’s Corner
Executive Board Minutes
—March Conference Call
Treasurer’s Report
2010 Election Results
2010 Conference Sponsors Announced
Photos from UKSG Conference
25th Conference (2010)
PPC Update: Vision Speakers
CPC Update
Mentoring Program
Horizon Award Winner Essay
Biz Meeting Agenda & Brainstorming Topic
Conference All-Timers
Other NASIG News
ECC Solicits Feedback on Communication
2009 Proceedings Available
Report on 2009 Tuttle Project
—Committee Annual Reports
——25th Anniversary TF
——Awards & Recognition
——Continuing Education
——Database & Directory
——Electronic Communications
——Library School Outreach
——Membership Development
——Nominations & Elections
——Program Planning
——Publications/Public Relations
Other Serials & E-Resources News
NC Serials Conference
CONSER Ops Meeting
ASA Promotes Library Choice
Checking In
Title Changes

25:2 (2010:05) President’s Corner

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President’s Corner
Rick Anderson, NASIG President

Looking Back: UKSG and the Fury of Iceland

I write this column having just returned—much more recently than planned—from a wonderful UKSG meeting followed by a harrowing experience of travel chaos, one that I shared with our past president, Jill Emery, and our Merriman Award winner, Selden Lamoureux. Continue Reading 25:2 (2010:05) President’s Corner…

25:2 (2010:05) Title Changes

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Title Changes
Kurt Blythe, Columns Editor

[Note: Please report promotions, awards, new degrees, new positions, and other significant professional milestones.  You may submit items about yourself or other members to Kurt Blythe at  Contributions on behalf of fellow members will be cleared with the person mentioned in the news item before they are printed.  Please include your e-mail address or phone number.]

Michael A. Arthur leads off this month with news of his recent promotion from assistant to associate librarian at the University of Central Florida.

Michael’s contact information remains:

Michael A. Arthur
Head of Acquisitions and Collections Services
University of Central Florida Libraries
P.O. Box 162666
Orlando, FL  32816-2666
Phone: 407-882-0143
Fax: 407-823-6289

Clinton K. Chamberlain’s contact information does not remain the same given his move to another university within the University of Texas system.  “Formerly coordinator for electronic resource acquisitions at UT Austin, I’m now coordinator for information resources at UT Arlington.  In my new position I oversee collection development and acquisitions (serials, electronic resources, monographs), as well as preservation.

Clinton K. Chamberlain
Coordinator for Information Resources
University of Texas at Arlington
Phone: 817-272-2949

Another man who has moved is Adam Chesler, who writes, “I’m the new director of content for the American Society for Training and Development.”  ASTD (based in Alexandria, VA), established in 1943, is the world’s largest association dedicated to workplace learning and performance professionals.  Adam adds, “We provide resources for learning and performance professionals, educators, and students — research, analysis, benchmarking, online information, books, newsletters, training guides, and T+D, our monthly magazine.  I’ll be managing the teams responsible for acquiring and publishing all that content.”

Adam may now be reached at:

Phone: 703-683-8141

July 2009 found Kate B. Moore moving into a tenure-track position at Indiana University Southeast.  Kate reports, “My title at IUS is coordinator of electronic resources/assistant librarian.  Previously I worked as a staff member in the Serials Acquisitions Unit at the Herman B. Wells Library, Indiana University Bloomington, and graduated with my MLS from IUB in May 2009.”  Kate also took over as the PDF editor of the NASIG Newsletter, and was one of last year’s NASIG Student Award winners.

Allow your faithful column editor to offer his congratulations and to state that Kate may be found at:

Kate B. Moore
Assistant Librarian
Coordinator of Electronic Resources
Indiana University Southeast
Phone: 812.941.2189

“Same place, different title” for Buddy Pennington, who recently had his title changed from serial acquisitions librarian to electronic resources & serials librarian to better reflect his growing responsibilities with electronic resources.

Buddy’s contact information is still:

Buddy Pennington
Electronic Resources & Serials Librarian
University of Missouri – Kansas City
800 East 51st Street
Kansas City, MO  64110
Phone: 816-235-1548
Fax: 816-333-5584

25:2 (2010:05) Citations

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Required Reading by NASIG Members

Kurt Blythe, Columns Editor

[Note: Please report citations for publications by the membership—to include scholarship, reviews, criticism, essays, and any other published works which would benefit the membership to read.  You may submit citations on behalf of yourself or other members to Kurt Blythe at  Contributions on behalf of fellow members will be cleared with the author(s) before they are printed.  Include contact information with submissions.]

In an otherwise light quarter for scholarship (at least in terms of submissions to this column), the prolific Barbara Pope appears for the fourth time in the last six columns.  This column’s editor needs to take a page out of her book (and read the pages of her numerous publications, as well).

Barbara Pope, review of Academic Library Outreach: Beyond the Campus Walls, ed. by Nancy Courtney. Collaborative Librarianship 2:1 (2010): 47.

Barbara Pope, “Doing Reference Better,” KLA Connects Newsletter, (Winter 2010): 8.

25:2 (2010:05) Checking In

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Checking In
Kurt Blythe, Columns Editor

[Note: New members, please consider reporting the story of how you came to be a member of NASIG.  You may submit items about yourself to Kurt Blythe at  Please include your e-mail address.]

New to NASIG is Sandra Brady, who is looking forward to a busy June when she will be attending NASIG for the first time and will also be changing her focus at her current library from education to electronic resource management.  While Sandra may be new to NASIG and the world of serials, she is not new to librarianship having spent ten years in the field of medical librarianship.

New not only to NASIG but also to librarianship is Melissa I. Cardenas-Dow, who joined NASIG in October 2009 after beginning work as the technical services/reference librarian at the University of Redlands Armacost Library in July 2009.  A graduate of San Jose State University’s SLIS, Melissa joined NASIG in recognition of “serials [being] such an important aspect of technical services librarianship.”  Melissa adds, “It is vital for me to improve my professional knowledge and practice by joining NASIG. I am interested in continuing my professional education and NASIG provides a great number of opportunities for me to do so.  I also look forward to NASIG conference 2010.  Palm Springs is not very far from Redlands!”

Contact Melissa at:

Melissa I. Cardenas-Dow
Technical Services/Reference Librarian
Armacost Library
University of Redlands
1249 E. Colton Ave.
Redlands, CA 92374
Phone: 909-748-8089

Derek Reece, on the other hand, has worked as a metadata librarian at the University of Texas at Arlington since 2008.  He writes, “I spend most of my time managing electronic serials in the catalog and link resolver.  I gravitated towards cataloging work due to my interests in online access to library resources and digital collections.  My supervisor suggested NASIG as a good organization to keep up with the changing serials world.  I am looking forward to networking and learning more about serials through NASIG membership.”

Also learning of NASIG from a colleague is Carmel Yurochko, who came to our organization on the advice of her former acquisitions librarian, also a member.  “After a bit of research,” Carmel writes, “I decided that NASIG is ‘the’ serials organization and I needed to join.  After working with serials for many, many years, it only made good sense.”

Carmel goes on to write:

In 1985, I started working at Duquesne University as the Serials Control clerk.  My main goal was to get tuition remission for my sons – plain and simple.  At that time, the university had only print and microform formats and I did the check-in manually.  The majority of questions asked about serials dealt with late or missing issues.  Then the library went online with our first ILS.  While attempting to straighten out our holdings, I discovered that working in serials can be a lot like detective work.  Understanding the twists and turns of serials (such as title changes, splitting into parts, returning to the original titles, reuniting the parts) all became interesting to me.  My sons graduated and after earning my MLIS in 2002, I became the official serials librarian.  As the serials world morphed into electronic journals, aggregated databases, databases, link resolvers and so on, I morphed into the serials/electronic resources Librarian.  It is still a lot like detective work, but now the questions are, “Why is this not working?”, “What happened to the access we had yesterday?” and “Why is this not in full-text?”

I was once asked, “What’s a nice girl like you doing in periodicals?”  I think the real question is why do I stay in serials?  I think I like the challenge!

Carmel may be reached at:

Carmel Yurochko
Serials/Electronic Resources Librarian
Psychology Dept. Liaison
Gumberg Library
Duquesne University
600 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15282
Phone: 412-396-5233
Fax: 412-396-5639

25:2 (2010:05) PubPR Annual Report

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Publications and Public Relations
April 2010

Chair: Kathryn Johns-Masten (SUNY Oswego)

Co-chair: William Joseph Thomas (East Carolina University)

Members: Betsy Appleton (George Mason University), Susan Banoun (University of Cincinnati), Marilyn Carney (Wake Tech), Sandy Folsom (Central Michigan University), Nancy Olsen (Sage Publications)

Board liaison: Bob Boissy Continue Reading 25:2 (2010:05) PubPR Annual Report…

25:2 (2010:05) PPC Annual Report

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Program Planning

The main business for the 2009/2010 year for the Program Planning Committee was to develop the program for the 2010 conference. Continue Reading 25:2 (2010:05) PPC Annual Report…

25:2 (2010:05) Proceedings Annual Report

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Conference Proceedings2009/2010
Annual Report
April 2010

Committee members:

  • Allyson Zellner, EBSCO
  • Lori Terrill, University of Wyoming
  • Joseph Thomas, East Carolina University (new co-editor for 2010-2011)

Board liaison:

  • Virginia Taffurelli

Continue Reading 25:2 (2010:05) Proceedings Annual Report…

25:2 (2010:05) D&D Annual Report

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Database & Directory

Co-chair: Bob Persing (University of Pennsylvania), 07/10

Co-chair: Maggie Ferris (University of Delaware) 09/11

Alice Bright (Carnegie Mellon University), 07/10
Maria Collins (North Carolina State University), 09/11
Cecilia Genereux (University of Minnesota), 07/10
Tzu-Jing Kao (Multnomah County Library), 07/10
Jessica Minihan (University of Mississippi), 09/11

Board liaison:
Lisa Blackwell Continue Reading 25:2 (2010:05) D&D Annual Report…

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